Mariusz Pudzianowski vs James Thompson - No Contest DECLARED ENGLISH !

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November 26 in Atlas Arena, Lodz, during 17th KSW There was a communication error between the judges, following which there were serious procedural errors.
Rules of federation KSW assume that the 'draw fight' after regulation time will be extended for another three-minute extra time round
unless the fight was contracted at a different time or rate of fight is a belt fighting federations.
Fight Pudzianowski - Thompson after the second rounds was assessed in turn:
Judge Piotr Baginski - 20:19 Thompson
Judge Robert Lysiak - 20:19 Pudzianowski
Judge Leszek Pawlęga - 20:20
This result is commanded judges to give three minutes extra time. Judge Piotr Baginski gave improper score card player to main judge.
So the sixth battle on KSW 17 should be regarded as not been completed.
Decision of the owners federation ksw and Judges team, score of this fight is removed from the official records of both players, and status maintained as a 'no contest'
KSW federation wants to apologize to everyone, not just fans ksw, but both players for strain their trust
and would like to inform that it does not remain indifferent to this procedural error, and later,
this week will work on improving communication between judges. Signed Maciej Kawulski, Martin Lewandowski, Tomasz Bronder and Piotr Baginski.
Score cards you can see soon at the official website of KSW. Thank You.
Do you feel somehow cheated ?
I'm not happy with this because I was prepared for the extra time that I can manage safely.
Thompson was a little bit at a disadvantage because they lacked oxygen, this time not me, i wanted finish him in extra time.
In the second round I had the advantage over him and the last minute of round. All saw, he collected more hits on head, not me.
Well, such a life. Some things I can't do, I am not satisfied that this is not resolved, but his head can't break the wall if he wants win with me, let him try win the third time, he will have a lot of sweat.
next two weeks gentle rest then go back to training, full time work, work and work.
I know where I made mistakes, now we have seen that I can safely withstand the rounds with the ability to break down the forces, after ten minutes I could safely continue fight.
Since January I go back to the U.S., I will continue training at American Top Team, I've got professional coaches there.