Board of Trustees Meeting Highlights - July 2011

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Well the cut came in two stages, first there was five hundred
and fifty million earlier in the year and then
just a couple of weeks ago, the end of June, the legislature added
another one hundred and fifty million dollars, which is nearly
one-forth of the state's support of the University
This is a massive problem. So we had a plan to deal with the
first five hundred and fifty, million. The major components you will recall
were to reduce enrollment by some eight thousand FTES,
reduce campus expenditures by over two hundred and eighty million
dollars, reduce the Chancellors Office budget by
nearly eleven million dollars, and increase
the tuition fee by 10%. And know this
latest effort by the legislature
to cut another one hundred and fifty million we addressed today
with the Board of Trusties with another tuition fee increase,
But if we look at the seven hundred million dollars
in total, we have essentially addressed four hundred million
of the seven hundred million by cutting spending,
by getting more efficient in our administration,
by getting more efficient in the classroom and by
making some other painful choices in terms of
lower enrollment targets for example,
I think it's important to remind everyone that
the CSU in the last six months was not
sitting passively by in this budget debate,
People throughout the University were
actively engaged all the way up to the Chancellor working
with the Governor closely to try to educate the public
on the need for the tax extension,
Those tax extensions had they been enacted
would have averted the need for additional cuts
beyond the initial five hundred million that we already
were dealing with when the Trusties last met.
well the additional fee revenue is really filling
the hole that has been created by the state and
what it's going to be spent on is
classroom, class sessions for students,
services for students like financial aid,
counseling, etc. It's going to be paying for libraries,
for operating the libraries, for acquiring media
and books for the libraries. Just about everything you can think of
that is necessary to run an educational institution
and support the educational program,
That's what the money is spent on. For a lot of students financial aid will fill
the gap. We have a strong financial aid program.
We continue to do everything we can to protect those students
with the most financial need so we have a one-third
financial aid set aside built into the recommendation.
there are other grant programs and fee waiver programs and when you combine
all of those things we estimate that about one hundred and seventy
thousand of our undergrades that's about 45% of our undergrads
are going to be protected from the
recommended increase by a grant or a fee waiver.