Bard's Tale Tegra 3 High Rez Gameplay review - Nexus 7 Androidizen

Uploaded by TheAndroidizen on 22.09.2012


Hello everyone. Here we are with The Bard's Tale on the Nexus 7.
I grabbed myself a Nexus 7 yesterday and it came with £15 worth of free credit
with the Google Play Store
so I thought why not go with this new release that is an absolute classic.
But also this happens to be one of the
first games to really push what the Tegra 3 processor on the Nexus 7
is capable of.
the download for this comes in two variations.
You've either got a 1.7gig download or a monstrous 3.6 gig download.
Effectively, the games developers have taken the original PC game and
crammed it onto the Nexus 7 and on to Tegra 3 devices
and that includes full HD resolution, textures as well.
The videos look a little bit ropey but they're just being played back from
pre rendered video files
but this is all in game
you can see it now.
Top down
With really, really funny cut scenes etcetera.
And there's lots and lots of humour in this game, it's a very funny game if you
didn't play the original.
Full of really really fantastic dialogue witty one liners
As you can see, the graphics are absolutely stunning
and the lighting model as well,really really good.
It's literally like they took the original game and just went 'right let's
cram this on to a tablet
or mobile device and see how it works' and it works beautifully.

Massive game as well, you're going to have many many hours to
trudge through these various dungeon and missions.
Or quests, should we say.
Where's that rat? of the more difficult things to do in a
game engine, especially an older game.
And you can see there, the frame rate really holds up quite nicely.
No massive slowdowns, you can see the light being thrown off onto the environment there.
If that kind of sense of humour appeals to you, you're really really going to
like The Bard's Tale.
Available on the Play Store now for under £4
an absolute bargain although
be prepared for a very big download
if you want the high resolution textures
for your portable device.
That's Bard's Tale.