WWE'13 Advices.

Uploaded by TheAGS99 on 15.08.2012

Hello everybody!
I'm TheAGS99.
In this video I will show you what me and,
I suposse, everyone who had played WWE'12
wants for the WWE'13.
Well, let's beguin!
Ok, the first thing: when a character runs
he or she gets tired very quickly...
So it might be good that the time to run be larger.
Another thing: is that the characters can stand up in a table
or in an annauncers table,
because it's funnier can stand up in a table and execute an RKO over it
than only throw the opponent in it.
As next, I also think that everyone wants that we can also play in the area
marked in the picture because it's a little bit bored that we only play
in the entrance area.
Now let's see the matches that we want in WWE'13:
First is the "Buried Alive Match",
because it would be very exciting and funny.
Then is the "Punjabi Prison Match".
Now the "Special Guest Referee Match".
The "I Quit Match" like the one in Smackdown vs Raw 2010
in the Road to Wrestlemania of Shawn Michaels.
Now the "Lumberjacks Match" and, like the "I Quit Match",
there's one of this matches in Smackdown vs Raw 2010,
but in the Randy Orton's Road to Wrestlemania.
We also want the "Extreme Elimination Chamber Match" as in the Pay-per-View
"December to Dismember".
And finally the "Ambulance Match", as in the "Elimination Chamber" Pay-per-View
of this year.
Well, now let's see the matches that might get better:
First is the "Hell in a Cell Match",
Something good might be that the door come back again to its original place,
because it's stressing generate the complete energy to get the finisher.
I mean: leave both two, the door and the breakable wall of the cell.
The "Money in the Bank Ladder Match": in this match there are more ladders
in real life than in the game...
So might be great that now we can take out more than two ladders per match
and more tables per match during a "TLC Match".
Next the "Royal Rumble Match":
in real life, the ring can be completely full of wrestlers
and in the game there can't be more than six characters in the ring.
So we want that the amount of characters in the ring increases.
Now the "Falls Count Anyhere Match":
we want that it be really a match of falls count anywhere,
because we can't go to the backstage and the parking lot.
Now something that we had waited since very WWE games:
the superstars entrances before the "Elimination Chamber Match"
Ok, now let's see what can get better in the Creations Area.
Well, firstly is the Create your Arena Option:
it can get better adding some new titantrons and the things marked in the picture
to give more options of arenas.
Now it's my favorite Creation Option: the Create your Championship Option.
It might be great that it come back to the games of the WWE
becose it's excellent have championships that are made by yourself.
Well, That's all by me.
Thank's for watching!!!!!