Fire Safety Urged this Holiday

Uploaded by CALFIRETV on 17.12.2009

Daniel Berlant: In just seconds, the holiday season can become
tragic as your celebrations go up in flames. But to make sure that the holidays remain
a time of joy and happiness, CAL FIRE officials are urging a little extra fire safety this
holiday season.
Chief Ken Pimlott – CAL FIRE Deputy Director: The Holiday Season brings more fire hazards
into the home than any other time of the year.
Berlant: The Christmas tree is one of the most popular
holiday decorations, but it can also be one of the biggest hazards if not kept fresh.
Berlant: The key to a safe Christmas tree starts here,
at the sales lot. Once you’ve found the tree you like, do the tap test. Lift the tree
up and tap it on the ground. If any needles fall off, it’s already too dry and you should
look for another.
Berlant: Once you pick your tree, it is critical that
you keep it watered. Without daily water, your Christmas tree will quickly dry out and
become highly flammable. Even if the tree appears to still be green, if not watered
it can become extremely dangerous. It takes mere seconds for a dry tree to quickly become
fully engulfed in flames.
Another potential fire danger are Christmas lights.
Pimlott: Most people put decorative Christmas lights
around their Christmas tree, but remember these, too, can be dangerous.
Berlant: Fire officials warn never to use outdoor lights
on your tree.
Pimlott: Most lights will produce enough heat to dry
the tree out and increase it’s chance of catching fire.
Berlant: Another tip when stringing lights around your
tree is never connect more than three strands of the mini-lights together. Too many lights
can cause a short in the line, resulting in a fire.
Ensure that your light strings have no frayed wires, and always turn of your Christmas lights
when leaving home or going to bed.
Berlant: As the state fire marshal, CAL FIRE has set
a goal to eliminate all deaths related to holiday fires – not reduce, but eliminate.
An ambitious goal, state fire officials say, but an attainable one if everyone practices
a little extra fire safety this holiday season. From Placer County, Daniel Berlant, CAL FIRE