Corrado Malanga - Gaining Consciousness (Sub ENG-CN-PT) - Volume 1 - Part 01 of 25

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someone has always known, others always ignored
somebody always laughed at him, somebody always smirched
with special appearance by Corrado Malanga
My name is Corrado Malanga
I am a researcher at the Chemistry department, at the university of Pisa, Italy.
My specialization is organical chemistry and in my work I create chemical reactions.
and build parts of the organic matter
Beyond this, I have always been interested in UFOs phenomena, as they are usually called
I attended some italian centers which, as they say, they research about this kind of phenomenology.
Many years ago I decided to leave one of these centers.
because many people there were connected with the Italian intelligence.
They did their private businesses and were not exactly interested in that kind of studies.
In the last 20 years, I have been researching
about abductions, or alien abductions as common people call them.
(alien abductions in English)
With special techniques, we tried to understand in whatthey consist.
But why did I choose this topic? Because, since when I was a teen,
I read Peter Kolosimo´s books. In his books, he described aliens who did
come to visit the earth in ancient times, and I thought to look for aliens!
I thought it would be interesting to ask them about findings in sciences,
mathematics, physics! and also about the existence of god!
that would be easier for the humanity, they were there since a lot of time!
For me, that was enough to begin researching about life over the earth
that is, the alien, "the one who comes from outside", the one who is not us.
So I begin my studies.
For over 35 years I attended one of the most famous italian centers for research about UFOs,
but I realized that there nobody wanted to research about these phenomena!
because,nobody ever wanted to solve anything!
Then I continued to study by myself.
My studies where ordered by that center, and concerned,the case of an Italian man.
the case of an Italian man, Valerio Lonzi, a 15-year old guy from Genua
who said that, when he was camping, he saw some bright spheres
coming to him and then he remembers anything else.
He woke up with three scars, 15 cm long, on his back.
I investigated, talking to the guy, and after more than two and half years,
I wrote a report about the event.
I gave the report to the managers of the italian ufologist center.
They told me to write a book about that. I tried to catch their attention on the content of the report,
because it confirmed what American ufologists..
like Bud Hopkins and John Mack, already found, and the event was real!
so it was possible to have then problems related to that!
But they told me to don´t worry, so I wrote and published a book...
"Gli UFO nella mente", where I tell about Valerio´s story
and the way we did together to understand what happened that day
at the camping and in other moments of his life.
So I started my own research and studies on alien abductions.
Suddendly, the people of the ufologist center, understood that what
I published was very important, because it was not doing them any
favours, always connected with the Italian intelligence.
I understood that these people did agreements with the intelligence.
Or better, they collaborate with government forces.
Since I never liked and wanted to collaborate with the government or
intelligence I left that center.
But I began a research and until it is not finished, I don´t give up.
After more than 20 years from that day, I can say that I understand
what is this kind of phenomena. For 20 years I used the scientific method,
because i am a scientist. I do experiments, I am a chemist since
more than 30 years, I have more than 50 works published on
scientific journals, like the American Chemical Society, and nobody
can tell I am crazy.
Since 1983, I teach organical chemistry at the university of Pisa,
and if I was crazy the university of Pisa never put in my care
thousands of students until today.
Today I can almost say I arrived at the end of my searching,
in the meaning that I understood what it is, how does it appear,
and how can it be defeated.
We are only aware of the things for which we have consciousness, that we know,
that our brain can recognize. If I don´t believe in ghosts, and perhaps
ghosts exist and one passes in front of me,
automatically my brain deletes the image and I see nothing.
It´s like you enter in a room, that you know since 20 years, but you never paid
attention to a picture at the wall.
One day, after 20 years, you are aware that there is a picture at the wall.
Why did you never see it before? Because you did not gain consciousness
of the existence of that picture. Now that you are aware of that
phenomena, the picture will be the first thing that you
see entering the room. That is something we don´t have to
forget: we are aware only of things because we know they exist.
We don´t see the other things because it´s like our brain does not keep track of
them. It´s part of our conditioning: if a kid sees
an apple going up in the air, he tells to his father, who for instance is a physics professor,about it, the father
will tell him the contrary, because he´s a scientist. Then the kid will be forced to accept the truth offered
by the father, a physics professor.
If one day the father will see an apple falling up in the air, he will tell himself
that he saw something that does not exist and will forget it.
So nor the father or the kid will admit to have seen an apple falling up in the air.
But the incosciousness knows really well that there was an apple falling up in the air!
This is something we have to underline: we have the consciousness of what we want! Somehow, since the complete universe.
tells us that aliens do not exist,everything you see does not exist!
Actually, things are not in this way.
And there are scientific explanations on how aliens come here.
Detractors tell that, probably, aliens are very far away and they have to trespass
the light speed, so it will take a long time to come here, maybe billions of years.
Then, how will they manage the abductions?
Detractors say that it´s not possible and not true!
Instead, we can change our point of view and starting considering that aliens are
here, somehow they came here, and how did they come here?
We are simply changing the map of territory. Neuro-linguistic programming tells us that we don´t have the means to well describe the reality around us.
We are persisting in describing the reality in old ways that we always used to describe it.
We don´t even accept the existance of other parameters, like we don´t want to buy a better camera to take pictures of reality because we are satisfied of what we have.
are satisfied of what we have In this way we see nothing.