App-V 5.0 Beta Server Install Tutorial - Part 1

Uploaded by msappv on 24.05.2012

Here I have a Active Directory Domain called appv.local
One SQL Server with SQL 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 installed.
Note you cannot install App-V 5.0 on any SQL Express versions. It has to be SQL 2008 or R2 standard, enterprise or datacenter.
One App V server without app-v installed. But with all the pre-required features, but not IIS. It has to have .Net 4.0 Framework Extended
You can download .net 4.0 framework through Windows Update. As I do with all my servers I update them with all the security updates and
features that are in windows update. I have already downloaded the App-V 5.0 Beta both setup and documents
I always have a extra drive for the content. This server will be used both as a management server and a publishing server.
I need to create groups in Active Directory for security. I will add one SQL group that will be used later on.
I create an OU called "Microsoft Application Virtualization Users and Groups"
Now I create a group called "SQL_Appv_Admins"
This group will contain both the user and the server that have access to the database.
But I will not configure the security on the database with this group yet.
Add the Server AppvSRV with will be the appv management and publishing server and also the user witch will administer the app-v.
This is the name of the appv server as you can see
Now I add the user that will administer the database. In this case I will use "administrator"
Set the description of the group so you can know why this group is used for.
I donĀ“ know if any SQL admin will be happy to install the App-V server on the server as you will see.
But there is a way to create the database with out installing the appv setup. But in this case I am the master and will install it. Hehe...
I have already extracted from the zip file the setup and copied the app-v setup to the SQL server.
Click on Install to start the installation
Accept the license terms and click next. Then select the "Management Server DB" witch will install the database in the SQL server.
Select the directory witch will install the application. The directory contains only few files so no worries.
Leave this as default unless you have different instance or want to change the database name.
Now I should have used the "SQL_Appv_Admins" but that group will be set later. I will just set the name of the appv server
and the user witch has the rights to create the database. You can have a group there but you need to configure SQL to use group that
has some SQL privileges.
But in this case I will only use "Administrator" because I have not configured the SQL to use groups as authentication method.
Click on next and wait until the db is created, it will only take a few moments.
Click on close when the installation is done. You can check if the database has been created in SQL management console.
Now I will install the App-V 5.0 Beta server, I will extract the setup and copy it in some directory or folder.
Note, I always install application running as administrator, you can right click and run as administrator.
While the setup is loading lets check the database on the sql server.
You can see that the database has been created.
If you check the security you can see that the server appvsrv is one of the users in the database.
This is required if the App-V should work
Now lets install App-V 5.0 Beta
Accept the license terms and click next.
Select managment server and publishing server if you are going to use one and the same server for the whole thing.
Select the installation location, I will leave it as default.
Now here you will need to set the name of the SQL server and the instance if you have selected any other.
I will only set the SQL name.
Because I did not install IIS these errors will come up, so lets install IIS.
I know that I should have installed IIS but I just wanted to show you guys the errors before I install IIS.
Lets go to server manager and add IIS role
This is important, select only that is selected here.
Select only Static Content and Default Document disable everything else in Common HTTP Features
Enable ASP.NET and add the required features.
Select Windows Authentication
Everything else should be default.
Click on next and finish the installation of IIS.
Now click on "Check prerequisites again" and you should not have any errors.
Here is the management administration users that will configure App-V and also the port management website.
In this case I will create a new group in active directory.
The group name will be Appv_Admins and I will add administrator as member of the group. You can add any other user if you like.
Set the description of the group.
Now set the group name "Appv_Admins" with the domain name.
Set the port that will be used for the management website. You cannot set port witch is in use. I will use port 50536.
Note, App-V 5.0 Beta does not support https or port 443 yet, so you cannot set that port for the publishing server.
Here I will just use the port 50537, you can use port 80 if you like but you need to disable the default site in IIS first or change the port of
default site. When you have configured the port you can set the managment service in publishing server.
Click on next to start the installation.
Now the installation has finished lets check if it works.
Ahhh.. you should install Silverlight, because the Managment of App-V is based on silverlight.
You just refresh the site when silverlight has finished to install.
Now if you get this error than this could be two things, you do not have access to the database or the .net 4.0 framwork is not working correctly
Because I am using virtual machine and this is a syspreped clone, this can be some issue with the .net 4.0 framework. To bypass this error you
can search for aspnet_iisreg and install it again, as you can see in the video.
Just copy the directory name and go to that directory. Note run command prompt as administrator.
If you run the application you will get a help screen.
To install just type in "aspnet_regiis.exe -i" and it will install.
Try to open the management website again.
There should be one error because it is authenticated by group. The administrator is member of the group but it will not work
until I have logged out and login again. So lets do that.
Lets try again and we should be able to have full access to the management website.
Works perfect. :)
Check out my next video witch will show you how to sequence application with App-V 5.0 Beta. Then we will try it. :)
-- Thanks for watching --