UC Summer Abroad: Food, Religion, & Culture in the Middle East with Juan & Magda Campo

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Hello this summer the University of california is going to be offering
several faculty led programs in celebration of its 50th anniversary
I'm Juan Campo and together with my wife Magda Campo
we're going to be co-teaching a course on food religion and culture
in the middle east and particularly in Egypt.
It's a four week that will start
July 1st and go all the way through July 28th.
In that course, we're going to be learning about
the ways in which the egyptian food ways are related to the ancient
civilizations of the pharaohs
We're going to be looking at how the food ways have change through the centuries
through the medieval period up to the modern period,
and look to see how globalization
has introduced new food traditions
into the Egyptian
uh... culture
Now, co-teaching this course with me
is Magda Campo
Magda here is going to talk a little about what she is doing
Hi Everybody, my name is Magda Campo, and we are both based in the Religious Studies
at the University of California at Santa Barbara
and let me tell you a little bit about what I am going to do co-teaching the
I'll be doing
lab demo
uh...about food
relevant to
to Egyptian
and we will be talking about the different influences that influenced
also egyptian cooking and how some of the dishes have remained intact
ancient times.
In addition to the food lab, I am going to be offering
a course in Egyptian colloquial where you will be able to introduce yourself
have some
conversations with some Egyptians on the streets
and so you can get around Egypt.
So this would be like an introductory course to Egyptian colloquial
We are looking forward to seeing you this Summer
and as we know, it is a historical time
in Egypt, and hopefully
we will be witnessing history in the making in addition
to witnessing
food, religion and cuture at work, in addition to some colloquial
so you will be able to earn 9 credits during this program
during the summer
so we'll see you on the internet at the website that's been created by a
EAP to give it to the details about this course and
we'll also be seeing you on Facebook
so by and stay in touch
see you soon, by...