Met Police Driving School

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Mirror, junction ahead, expect pedestrians.
Bus on the nearside, mirror, mindful of the lorry
Horses on the nearside now, mirror, cancel those sirens early
Checking for pedestrians, a lot of traffic now, vehicle pulled over, thank you sir
Mirror, a lot of traffic now, back off early - give these vehicles time to react to my presence
How does this officer reach this standard of driving?
How is this officer able to deal with one of the most challenging driving environments in the world?
The Metropolitan Police Driving School is convinced that training represents the most important step forward for most drivers.
Expert training, to equip officers to maintain safety, without compromise.
All officers who wish to become classified above basic police drivers
have to attend one of the courses at the driving school.
Even though a basic patrol driver must pass a knowledge and driving assessment
before being authorised to drive a marked police vehicle
Response training is directed to officers who are likely to respond to emergency calls
often using emergency warning equipment
The student will have already held a driving licence for a minimum of two years
One training has commenced, continual assessment of the student's progress is made
A running commentary is expected to enable the instructor to assess the thought process of the student
Visible and audiable warning equipment training is given
And a final assessment is conducted by an independent examiner
The learning process continues into the officer's workplace
where a 3 month probational period, followed by further operational assessments is carried out
before the officer is classified as a response driver
This 15 week assessment programme ensures that only those officers meeting strict criteria and competence
are employed on emergency driving duties.
On the skid pan, students are shown how a lack of concentration
or improper application of the system can lead to a reduction or complete loss of control
Having been familiarised with the feel of the skid
the student can then be instructed in the techniques of correction
The most important element of training however, is skid avoidance and early recognition.
Students attending a personnel carrier course will already be fully confirmed response drivers.
Once familiar with the larger proportions of the vehicle
on road training is given.
Blue light and siren training continues
and convoy techniques and team tactics are employed
The essence of this training is to arrive at an incident together with total safety
Advance training introduces the student to the higher performance police vehicles
and takes the student through, what could be considered, the finest training in the world
Commentary for this training is expected to be of an extremely high standard
Driver: Mirrors, bend left up here in the distance
still hazard marking in the centre of the road, mirrors
Instructor: Come back to your nearside and open up your vision
Tests of compentence are conducted throughout the course and the instructor documents continual progress.
Pursuit training is conducted in the last week of the course.
This training identifies the thought process applied when a student is put under the pressure of a simulated pursuit
Blues and twos assessment is also conducted in the higher performance vehicles
Only those students that achieve a high level of competence succeed as being classified as advanced drivers
Motorcycle training for traffic patrol and other motorcycle users
incorporates slow speed manoeuvring and machine control
On road and off road training is given
culminating in visible and audiable warning equipment assessment
A final assessment ensures only those officers with the required skills are employed on two wheels
The National Protection Driver's course
is subscribed to by Special Branch, Royalty Protection and the Military
This course takes students' car handling skills to the limit
Methods of evasive driving, contingency planning and vehicle security are all included in the course
Technical training for officers specialising in traffic enforcement and accident investigation and reconstruction
is another element of the training delivered at the school
The Metropolitan Police Driving School is committed to safety without compromise and will ensure it remains a centre of excellence