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>>MALE VOICE: The Logos edition of the Liddell and Scott Greek-English Lexicon is the fruit
of over 160 years of scholarship. LSJ is the indispensible tool for the classic Greek scholar
and students of the New Testament. LSJ boasts nearly 1900 pages and over 125,000 articles
on the words used by Homer, Plato, Aristotle, the New Testament and the early church. The
print edition has two sections. The main text and updated supplement. You flip back and
forth just to learn about a single word. Logos edition finally puts it all together. Using
LSJ have never been easier, and it gets even better. Only Logos provides nearly 200,000
links from LSJ to the original texts; with the brand new and free Perseus Classics collection.
So join the generations of scholars who relied on the Liddell and Scott Greek-English Lexicon.
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