Lyoto Machida Interview part 2 of 5

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So I always try to look for alternative places to train. I sometimes go to the resort Terra Alta
I take this time to concentrate, I stay a week or two, so that the productivity may happen
Sometimes with cell phones, traffic, etc, you forget the natural side of life
which is mother nature, the animals, all of this brings you “mushin?” [Japanese term]
Which is the state of emptiness that a human being can obtain
And this gives you more productivity, a better performance
and because of that I always try to seek these refuges
We always see footage of Karatecas breaking bricks, breaking walls with their hands
I found out that there is something you do with coconuts. You drink coconut water directly from the fruit
but how do you go about opening the fruit?
Back in the days I’d open it with punches, I’d give it 4 to 5 punches and the coconut would open
But as a result my hands started injure a lot too
I even had surgery recently, I’m not sure if it was because of those injuries or older ones
So I started training a lot with my elbows
Obviously it’s not with one strike, you have to insist. Sometimes the fruit is soaked, sometimes it’s very aged
You have to be careful to not get hurt too, but every now and then I like to play around to test my strikes a bit
Well, let’s leave aside this talk about coconut water but still stay in this aspect of intimacy
One of the big secrets to your success is the urine therapy
How does this process work and what are the benefits?
Look, urine therapy was created during war time
A general in the oriental side stated that there was a shortage of remedies and they were getting very sick
And the general said that all they can do now is drink their own urine. So all the troops started to drink their urine
Diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, stomach pains, headaches, vision aches, a lot of these were being cured with the urine therapy
So a lot of doctors thereafter, in Japan, in China, studied this phenomenon and wrote a book
Quoting people and showing how the urine therapy works
The urine therapy is a filtration of your body
it eliminates a lot of toxic substances but there are a lot of good substances too such as vitamin C
hormones such as GH and others that our body sometimes does not keep
So to finalize, the urine therapy is a re-filtration. It gives you back these materials that are beneficiary to our health
<> I am not very well informed in this, I speak of what I’ve learned. It’s a tradition in my family
I do not prescribe anyone to do this. I do this because I was taught
My father taught me, my Grandfather also drinks it
So it’s more of a tradition than anything else
It’s something I tell people to be careful, because if you ask a lot of doctors, many of them will say it’s bad
But if you go to an alternative therapy, the therapist will say that it’s good
So there is a lot of controversy regarding urine therapy
well, it’s a lot of unknown things regarding Lyoto Machida
and slowly the enigmas about Lyoto Machida and Machida Karate are being revealed
Proof for this was the excellent performance from Mauricio Shogun
who undeniably found cracks in your game never found before
But before we get there, we separated some footage from one of your strikes that we think is unique
It’s something legitimately from Machida Karate
We know that the most used counter strike for the low kick is the “straight”
But you make a combination of the straight with a kick to the supportive leg of the opponent
Yeah, that’s a known technique called [ashibarai or Mashugiri? Japanese terms]
but its something very peculiar
I developed that, it’s something from my style, where I hit and at the same time try to trip my opponent
As soon as he feels the punch, his legs are going to be a bit weaker, so I use that to trip him and have a good position on the ground
In your fight against Shogun we saw at least 5 to 6 instances where you applied that strike
but Shogun was already aware since you were unable to drop him once at least
Yeah, Shogun made a really great strategy. I was unable to connect my strikes in the manner that wanted
Shogun changed his style a lot to fight me. But that was part of his strategy
as it will be part of the rematch as well. A new strategy, a new fight, a new preparation
So I didn’t feel I was able to put my techniques 100% in the game
Well, so it appears we’ll have guaranteed surprises for the 1st of May
You said Shogun changed his style. How would you analyze Shogun in four phases:
First his debut in the octagon against Forrest Griffin?
I think that was a moment of adjustment for Shogun, coming from Pride where it was a ring to an octagon
He was getting married at the time. A lot of things that perhaps may have disturbed his game
And he ended up being submitted by Forrest Griffin. He then KO’d Coleman. What did you think of his performance?
I think after his surgeries, it was a new beginning for him.
I think re-starting [his career] is perhaps harder than beginning [a career]
He was re-starting his career, he had been away for more than a year and a half
All of these things may have influenced his performance
He won, he KO’d Coleman but perhaps he did not convince the fans
What about Chuck Liddell?
I think Shogun started being himself again on the Chuck fight. He showed a great game, he was able to connect with a strike that ended the fight
He was deserving of such victory. I think at that point Shogun was 100% recovered
And that was the Shogun that I faced in the next fight
So break it up for me, Shogun vs Lyoto Machida?
Look, I think it was a very tough fight, Shogun implemented a strategy that surprised me at certain moments
But I believe I was victorious. In the heat of the fight, you don’t remember much
But I watched the fight many times afterwards and I believe I had the advantage in 4 rounds
I was always looking to finish the fight.
The strikes I was throwing were strikes that had purpose to connect in such a manner to end the fight
Shogun, obviously is a great fighter, but you can tell that he was making a game to win the fight on points
Maybe he thought his style didn’t match well with mine
He changed his whole game to fight me. Shogun, who has an aggressive style, didn’t come with all that aggressiveness that everyone was expecting
But that’s part of his strategy and its part of the sport. Everything is well intentioned
We can’t say that something is good or bad [strategies]
Each one has their strategy built before the fight, everyone wants to be champion
Shogun did the right thing, he did his job, I did mine, and now we’ll have the rematch because everyone wants it
Well, up until you faced Shogun, you superiority was so high that it was 15 victories without losing a single round
But against Shogun it was a different story, you recognized this yourself, that you lost at least a round
In your tally you say you won 4 rounds, and you admit that you lost one