Firearms Training 2012 - axe men, pursuits and saving lives

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Today is based around isolation drills
essentially we put each student through 5 or 6 scenarios one after the other
to judge their decision making
not all based primarily around firearms
it's about personal safety it's about keeping the right distance
from the public, it's about communication
but it's also about section 3 shoot decisions
which officers have to make within the national decision making model. It's about using the right force
at the right time in the right circumstances, so it isn't just about having a firearms
so if you've got a casco to use or if you've got a Taser to use and the situation fits it then
that's what you need to use so just because you've got an SLP or MP5 doesn't mean to say that you've got to use them.
Where's the keys to the safe?
Put the weapon down! Armed Police!
Come on then! - Drop the weapon!
I'm gonna shoot him! - Armed Police put the weapon down!
I'm happy that...
cause although he gave me that feedback, in relation to
the section three
in relation to the timing of it
I'd paused slightly
the bottom line was
I used the appropriate means
there is so much stuff you've got to analyse
and decide what you're going to do literally like that, it's hard.
X-ray Juliet Victor
vehicle involved in a armed robbery 45 minutes ago in Coventry...over.
so what we're doing today we're putting the students through some training
which is quite stressful for them and will give them the feeling of being a passenger
initially on one of our ARVs in the West Midlands.
The whole idea is to build their confidence up and their ability regarding
their map reading.
There is command structures procedures and tactical options that they are having to bare
in mind and also building up arrest plans as we go.
So we're looking for them to do as much as they can prior to arriving at the scene so that
really the actual job of getting out and pointing the gun at somebody and dealing
with them at gun point should be second nature. The problems come in the
planning and making it happen.
Armed Police! Get out of the vehicle!
Get down now!
I think it's fair to say that over a period of time as they have been introduced
more into the reality of what could happen as an officer and what could happen as
a member of a family is that they may have to make that ultimate decision to take someone's life
and pull the trigger. As the training
scenarios have enhanced to become more advanced i think it's hit home with some of them and realise that at this moment in time
it's probably not for them for personal circumstances
We run the training for all authorised firearms officers in first aid
which it is geared more towards trauma
and general first-aid work type elements are also included in what we do
we try and steer the course to more traumatic injuries
and penetrating injuries rather than blunt trauma
in the unlikely event that they should come across any trauma
on the streets whether that's colleagues or members of the public we have a duty of care
and maintain their well being and look after them as best we can
so what we would do is try our best for those casualties and treat their injuries
to the best of our abilities
prior to the ambulance turning up and we'll hand over to the medical professionals.