Public Speaking Tips : How to Use Openers in Public Speaking

Uploaded by expertvillage on 01.10.2007

Hello! My name is Scott. I am the name tag guy from, on behalf
of Expert Village. We are here to learn about public speaking. In today’s episode, we
are going to learn how to open your talk. One of the first things you need to know about
any speech is, your audience remembers two things: the first thing you said and the last
thing you said. Everything else in the middle—gone. I want to share with you two different introductions,
and you tell me which one is more effective.

Introduction #1 Good morning! Ladies
and gentlemen. Thank you for having me here. It is really a pleasure to be here. We are
going to have some fun today. We are going to… horrible right.

Alright here
is a second example, and this is how I usually open my programs. “2972 days ago today,
I made the crucial business decision of my life.” You are engaged. You want to know
what the rest of the speech is, do not you? So will your audience, if you use these types
of introductions that capture attention. Hit the ground running. Don’t say good morning.
You start right away, you capture their attention. And I promise that would be an amazing introduction.