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How did you get in my house?

Hey, guys.
Daily Grace here and welcome to another episode of My Damn
Channel LIVE.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Let's kick things off by taking a minute to look at my
favorite comment from last week's show.
This is from stonercomedy16, "It's getting a little too E!
News for me.
I hate that dang show.
Y'all are better than them.
Please show it.
Smiley face." Aw, you know what, stonercomedy16, side
note, maybe the greatest YouTube user name of
all time, is right.
We're not, we're not E!
News, OK?
We're not a fluffy pop culture entertainment show.
Though I love those shows, we are not them.
In fact, I'm kind of revealing something about myself, I have
always had this childhood dream of being a very serious
news lady reporter.
So I'm going to show that to you right now, stonercomedy16.
Coming up next in political news Obama has called Kanye a
quote unquote "jackass" and says that he likes JZ better.
But it's OK, because Kanye is dating Kim now, and she'll let
him finish.
Ah, did she just say that?
High five to nobody.
Anonymous sources are saying that Reese Witherspoon's baby
bump looks bigger than ever in a clingy dress.
Do we have a picture?
I think we did.
Ah, ew, ew, ew, ew.
The UN is reporting that Ashley Olson ate
twice in one day.
Get down to your bomb shelters, people, because
Armageddon is on its way.
The end of the world is near.
What is she thinking?
How dare she ruin her reputation?
According to the Dow, Blue Ivy went barefoot on the beach in
the Caribbean.
That baby can do anything.
That baby's out of control.
And speaking of the deficit, Ricki Lake secretly eloped and
brought her dogs with her.
But I'm allowed to be honest, she didn't elope.
She just got married and no one showed up.
Let's show them running on the beach.

Look at that happy weird family.
That's all for today.
And signing off I'm Mario Lopez.
Goodnight and good luck.

Well guys, spring in in the air.
And that means it's time for spring flings.
Those wonderful relationships that only last until school
ends and then you both part ways for summer.
And then you spend June and July refreshing his Facebook
page and clicking on the profiles of the girls he gets
tagged in pictures with.
And when those girls have private profiles, you get
really pissed off, because you can't look through their
pictures and find the unflattering ones to make
yourself feel better.
And in the name of love, today I'm debuting a
segment called Hey Grace.
Would You Kiss This Person?
In which we stroll through pictures that you send us on
Twitter, and I tell you if I would kiss that person.
Today's photo theme is celebrities.
Let's do this.
You've just been kissed.
Speaking of a new web series I'm in, I'm
in a new web series.
You guys, it's an awesome new scripted comedy series called
My Music and it's produced by the oh so lovely, oh so
flannel fanatical Fine brothers.
And they just released a trailer for it that I want to
show you right now.
-How did the Mind Music company start?
-I don't know if taking this job was the best idea.

-Hello, Michael.
-Hey, Mr. Bus.
-Going to work today?
-No, silly bus.
It's Saturday.
-All right, partner.
-All right, then.
-See you on Monday.

Super kewl.
You guys My Music debutes debutes on Monday April 16.
That's this Monday.
So go subscribe now at YouTube.com/mymusicshow.
Speaking of sandwiches, did you guys know that today is
National Grilled Cheese Day?
What are you doing at work?
This is a national holiday.
And I don't want to brag, but I've made a
grilled cheese before.
You take a [BLEEP]
spatula and flip it.
So, time flash.
it up.
Get on there.
Shoot, I [BLEEP]
it up.
Did it.
Then just kind of smoosh it like this.
That secret works.
That's our things.
Can you tell what I was thinking of?
Actually, I was thinking of Pat Sajak in a giant grilled
cheese sandwich.
Well, we can't have everything we want.
Ah, it's really good.
It's really good.
And while I eat this, I'm going to answer
your Twitter questions.
Today, we asked you to Tweet at us with the hashtag
[INAUDIBLE] rude by now?
It's OK.
The barn has [INAUDIBLE] it's really nice.
And so now, we're going to take a look at those Twitter
questions and answer them.
What's our first Twitter question?
This is from mushroombeast.
Gracehelbig, where's the best place you've seen someone
Grace facing?
Hm, I have seen someone Grace facing, some one sent me a
picture of the Glee cast doing this.
But they weren't Grace facing, they were just being adorable.
But in my head I think, they all sit around in between
singing, and they watch Daily Grace, and they talk about how
they wish I was on the show with them.
Because I could be the sassy girl that can't sing.
That wants to be in the group.
That'd be a fun character.
Someone write to, who does that show?
Josh Wheaton?
Nope, not him.
The other guy.
Ask him to put me on that show.
I'm getting off course.
Let's answer another Twitter question.
This is from MaiQuyen.
Where do I hide the body?
Whoo, this is a question that I get asked a lot.
I would hide the body in a place where no
one will find it.
Whatever that means to you.
Let's take another question.
What have we got?
This from likejuliae.
Cool name.
Um, do you like owls?
I like owls, but I have a crazy theory that all owls are
animatronic, set up by the government, and the have
cameras in them.
What animal naturally moves its head like that?
Except for the animals on the ride It's a Small World in
Disney World.
And you know what those are?
So, maybe it's a conspiracy theory.
Maybe it's fact.
Who knows?
The government knows.
Everyone write to your local senator.
Another Twitter question.
This is from leavrytrain.
If you met you, would you like you, you?
If I met me would I like me?
I'd have to do a lot of tequila shots
with me to like me.
But only so many tequila shots, because one too many
tequila shots, then me would really hate me,
because me get crazy.
Let's take another Twitter question and this is from
You guys have great Twitter names.
Do you have a gay best friend?
Is he cute?
If not, I'll be your gay best friend.
Yeah , you can be my gay best friend, though I don't know if
I trust you entirely with that avatar that you have.
Because you look like you'd be my gay best friend during the
day, and then my murder-me best friend when I'm sleeping.
But you seem like a nice person, so let's go get
pedicures together because my feet are looking bad.
Do we have another Tweeter question?
I bet we do.
From timflorian.
Why do I even try?
Ah, classic Tim.
Classic Tim Florian.
I don't know, Tim.
I don't know why you try.
Maybe because life is beautiful.
You know?
Or it's not beautiful.
And, maybe you should just stop trying?
No, don't.
That's bad advice.
You should always try.
Trying is you can't spell win life without the word try.
And that's--

Did that make any sense to you?
Let's answer another Twitter question.
What have we got?
This is from joshduran94.
What will you be doing for your four-year Daily Grace
anniversary this Saturday?
Ah, I did not know that it was my four-year Daily Grace
anniversary this Saturday.
I will be doing something I never do on weekends.
Intoxicating myself.
You guys know it.
Well, it's time to wrap it up for today's show.
I had a great time.
And you're probably like, why are you still holding that
grilled cheese?
This is a metaphor.
Don't forget you, guys, can watch me every other weekday
on Daily Grace at MyDamnChannel.com/DailyGrace.
I'll be back next Thursday.
But until then, tell Beth I said hey.

Third time's the charm.