Destination Guide Video - Top 10 Photogenic Places in Second Life

Uploaded by Secondlife on 21.04.2011

Second Life is a virtual world imagined and created by residents just like you...and while
it is fun to build and create anything you can imagine -- it is also rewarding to explore
and appreciate the artistic beauty and architectural wonders created by others in the SL community.
Inworld photography is one of the most popular hobbies inside Second Life....and getting
started is as easy as clicking a single button. In Advanced mode, just use the Snapshot button
in your Second Life Viewer to take a picture. You can then share it with friends or post
it online. On Flickr, there are thousands of Second Life photographers who have contributed
over 1 ½ million unique images that document the beauty and quirkiness of SL.
Looking for places to photograph? Here are ten of our favorite picturesque spots to get
you started...
One of the longest running and most popular communities in Second Life is InSilico. This
cyber-punk roleplay region is filled with hi-tech high-rises and hidden elements that
make for excellent imagery. For anyone with an interest in showing off the absolute best
of Second Life to your friends, this is THE place to snap and share.
Another “Blade Runner”-esque region to roam is S.I.C. -- that stands for Science
Innovation Company. By the looks of this can just bet that there’s an elaborate backstory
to explore in this hi-tech, post-apocalyptic urban why not capture it in
images? Scout out your shots by travelling the dark urban streets as you pass by flashing
neon signs and battling the middle of it a hamburger joint to
hang out in after the shoot.
Yep. It’s a weird and wonderful world we live in - and even moreso in Second Life.
How on earth can words alone explain the strange shapes and textures that you’ll find twisted
throughout Parallel Worlds? This extraordinary experience by resident Claudia222 Jewell is
the perfect place to practice your photography skills. Zoom in on one of the many gooey globs
that float in the air as you glide from surreal spot to spot -- some combining snakes and
circuit boards. Is there supposed to be some form of hidden meaning in all this? Maybe
or maybe not...either way you’ll not want to miss a single shot.
If you can brave the blizzards, you’ll get some fantastic photographs at the Antarctic
Stronghold, a primary telehub for the Vanguard Armed Forces’ base in a remote, icy region
of Second Life. There’s lots of shots to snap here, but be careful not to interrupt
the combat roleplayers that frequent this popular spot.
Ready to travel back in time? Visit beautiful, historic Innsmouth...a troubled New England
coastal town where darkness prevails and danger lurks around every corner. Be careful as you
wander the rain-soaked streets...but the effort is worth it as you’ll be rewarded with several
spooky shots. you love secret gardens? If so, you’ll want to get lost at Alirium, a relaxing place
to immerse yourself in unspoiled beauty across all four seasons. As you wander through each
garden area, you’ll stumble across shots that are just too good to pass up... for your next shot...are you interested in Old Italy? La Perla II is a beautiful old
Italian village with its own unique Mediterrean styles. Explore the shops and hillsides as
you scour the village for just the right snapshot. Strike a pose on one of the cliff pathways
to remember the moment as the Mediterranean sun sets behind you.
So...In this economy, travelling to some of the world’s greatest cities is out of reach
for many of us -- In Second Life, not so much. I know...I know...maybe it’s not exactly
the same as the real thing -- but how can you resist traveling to San Francisco to see
the Golden Gate bridge when it is just a mouse click away? Or, visiting Paris to see the
world famous Eiffel Tower? What about walking the rocky edges of the Grand Canyon? You can
even walk right off the edge....just make sure to grab a good shot on your way down.
Of course, these ten spots are only the beginning. There’s so much more to explore. Check out
the Destination Guide for even more photogenic hot spots.