Gunnar Andrén (FP) är inte bra på matte! / Gunnar Andrén (FP) is not good at math!

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[Gunnar Andrén (FP)] Miss Chairman, I have a question for Mr. Petzäll.
The campaign period is now over, we are now in Sweden's parliament,
and that gives reason to review and check what you think,
and I have seen in your budget proposal that you wish to decrease immigration by 90%,
and thus my question is, you can conclude that you wish to increase immigration by 10%. That is the clear thing.
My question is: Who decides who those 10% are that should be allowed to stay? Who shall decide that, and how many is that overall?
How many is that? That is very important now that we are handling the budget in Sweden's parliament.
Who shall decide this, and how many is 10%?
[Miss Chairman] William Petzäll, you may reply.
[William Petzäll (SD)] Yes, well, in contrast to the party that you represent, which also has invested and wasted
the Swedish taxpayers' money. It is about tens of billions of Swedish Kronor [Crowns] per year
on people who do not even have refugee status, but they often belong to the category of relative/family immigrants.
We want to only prioritize those who actually have valid asylum reasons,
and that is conventional refugees, that is quota refugees that we are assigned.
Then if you look at today's immigration, a 90% decrease would mean that
we take in somewhere between 8,000-10,000 people per year.
[Miss Chairman] Gunnar Andrén
[Gunnar Andrén] Well Miss Speaker, of course I oppose insulting Mr. Petzäll,
I do not believe such action is proper in Sweden's parliament, the campaign period is over.
Now everyone in this chamber has heard, that the truth is that the Sweden Democrats wish to INCREASE the immigration to Sweden
by, as Mr. Petzäll said, about 8,000-10,000.
[Miss Chairman] William Petzäll
[William Petzäll] Um... That was a very, very strange way to mess with numbers.
I don't know, but.. If you write in a text, very simple and short, that you wish to decrease
immigration by 90%, then that means that there is 10% left. It's fairly simple math... or?
No? Okay..