YouTube 101: HD Software Tutorial

Uploaded by YouTube on 11.01.2010

>> WONG: I won't be needing this anymore. Now, if you're like me, you probably hate
jumping around videos trying to find what you want to see. So, I made it easy for you.
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>> With Final Cut Pro, we have a couple of options under File, Share. You can see that
there's a built-in YouTube preset. Just fill in your account information on the right,
and it'll upload to your account automatically. If your project's an HD project, it will be
uploaded in HD. But, let's say, we don't want to do that. If you have an older version of
Final Cut Pro, this will be how to do it. Go to File, Export Using Quick Time conversion.
Under Video Settings, you can basically keep everything at their defaults, keep the current
frame rate, use automatic data rate, and then adjust the quality slider. In the Sound Settings,
set it to AAC. Now the most important thing for YouTube is, of course, the size of the
video. So under Video, click Size and make sure we're using one of the HD resolutions;
1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080, depending on our camera. Let it export and you're ready to
upload. In iMovie, you can go to Share YouTube and then down at the bottom, there's the HD
setting, click on that, pop in your account settings then upload. If your version of iMovie
doesn't have the HD setting, you can always go to Share, Export Using Quick Time and then,
click on the Options button. The settings here will be identical to Export Using Quick
Time conversion in Final Cut Pro. HD is supported in Windows Movie Maker on Vista and Windows
7. Go to the Menu, down to Save movie and then, pick one of the two HD presets. Hit
Save and then, you're good to go. In Vegas, you want to go to File, Render As, and the
"save as type" drop down Menu, pick Windows Media Video or WMV. Under Template, pick the
appropriate HD preset. I recommend choosing the highest available bit rate. Hit Save,
and then, you're done.