Sacrifice; Act III

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Are you the one who planned this attack on the shrine?
Explain yourself!
Even if I had, you're far too weak to face someone like me...
I owe you no explanation,
Sailor Mars.
Feisty as always...
Sailor Mars, please stop!
She helped us out, and that to me is good enough of an explanation to whose side she's on.
Rei, please!
Wait, please don't go!
Everything has happened so quickly,
please help me understand!
Sailor Moon,
you're not quite ready to understand yet...
But give it time.
We'll see each other again soon enough.
Until then...
♪You complete my fate♪
♪The world unwinds inside of me♪
♪You complete my fate♪
♪The halo crawls away♪
♪You refill my place♪
♪You refill my place♪
♪Come and save me!♪
♪Come and save me!♪
♪Come and save me♪
This world is...
Beautiful in its own way.
This world is much different from yours,
yet you seem to be the same girl I knew
But your power...
Your light...
Seems tainted.
Why weren't you able to destroy that monster on your own?
You know me well, as of now I'm just a reflection...
I can only do as she does.
I will help you in any way I can to return you to your true form.
What can I do?
There is nothing you can do.
Only those who sealed me away can release me.
The ritual is fast approaching and my awakening is proceeding.
This time, I will not make any mistakes.
This time he will not survive
This world is not the only thing that has changed...
No matter what, I'll never leave you...
Mamoru is someone I can trust completely with every fiber of my being.
He just makes me so happy!
She looks..!
My dear child,
do not be discouraged.
Your mother would not want to see you in such agony.
You seem to like calling me by anything but my given name,
And you...
knew my mother?
My apologies, Yuki.
And yes, Sailor Mau,
a fierce and powerful warrior.
Such a shame that your hatred towards the one responsible
for her demise is what brought us together...
Mama, oh no!
I need you to be strong.
And no matter what happens remember that I will always love you.
Why she should be allowed to live on
free of regret and responsibility?
While we are banished to this forsaken place!
Take this,
this is a void.
An empty vessel for you to transfer your energy to.
Once it has absorbed your energy
you may use it to fulfill your need for revenge.
this is for you!
This imbalance
it's unsettling...
I agree, but what can we do?
I'm afraid that this new enemy will overcome Sailor Moon's present abilities.
And with these voices and visions haunting us,
I cannot help but feel that this situation will only make a turn for the worst...
Unlike you two, I've only heard a voice.
What was your vision of, Michiru?
While I was swimming, I saw a girl who looks just like our princess,
drowning, waiting for my help.
There are abnormal energies emitting from the moon
It almost feels...
sad and remorseful.
The moon?!
Plagued with sadness and regret?
These voices and visions...
We can't just ignore them and wait for something to happen.
I say we pay the moon a visit!
I guess we have no choice...
I just can't help but think that something big is going to happen.
Usagi, there's a letter for you!
Thanks mom!
I'll be in my room if you need me.
please meet me at Juban Park
Princess Kurai..?
I am Kurai...
We are of flesh and blood.
it's unfair of you to just expect me to believe everything you say!
I'm slow, and stubborn and a crybaby too!
But I'm dependable, loyal
and I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
Just like you,
you're so unpredictable!
you've surpassed my expectations already
I'm sorry I came to you so quickly.
I want to start over,
I'm Usagi Tsukino
and it's nice to meet you
It's nice to meet you,