How to make doll outfits 12 Lace Top

Uploaded by yuniedhc on 14.03.2011

Hello today I'm going to show you
A lace top like this one Setsuko is wearing
You need lace that are at least 5cm in width
Please don't use those cheap sheery ones
It would end up looking tacky
I'm using these thicker cotton lace
First the body part
Double the lace, measure 8cm then cut
Cut slightly diagonally so it is 1cm from the corner to make a trapezium
Cut a slight curve about 2 cm down the middle
This is where the sleeves go
Repeat this so you have 2 pieces
Now the sleeve
Fold and measure 4cm then cut
Again, cut diagonally 1cm from the corner
Cut a slight curve about 2 cm down
Need 2 pieces of this too
Now I have all 4 pieces ready
Sew the sleeve to the body piece
The other body piece
Now all 4 pieces together
Fold, then it's time to sew the sides up
Don't sew too close to you edge
You want to make sure you got all the layers
Cut away unwanted bits if necessary
Turn it inside out
The top is done
To wear it I recommend removing the arms first
Then put the arms back on
There you go, a simple lace top
It's great for spring, and easy to match with other clothes
Hope you enjoyed, that's it for now, see you