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Uploaded by socialnowlocal on 28.07.2011

Video demonstration of SocialnowLocal
Open in your browser
Register by filling in the details of the form
After filling in the details, click on the "Sign Up!!" button
Wait for the email confirmation dialog and click on "Ok" button on the pop up dialog
You need to confirm you email account by clicking on the link in the mail sent to you
Open your mail account in a new window or tab
Check your inbox for the mail from SocialnowLocal
If you don't see the mail in your inbox, check your spam folder
Click on the link in the mail saying "Click here to confirm your email address"
After clicking on the link, wait for the confirmation pop up dialog and click on the "Ok" button
Login with the previously given username and the passowrd
You are by default joined into the "SocialnowLocal" group. You can see the groups and colonies that you joined at the bottom of the left bar
Click on the social media buttons to share SocialnowLocal with your friends. Click on the "SocialnowLocal" group to go to the group page
To create or join a colony or group click on the "Create/Join" tab on the top
You can search for a colony by name or zipcode. To start searching, enter the colony name. You will suggested with the existing colony names. Click on it if you have found the right one
Click on the search button
You can visit the colony/group by clicking on the visit colony/group in the search results
Colony/Group opens up in a new tab or window.
You can create a new colony/group by filling in the form under "Create Group/Colony"
Click on the create button below after filling the details
Place the marker on the maps at the center of the locality you want to cover under the colony or group. You can zoom in an zoom out using the zoom bar on the left.
Click on the confirm button after placing the marker correctly
Click "Ok" on the acknowledgmentdialog box
You will be redirected to the colony/group page that you created. You can upload a picture for your colony/group by clicking on the "Upload Pic" button