WPwatercooler EP3 - "WordCamps, Meetups & WordPress events" - October 8 2012

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This is Jason Tucker and you are watching the WPwatercooler.
uh... we are going to be talking about WordCamps today and i invited a whole
bunch of folks here so we can go through and talk to everyone
hit everyone's information such of
when i have uh...
point of view in my view uh... tell us your name in the company were
poor and then once were done will begin discussion
was already crest
My name is Chris Lema and I work for Emphasis software
bakery were valuable
My name is Cody Landefeld and I am the manager at CodyL.com
and right
I'm Rick James, no, I'm Dre Armeda
and I'm CEO and co-founder of Sucuri Security your
already dot
yeah i'm jeff hester high and the owner of the
boutique web development from room5 productions
you know that sounds pretty
flood dot brown i a work for myself and also provides external it
and with the
lonely c_b_n_ and then from web chain emails
and steve
sneezing a cozy directives and those who were present
macy's i think
anti-war protest the lab
industries that
there is still sit down and creative director philosophies design
anderson director and uh... byron a company called piper prob
so we're going to talk about work camps today um... i just recently got back
more camp uh... believed ray was with me and exit unopened bottles of possible
and uh... i don't know if you have to talk about workouts and talk about a you
know why you enjoy going to work out is what you get out of work out stands on
the sofa
uh... birmingham workouts are great because i uh... you know i i work myself
still stuck in my house all day and i need a place to go panning out so uh...
workouts workout pretty well for me uh... in being able to
get out into an environment with people are in for my regional if i go
and aparato or uh...
you know that our original by go to a local one
what are you guys that i will you guys get out of work out
i was there for the bruising
elizabeth alcohol i think you know that i have been added some of the who
happens at them
said one one pace for me is that linear
when you're doing anything online
u_s_c_-one needs to learn a lot
he shook hands excess of work after the greek place actually
is equally shake them up and say
now remembers and i have long awaited development and trust
unless you can see international
but they have also interestingly the falling somebody and survive though they
haven't had to call you
and you cannot remote knowing your online
dot is this in a way of liquor some calling on it
so and no action you want
for the
that's great impregnation you know for me i i think it's changed over time the
first work camp i went to was in two thousand and seven up in san francisco
and at the time now is continue to work for us and uh... yes it was really
normal learning experience just kind of absorbing
intel in an intense you know to day in viramune m absorbing a lot of
today i think it's more work at the still valuable to me but it's more for
the the networking and social aspect of it as well
not at all that stuff myself to a man
the first few i went to a reason every single session just absorbing every bit
of knowledge and i can go on
network that more and pick and choose a few sessions are still
everywhere capital to the store stuff that
just amazing speakers every car
evidences of contribution to it so i i know that a lot of this is an internal
adult in his citron's uh... for a lot of it
tonight as the networking site morning alike
locusts scored sixty criteria
calling card the perjury there
uh... impersonators this is all on ability
correct posted so that's that's the import these why i A
uh... ten work uh... symbols to that it get addicted cut that out there
and it's all about the air
community aspect that was that
and yet i always different exactly why can't they at it really actually feels
like a community which is not something that experienced a lot
on in other
industries or whoever said that's what i like about it i did go to displacing
anyone is passionate about the same thing
and it's part time to different people that using wordpress and it's always
you really feel like you can talk to anyone there
aaron you can exchange ideas anil
and that's just anything stopping when you look at the time
clearwater things like that
well what were captured schism yet but i convention i write a meetup group myself
from alan
as a community that great local networking
but at the work and who have the opportunity to network
how much broader context and also learn expertise and a much broader context the
the speakers you get at a work ethic are such a level about what you might see
even in the great local area like the the orange county were press made up
your great speakers that this meet ups but
it's always a limited cold across from report extra all national or even
sometimes international karar speakers huang that knowledge sharing is huge
as an organizer working outside in last year's running high i think that kinda
of their sense of introduces
worded executives of unless happy more successful grinnell quality that
everybody's attending were kids talking otherwise organizes cessful bits
another information and knowledge they prefer matte
or work in san diego was at
uh... foundation to really make a pretty excel
and that's been a p
the deal for me as well
let me know
i don't think anyone is mentioned yet but the big draw for me is just and
having that intensive learning in one day
and going to get all of that 'cause there's not really classes out there
that can teach you the same type of thing that his is often the community
and what they deal with on a daily basis in that very valuable to me
i think it's great that you have a list of sessions like they were saying i was
so special needs in the hallway
uh... you know banking being in one of the the room the rangers lose what
willtracts and such and you think fanned out you're just going from track
attracting dimple deciding the end of missing the entire presentation cuz you
have a really great discussion with somebody i think that is this
probably one of the the biggest things that i get out of it
and i i think the best sessions that are going to be attended word williams the
ones that are meant to be confrontational yeah departments are fed
with a strip of gender so they
casper pocahontas his patient usually
or the adult discussions i think an interview with him so they have panels
and be there is a candidacy related panel
and it was a really valuable for people who are running a business and what not
so i i mean we're really talking shannon nine
about my u_s_ obvious you know your thoughts about u_s_ someone and i was in
unit sandwiches unsolicited amendment
especially team up into a panel about u_s_ because nobody calls the car truly
on how to do things did them the most
rightfully so
i think you know discussions where it's at
stating that that approaches with the securities talks a eliminated baltimore
unit philadelphia
so i mean it's a good way to here and get people's opinion on security and
indicate that the conversation started its important topic at least in my
opinion happening in iraq aniket those questions answered there
so you can
great great game
as all of the
i think that's one of the beautiful things about uh... we're camps is that
you get a chance to see you lots of different ways to do the same thing and
so you know there's never won one approach that will work in every
situation you can see what help other people salt similar problems and it
opens at the worst in new ways to do things for yourself
totally great
yen when his work and now he's in town behem no working on it
and you're going to have that the other server the by uh...
fifth at the history of person at ease
i haven't heard back yet
hiaa with uh... attendees and india attendance because of the problem it's
just uh... the logistics of it won't work it out of this is a recall because
i think a few people here know
uh... i'm actually currently in vegas uh...
recovering from word cap las vegas pollutes katherine power weird campaign
kulbir but he kept vancouver and then headed out to work and philly so im i'm
here on the mainland hallmark
uh... club as soon as i get back uh... from our which should be around
andrew started in earnest looking for locations and anu kmt what dates with
the most likely so
on some traditions john congratulations was that factor
emily sent about dot htm uh... lacing tickets for that embattled or
it's gonna be exciting
so uh... control stateside here looks like the united states a things down
the collection of the boy yesterday um... we're remember this when you go
into and what was the reason why he went there
to earth boston barbecue
conciliator parents throughout her career
opposes the av
mess that this one
that separates us go for me
wasn't in detail about eighteen
in san diego wanted to run out i was haiti's rana mostly because deep rather
business out there
and so i just carried off into the weekend unscheduled landing up there so
that i could do the uh... do working apparently was was pretty fun
at school that was one that you heard about the jury but that you've got to go
to more because of the location and because it's going to be a great britain
dot the picket really through the system
now we're press i'd how how how does that work out but i'm willing to
sacrifice to transcribe catholic theladders somebody's got to do it
yet does it
he's suffered through it
missus escobar transferred here also with the consulate sleeps
and that brings us a though that with the other questions that was that kind
of in the india them the people plus group was then do you think your family
when you go to these things that you tried gonna turn it into a vacation
packing up all your stuff and living and going out to the the place usually take
it that way when your business let me let me ask you if you have thirty days
left to raise i mean i don't have a great it wasn't a girl baseball team
when you go i dread
disarray j do you have racked costs
at a suburban
so there you go i have a natural regular work about
thirty to forty percent so it finally speaking on weekends
an exclusive right so
within hours you
unattractive and so i can to
uh... from down here sending out a going down to downtown san diego taking them
out to you orange county in l_a_
and that the user guide to come out here believes
so articulate mostly because it still gives us some additional time to connect
on the weekend
pasar entire
uh... but other whether further chicagoland
phoenix and try an optimum within you know i'm not inclined
activities that didn't you know some of us are independent and
you know we were already ship in ourselves out someplace might make sense
to take your to develop with you as well just penetrated into uh... the family
event i'd imagine that at some point singer home in upcoming san francisco ca
credibility for a family affair
below may be a work ethic bottle in the entire in southern california yesterday
uh... all nasty just say it
inland empire
well you know what are you probably did a good topic as one of those up topics i
wanted to talk about was
the uh... the mobile of the local meet ups does well uh... you've observed or
in various uh... various regions than solicitor for the steam so need a proper
does he do vp
you know
have you gone the other ones are going to ask you to be p and to the one that
is that does
and i'm curious though you know what do you where you guys goin it how big is
your made up in in a bar
but have you seen a very issue give a plug for alex is in the passing alex was
denied using that one
ras have but your so that is a direct
oh really associated with the san diego pesky uh... so there should be subjected
to discuss this is an entire
the u_s_ and the other one is remarkably internet marketing eddie
speak to a recommended by the other one
uh... below those guys about the backup span are traded energetic related work
healthier or work best
feel verses that's that's and parking cell-cell
et cetera erection uh... but uh...
really connected to this little it
baseball cat another meet up and seniors with report and service
on a one time
i spoke another one of the small about fifteen people in north county
and can remain without him
i mean we usually get over their city but i've never really taken county it
varies anywhere from thirty two seventy
cody and other one over and over
yesterday's two or three other and that the game-playing sphere in phoenix we
just are gone
back here at this location on the list of things i was to to the core
valuable users of that
you know if there is a sign either from twenty or thirty i mean if there's a lot
of people come announced to the line in the senate sounds even people who split
off from the
spread around twenty four
he is doing the labor by reducing trade that went out of them
you know we downs
night and we we have uh... pretty nice setup with uh... into facilities began
remember people wanna
lives focused on the islamic politically
plus people there tenia not whistles and and highly rebels you well works
one of the strongest and uh... teams were grossly teams i have seen and that
is amazing to see the interaction of the things that come from there
uh... including those who wish to you on this
from afghanistan acid jazz etc
and that you know i'm miss
this then one that's not the sort out what best near bihac which is generally
and let's say l_a_ one that's that
and then there's a big one phone lines and they have in hand is
many meetings
of many but many do you have then they get a ticket
attendance and many batteries in pasadena
an engine bay live from the previous starting one insignia as well
yeah i think or work ever
the orange county were pressed made up respond
like five other reduction about
that's ok venite you know
bartholomew all across the drina
by certainly was and i went over there work well
i need local communities all started me dot
uh... nine months on we have a hundred members begin twenty people per me about
really fortunate nestle faces a rough starting one up
form we're really fortunate to find a great venue comment the married
montgomery for a local non-profit the press you product on the work but
provides a a room with a great overhead projector klaas nelson or charge for us
sin aren't as program you know if you can find one of those martin profit
chamber of commerce town hall type venues uh... that tends to be a great
way to get them started because you can start
often don't give you the space for free if you don't charge for make-ups
over me estan
user groups and those types of things since i started my company i'm so
the venue was always the hardest part of armenia
unity when regular new uh... that's happened out want deep because he wants
honest hang up we don't know
we acquired
karadzic office space
based on the warehouse space we have to the smita mean really lost a scale of
the east again to say that we're still waiting for we're still looking for
space through the inland empire mediocre
still display in life
some funds some places
yes partnership pop-ups to move around represent which starbucks for an
interview that that none of the debt more than five people
or ten people because
there's not space for its two regular
having a regular space in a regular data i think is really kita makan takeoff
but foundation if you're in his work is is anything you know if you don't have
any again this is very challenging to build villard
that's a that's contamination whether what most
uh... crucial thing is that the issue
setting out that's it
yeah yeah they're doing some great stuff i mean this evening but the smallest
things of uh...
in oakland dena lanyards and send them back to
you know it's a home basement history moves back out to other places when i
was you know wasting lanyards you know these small little things to a very big
things like
providing you help me out here
and trying to uh... nato it cannot be put together the okay john donvan on the
website so that you have a everything all set up in build an accident
to be the outlets for ben the great great is that i want a bigger one at
that time probably here as we had
the independence of the coming up and and and the next couple months here
one being present on it's not going to cure is put your thoughts on products
what's president on exceedingly puck facility
i have a good for something that they have some of the upper on pinion
depressed mothers is depicted abbreviated different uh... issue
providers people really the workers all businesses that provide services to
provide policies will specifically causes armies
and it's it's pretty close knit shirt so hard to predict nbsp and it's really
that should drive turnout next level of the ecosystem register users an
educational topics of the house as as leaders in in this case in terms of
providing such a business
services and products actually remains therefore or are
working the ray an absolutely yes but suppose there is a list that small
and this initiates
it's insures that the level of of moving in that meeting
is uh... natural progression i think that we move away from just providing
educational interaction p shut that were kept level now were able to interact
that service level in your continued to grow just i didn't get some progress in
my opinion i think it's going to be helping uh...
to bring to the useful
you know it's it's going to be sentenced to that and i were noticed is that a
responsible enzymes losing oneself
below are may be that the other and was
test although not
the other thing that the other news coming up is that the workers meets on
it which is uh... something of producing bank entry was that it was up by
invitation there have been better hazards that andrea so
similar in terms of what they're doing a different what's that
uh... is the leader since this is their own all workers were well that somehow
influence positive
in the communities of the writer theirs
or so close
for press weaknesses of worldwide at the collegiate sidi
any of this month
uh... concessions awal two minutes to talk about things
parking in the community properly work and were upbeat a self taught how to me
after we provide better parents doesn't make sense to collect those lines were a
little things that we could do you think you need a better battle experience
the talk about poor and the way the people of all if you decide on their
how can we influence more people to help their in other areas rites of spring
also debating the issues
uh... air carriers to better communicate with the court's boom
and and all the other
uh... using space travel williams was positive change for workers as well
ami work world really either make money and word press or work with work rest of
the of the builder
building communities of the website so sought support them it just makes sense
to known to have
problems people get together especially poor individuals that are are you part
or a building where crowds and uh... and people are invited and substitute get
together and figure out what the
you know where she workers fill in the future
the subdomain you guys would be interested in going to have some boring
or are going to any of these types of but kind of larger
director of the career about stuff but
love to go to something like that if indeed
no it's not two separate but uh... one of the things i was going to ask you
what reading some of this
i'm kind of the seems like it's gonna be a lot of different things lately i've
heard a lot of talk about com
clarifying what recaps are carl
for broadened that applies to people will talk about
developing more manuals on code extra documentation customs
i haven't heard lately much about talking about some of the pain points
and work rest code
that might do a dress for
haven't been getting address to the kind of wonder because of the open source
nature of things
greater more time and that maybe some of its you heard about
is accused of murdering broken out into modules are days targeted at specific
stains or is it just kind of still good questions over the whole schedule
originally yes it will take a look at it from what i've seen uh... a are going to
have breakout approaches sessions
until you're here you go on people's immediately
so there there there will be a lot of ethan mistrust that i have a lot of
people guaranteed
catskill will superdeals
so i would think so we told radio tel aviv people we can when can we do know
who was willing to
was there
that you know you're going to bring a lot of people have a little alternate
articulate their positions
uh... it because the company israel were worse off than it did not speak nation
the formative years of his attitude is close
now no
will be addressed in the really interesting and i was you know
and i hope that some real bring up hey i know we all use for a lot of people use
progresses the boardroom platformer
order of things that well helped that
maybe get their what to do with that
might my biggest pinpoint for a long time as the media manager related stuff
but that's not something that in the actual cult experts and right so
like so many in the community it's really easy to gripe about it and pray
someone else in this
wonderful open-source reactor grasses that stuff
that's nurturance
yep sure
that basically we just need more people with more teamsters mostly people are
very weak minded
and bahamas the not sure in the event that that
staff at sea in this community your opinion is problems recognizes that
the or there's a lot of discussion liberal but there's lots of eighties
islamists mississippi it's that simple
uh... or
the well between us is puzzle is ruined
organized a citizen corps as an example
anything he's vetoed two-way communication and i'm hoping that this
type of event austin's kayak hoping that type of discussed below
denied invite only da
in that right they're gonna have some more styling
'cause it's like an well it's nothing interesting less could use it
but desecrate way
without was with is that it's something i'm interesting which was this list that
from the community at-large who would you want to see invited to this
well you don't wicked if you open this event everybody would just become more
camps have just go over every so uh... i kind of respect and appreciate the ltd
attending this or tender attendants ship while at work
uh... i but they did get a lot of surprising names submitted as to
these people are really involved community and should be at a community
will be addressing our plays out
that's pretty much the only hang out there
was on a floating
for trent lott morale afterwards doesn't mean they're really always a little bit
last place i was accepted cac forty five dead people look for direct
don't cover
his tradition prior karke
that but what i wanted to say was that the other things i see growing more and
more and spend time at work have signed that that days after work and says
you do get some great discussions like this trip that fits your that
las vegas and i was talking to shredder from dreamhost
uh... about some things and
you know sharing some ideas as to
corestaff and understanding of house and image management stops going on with it
i think that there's a lot of
growths that comes out of the of the work capstone
when you think about work after often think about the user base
the actual day but that that those can be really productive
on sharing sessions from all of those mood
those workers community members who travel soon
from these or or whatnot there's there's a lot to come dot i think maybe some it
will be
bigger and better than that and all at once but
all of those dead days and uh...
that hallway network and i thought that happens at work at can be really
question the platform
uh... and kobe's port
lonely around you know when it's give warning shots
no problemo
thank you all for coming here today i really appreciate it actually has
stopped the clock to get the uh... there's a lot of that usually about
articular match for coming by that meeting that harriet your morning you're
the best but work product
and then look for to see you guys next monday
indeed here
also it by everybody dot the is the graduate hangout locker that but
the acrobat i'd party you departing the best part of working out