Os Barbixas - Improvável - Só Perguntas (Bruno Motta e As Olívias)

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Time for "Questions Only".
"Questions Only" will be different today, it's boys versus girls!
They can only communicate through questions in these scenes.
If they fail or if they take too long, I'll ring the bell
and we'll see who won at the end.
Now I'll ask for a suggestion... Let me choose someone...
You. The delivery man comes to your home with a package. What did you order?
- A glass of milk. - A glass of milk!
Anderson and Mari will begin the duel of the century,
it's "Questions Only", 'glass of milk', starting now!
Can I have a glass of milk, please?
- Cream or no cream? - Do you have regular?
- Fat or no fat? - Can I have without fat?
Cup or glass?
Do you want a glass of milk, honey?
Did you bring my medicine?
Will you need them today?
Did you took yours?
- Do you know what the doctor told me? - What?
I won't need them anymore!
Are you ready to go out?
You brought me a milk thistle!
- Wasn't that an affirmation? - Almost!
Are you going to milk me again?
Got milk?
How much?
How much do you want?
Do you have five bucks?
Do you really need five bucks now?
Oh, motherfucker...
Why are you complaining?
Don't you think it's too early to milk me?
Was I supposed to milk after nine?
Don't you know I had a rough night?
And how is that my fault?
Wasn't you who was screaming in that bedroom?
Who's the cow now?
Holy cow!
Dad... Why there is milk dripping out of my chest?
You really think this is a good time to have milk?
- Why can't I have some milk? - Can't you see we're out of milk?
Is it over?
- Do you want me to fetch some more? - Can you bring some chocolate?
- Will it be open at two in the morning? - Is the bakery open?
- May I try? - Yes!
Do you like to dip bread in milk too?
Isn't it much better without coffee?
Isn't it good for those who don't use denture adhesive?
- Do you have some adhesive? - Do you want some?
Do you have it?
Did you see if the kids are sleeping?
Shall we shake it up?
Can I shove some adhesive in you?
That's disgusting!
In the best part!
Girl, do you use contacts?
Did you drop your lens? What happened?
Do you have a glass of water for my lens?
Or a glass of milk?
I guess I entered the trannys' room...
- Do you know what time is it? - Ah, motherfucker yourself!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.