Black Jack 21 - Full Episode 10 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Black Jack 21!
Uncovering a frightening conspiracy of a mysterious organization.
Black Jack has been shot.
Is he alive?
And the shocking truth about his father and mother will finally be revealed!
Shine... The love is Believe... the truth
Even if life is filled with sorrows,
no one will ever be truly lonely.
When I look up at the sky as I pray,
I feel as if I can hold your dear smile.
Although I struggle through a forest of dilemmas,
my feelings will endure for all eternity.
More than a thousand I love yous,
I want you to be here.
No one can replace you.
Your smile will be the light leading me to tomorrow,
and towards the sun in the sky.
I was reunited with my father, Hazama Kagemitsu, who abandoned his wife and son twenty-one years ago.
Since that day, a mysterious organization has been after my life.
We went to New York after we heard we could find Dr. Jorujyu, who knows the truth, there.
I ran into a patient with Honma's hematoma‒ an illness Dr. Honma prohibited me from getting involved in.
Also, the organization is after her heart for some unknown reason.
A Miracle in New York
Based on "A Memory of an Old Woman" by Osamu Tezuka.
Please don't die!
Doc! You're OK?
The pendant stopped the bullet.
My mom's pendant saved me.
I want to save her somehow.
Please, Dr. Black Jack!
Let's go, Pinoko.
The anesthesia's working.
I want you to get something ready as soon as possible.
My name's Black Jack.
I'll pay you whatever it costs.
Doctor, there's someone who wants to see you now.
I'm in the middle of an operation.
He can wait.
But he said it's an emergency.
His name's Black Jack.
Dr. Black Jack!
Rib retractor.
He's fast and accurate.
He's a true genius.
Honma's hematoma is an extremely rare illness,
with less than twenty cases ever reported,
and every one ended in death.
When someone has the disease, blood clots form around their heart,
and those hematoma block the flow of the blood.
This leads to symptoms similar to when a patient suffers from cardiac, brain, or pulmonary infarction.
Also, in Honma's hematoma, thrombi appear throughout the blood vessels,
and new ones form as soon as the others are extracted.
Ultimately, the patient dies from cardiac dysfunction.
It's a very dangerous condition.
But let me warn you: don't get involved with it.
No matter how bright you are, even you can't cure it.
Black Jack,
don't you think that it's ridiculous that a mere human being is trying to control another human being's life?
I'm sorry, Dr. Honma.
I'm taking up the challenge of this operation against your advice.
Dr. Black Jack, we've reached the heart.
Just as I thought!
What Dr. Honma said was true!
I can't even believe my own eyes.
Doctor, is there something odd about that heart?
Can't you see it?
This is an artificial heart.
No way!
It looks like a real one!
Let's close her for now.
This is the end of the first round.
Dr. Black Jack, something's engraved here.
Give me a magnifier.
Top Secret...
Why is that there?!
Yes, we have the location of our target, Catherine Bart.
But they have already started operating on her.
Yes, I've heard.
But all we're asking of you is to retrieve KH0202.
I don't care if the woman stays alive.
She won't be able to stay alive without the artificial heart.
I don't care.
Oh, right.
About Black Jack, who you mentioned yesterday...
He's still alive.
You failed, Benitokage.
I'm terribly sorry.
Black Jack!
So, Honma's hematoma is an ischemic disorder caused by an artificial heart.
Back when Dr. Honma discovered this hematoma,
fully-implantable, self-sufficient artificial hearts didn't exist.
We can see why the media didn't fully believe all of the details.
Even with the technology we have today,
we haven't been able to produce a self-sufficient, artificial heart
that isn't powered by a rechargeable battery or external power.
Who in the world could have built it?
It wasn't recorded in your mother's medical records?
But maybe my father could have...
No, that's impossible.
Only a federally-funded project could have produced such a thing!
Or a global medical organization...
Hydra, huh...
Dr. Black Jack, when will we perform the second round of the operation?
We should receiving the item I ordered soon.
We'll start as soon as it arrives.
Is it an instrument of some sort?
But even with it, the odds of her survival are only fifty-fifty.
You'll be fine.
When Dr. Black Jack works on somebody, he can cure any disease.
Hey, I found this.
But now the ace of spades has a hole in it.
Sheesh! It's all her fault!
How is she?
She won't wake up.
Mom, I will save you.
Mom, huh?
If my mom were still alive, she would be about her age.
Her pendant broke.
These are...
This is a microfiche!
What's this doing in there?
Dr. Bart, can you have someone decode this with a computer?
That's the pendant Kagemitsu gave to Mio.
You really love Mio...
How do you know my parent's names?!
Don't worry; she's just sleeping.
Dr. Black Jack, your order has arrived.
Let's start, Dr. Bart.
I want to save your mother.
Isn't this an artificial heart?
This is an externally-powered, fully-implantable artificial heart.
It's the best one we can get our hands on at this point.
But it's still not as good as the one she has now.
Why do we have to transplant?
Certainly, it'll be far less comfortable for her.
But switching to this heart is the only way to let her live longer.
Then shouldn't we try to find a proper organ donor?
Dr. Honma tried that method already.
And he concluded that the hematoma still occurs even after the transplant.
No way.
I believe we'll begin to understand why once we study that artificial heart in detail.
Of course, we'll replace her blood completely just to be safe.
Very well.
Let's switch her artificial heart.
Boot up the artificial heart.
Booting up the artificial heart.
It's booted.
It's a success.
You've done it.
Thank you, Dr. Black Jack.
It's still beating even after we extracted it.
Who made such a thing?
I'll have my staff study it at once.
Director Bart,
we're done decoding that microfiche.
Come take a look.
It's incredible.
I'm sorry about the poor quality.
It looks like it was damaged intentionally.
Let me clean it up.
Isn't it a blueprint of an artificial heart?
And it's of the highly sophisticated artificial heart we just extracted.
It's dated 1970.
I can't believe it was produced such a long time ago.
What does it say about the power supply?
How is this heart powered?
That information is missing on this blueprint.
Maybe there's another blueprint for it.
Designer: Hazama Kagemitsu...
Hazama Kagemitsu?!
My father?!
He designed this artificial heart?!
I can't believe this.
Come back later.
I'm busy right now.
This is an amazing discovery.
Sorry, but I'm in a hurry.
Give this to the boss.
Go back without me, Souryu.
I still have something left to do.
Thank you, Pinoko-chan.
Oh, Doc.
Dr. Black Jack,
Bill has told me everything.
Thank you so much.
Ma'am, I'd really like to ask you something.
Did a man named Hazama Kagemitsu give you the heart that was in your chest?
I haven't heard that name in a long time.
Kagemitsu and Mio saved my life.
They're my parents.
Just as I thought.
You look so much like Kagemitsu.
Mom, you know Dr. Black Jack's parents?
It was about forty years ago.
Your father, Ben, along with Kagemitsu, Mio, and I used to work in this hospital together.
Mio and I were nurses who were friends with each other.
Ben and Kagemitsu were friends since med school.
Ben, who was next in line to run Bart hospital,
and Kagemitsu, who was very serious about his research,
got along very well.
However, one day...
You're going to quit?!
What don't you like?
There's nothing I don't like.
I just want to continue the research I'm performing now.
You can continue it here!
Many renowned doctors from around the world will be working on the project I'll be joining.
Even Dr. Kreutzer and Dr. Stein will be there!
What is this research about?!
And how is it related to the research you're doing on artificial hearts?
I'm sorry, but I can't say any more about it.
I'm really sorry.
Mio, I have bad news!
Kagemitsu is quitting!
Yes, I heard it from him.
You did?
And you didn't stop him?
It's his decision.
I think this is our destiny.
Wait, Kagemitsu!
Oh, good timing.
Would you give this to Mio?
It's her birthday today.
I refuse.
Do it yourself.
Then I'll give it to her if I ever see her again.
Kagemitsu, don't you love Mio?
Yes, I do.
Then why are you going away?
Wait, Kagemitsu!
You're a coward!
Did Dad join the Noir Project then?
I married Ben after that and a year passed.
You shouldn't be pushing anything heavy!
It's bad for the baby!
I'm fine.
You need to cheer up too.
I'm not really...
You should forget about Kagemitsu and find someone better.
Let me read your fortune.
It was a spontaneous heart attack.
Back then, organ donors were few and far between.
Donor shortage was becoming a big issue.
Please! She won't live if we don't give her a heart transplant immediately!
Isn't there anything you can do?
She's pregnant too!
Two lives are on the line!
Hang in there, Catherine.
I'm sure Ben will find a way.
Ben, could you find a donor?
There's nothing we can do.
No way!
It's still too early to give up!
But there are no hearts we can give her!
There's a heart here!
This is probably the best artificial heart in existence right now.
Go ahead and use that.
Where did you get this?
That's not important!
Just keep it a secret among us, please.
If someone besides us three finds out, her life may be in danger.
Aren't the lives of Catherine and your baby on the line?!
Sorry and thank you, Kagemitsu!
Kagemitsu, you must be hurt.
Were you shot?
It's just a scratch.
You better get going too.
Right, I better...
Let me see your injury later.
Please, don't go anywhere!
I can finally give this to her.
And that artificial heart saved my life.
I never knew.
Without Kagemitsu and Mio around, you wouldn't be here today.
What did they do after that?
They got married and returned to Japan.
They looked very happy.
Dr. Black Jack, Kagemitsu loved Mio.
And perhaps he does even now.
That's impossible!
That man can't possibly feel that way.
He abandoned me and my mother.
There's no way he still loves her.
Dr. Black Jack,
I won't aim for your heart this time.
I'll aim for your head.
Don't you understand?
Cancel the assassination of Black Jack.
He's still worthy of keeping around.
No way...
I heard the artificial heart was stolen.
And you finally found a clue.
Dr. Honma, I think I'm starting to see bits and pieces of the complete picture
of Honma's hematoma and of the Noir Project.
What's wrong, Pinoko?
It's nothing!
Pinoko ♥ Black Jack!
Doc, where are we going next?
We're off to Canada.
Dr. Bart told me that the third researcher, Dr. Jorujyu, is there.
He told me he's way up in the mountains.
You'd better be ready.
I'm more of a country type anyway.
I don't care where we go.
If it leads to the truth, I'll go even to the ends of the earth.
All the scattered pieces are coming together at one point.
The shadow covering the door, an obstacle we can't see yet.
I take notes on everything from north to west.
There's a frail, pale flame whose
glaring rays
pierce into my eyes.
I'm stuck in an endless loop.
This costume shines light into the darkness.
The black grove is producing buds.
If you set off on your journey before dawn,
the image of the moon shatters on the sea of miracles.
To the wind headed for the future, make a gust!
Uncovering a frightening conspiracy of a mysterious organization.
The secret of the incurable Phoenix disease will be revealed.
He's trying to kill Jorujyu.
The challenge the human race must face.
He endangered his own life while seeking it.
Eternal life is probably impossible to obtain.
What was he doing with the organization?
Black Jack 21 - the Next Karte.
The Destiny of the Black Doctor.
Tell me!
I came all the way here to find out about that!
Time to find Sharaku!
He was right here!
Look for me next time!