Vanessa & Jan | Ep. 3 of 6 | Feat. Laura Spencer & Caitlin Gerard | WIGS

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Who is she to you?
My friend.
Nice camera.
Nice is too short a word to describe it.
Ok, you choose the adjective.
A noun.
Leica M9P.
Not in my lexicon. Are you a pro?
Just a wannabe, but I will be.
So, why is a handsome guy like you speed dating?
Low hanging fruit.
How descriptive.
Desperation makes my life much easier.
Speaking of which, double date?
You do doubles? Excuse me?
That would be a no.
Is that categorical? I mean on any given Sunday...
On any given Sunday what? Any team could win. It's a football expression.
I know where the expression comes from. I'm asking whether you're serious.
In my experience, when you're direct you get slapped 5 out of 10 times and the other 5 times well...
And how much does it cost to get you and those 10 women in a room?
She bites. And barks. I like it.
Give me a run for my money. I don't lose often.
Then you're not going to like me. Maybe.
Let's talk about you. Really?
Try me.
Ask away.
Pretty girl syndrome.
With a touch of character. Where did the character come from? Something rough on the way up.
Couldn't just be from swatting boys away could it? No.
So what do you like?
That's too broad. Objection sustained.
How often do you like it?
Forget it.
1, 2, 3 times a day?
How about you? At least once or twice but every day, without it life's just not the same.
You must really like yourself. I've got company.
How many women have you bedded?
One less than I've wanted.
Really? One? Yeah, you dummy.
And I should believe you because?
You're cute.
Elusive and peeling the onion is always an exotic ride.
Oh. A different kind of quiet.
It's the same.
Take your hand off me. Ask politely.
Take your fucking hand of me right now or I'll make you regret it.
Bluffing. Try me.
I will see you, later.
Oh! Thank you. I'm so clumsy.
It's a nice bag.
You think? Yes.
It's a knock off.
Of what? Proenza Shouler which cost more than my apartment.
When I see a girl with a real one, I am so green with envy that I color a room.
That's a funny way of saying that.
Is that a compliment or a criticism?
It's a compliment.
So, why don't I shut up and let you tell me something about yourself.
I like listening to you talk. You have a beautiful voice.
Good. What do you do?
I'm a dancer. What kind?
Are you? Gay?
Well, yes.
Why would I be here talking to women?
Not that I have anything against anything.
I am not gay.
I am not either.
Where do you dance? All over the world.
The company is ABT, American Ballet Theatre.
Why are you here?
Same reason as everyone else, to meet women.
No, why are you in Los Angeles?
I'm here to see my mom.
I would imagine a handsome man like you- It's great.
All the dancers? But I haven't found what I'm looking for.
And what is that?
I dunno.
You have any ideas?
One or two.