The Guild - S6 Ep 8: Dialogue Options

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CODEX: Deploy guilt-absolving webcam.
It's not my fault that Floyd decided to scrap the
underwater area.
He was unhappy with it way before I got here, or my guild
leader decided to camp on his dragon.
Personally, I think the expansion, what little I've
seen of it, is awesomely cool.
But that doesn't matter, because it's not
my name on the thing.
Floyd is the boss.
I am here to help him with whatever he needs.
Because at the end of the day, even if the team's unhappy, I
still have a job.
CODEX: You are a jerk.
FLOYD: When I was 15, I created my first diorama of a
game world.
I just did it for me.
I didn't care who saw it.
And now I'm deciding not to make something?
CODEX: What are you thinking for an alt idea?
I can write down brainstorming.
FLOYD: What's going on with that weirdo out there?
I thought I felt like a whiff of judgment
coming through here.
CODEX: Floyd, concentrate on you.
What kind of area do you want to make?
Well, lava.
Nah, but FungoxXX, he thinks it's played out--
played out mechanic.
Ice is done.
All the forums are anti-ice, basically.
CODEX: No, Floyd, you can't create when you're reading all
these other opinions.
FLOYD: Who likes lunch martinis?
CODEX: You know, if I were more insightful, I'd say this
is classic avoidance behavior.
FLOYD: David Gaider, he can drink his weight in mead.
I gotta take a long lunch.

MADELINE: So you're conducting a ride-in over
a video game character?
VORK: That injustice was a germ for this protest, but the
cause is greater than me now.
Very similar to your own advocacy.
You can't compare my actions for fighting human rights to
gaming rights.
I mean, five years ago I was in Nicaragua after a flood to
help rebuild an orphanage.
VORK: Well, one month ago I was forming over 2000 iron ore
to make cannon balls for NPC refugees fighting off a Jakar
goblin horde.
I got a mining achievement.
Did you get a mining achievement in Nicaragua?
MADELINE: No, I got a medal from the President.
VORK: Well la dee diddle dee.
Millions of dollars are spent on a corrupt game system.
In addition, my alter self is no more.
Do you want to embrace a partial man?
MADELINE: I can't embrace any of you from down here.
BLACK KNIGHT: Dude, read that blog post on that website.
You got boned.
Not cool, man.
Not cool.
VORK: Thank you sir.
And your name is?
BLACK KNIGHT: Handle, Black Knight.
I won't let them stomp your ass.
Here for you, man.
I started using a hash tag, and your cause is trending.
This is for real.

MADELINE: Seriously?

DONOVAN: Chemistry, done.
CODEX: What the--
DONOVAN: Can I help you destroy more of my hard work,
scrap additional hours of my life?
Because I can, if you need.
CODEX: Actually, I could use another test server key.
I guess you know why I lost my other one.
DONOVAN: What do I get?
TINKERBALLA: I'll let you tell two of your friends we went to
second base.
No, first.
DONOVAN: Dealio.
CODEX: Thanks.
I guess I'll see you both around.
TINKERBALLA: Count on it.
DONOVAN: Kale smoothie?
TINKERBALLA: Definitely not.
Just the Spanish.
BLADEZZ: Age difference, smage difference?
Men in uniforms are the hottest?
Don't break up with the hot guy, the kids
will get over it?
CLARA: Those are all really good advice quotes.
Besides what's really wrong with Bruiser anyways?
He's got biceps on his biceps.
BLADEZZ: Do you remember anything, ever?
CLARA: I'm pregnant, so no I do not.
BLADEZZ: Give her some new advice.
Make them break up.
CLARA: I cannot record dishonesty on my webcam.
I am a reality video artist.
BLADEZZ: I won't let you upload videos
to my channel anymore.
CLARA: Then I'll just make my own channel.
I'm kind of a big deal now, and it's all because of you
crashing here.
So great!
MR. WIGGLY: Dude, pizza!
CLARA: Oh, honey, be careful.
Are you drunk?
It's 11 AM.
MR. WIGGLY: Nope, I'm wasted.
Apple Frootles!
CLARA: I haven't seen him this way in years!
He's so happy.
Can you go watch the kids though, it's probably a
sober-person job and stuff.
BLADEZZ: If you create your own channel, I'm going to make
him so happy, you won't know what to do with yourself.
CLARA: That's a weird argument.
Create channel, Mominatrix vlog.
BLADEZZ: Wiggly!
Let's start pursuing some dreams!

ZABOO: You're gonna lose affections, I pleaded.
All the quests for your love I completed.
I can't help how I feel.
Even though you're not real, I bequeath you my heart, Sabina.
SABINA: What a bonny voice you have, my warlock.
ZABOO: Yeah, it's pretty bonny.
Hey, Codex!
How'd you get in this server?
CODEX: Donovan hooked me up via Tink.
Qualities I did not admire in her before I'm cool with now.
So, you're singing to your NPC.
ZABOO: Well, she's not my NPC.
She's definitely 94% mine, though.
CODEX: That's very precise.
ZABOO: Well, it's a science.
I've been culling her favor since I met her, and she
really likes jewelry and fresh arctic char.
SABINA: So nice to see you again, my lovey.
I missed you.
ZABOO: Oh, I can't wait for 100%.
CODEX: Hello, if you ever want to see Sabina off the test
server and into the game, you need to help me.
Where is my expansion features list?
I need highlights!
ZABOO: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Expansion features.
CODEX: Are you kidding?
Turn your character toward me!
ZABOO: I can't.
You know, sometimes Sabina bugs out like this.
And if I don't move during her hug action, we can stand like
this for hours.
CODEX: Ugh, I'm being buzzed.
ZABOO: I can give you that expansion list.
I mean, uh!
Damn you, D key.
CODEX: Hey, I was on the test server.
Flaccid Eel area.
No opinion.
FLOYD: Someone leaked the expansion notes!
Every last detail is online!
Why is this dragon here?