Physics Faculty Profile: Jeremy Schmit

Uploaded by KState on 18.08.2011

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Jeremy Schmit:\ \
My name is Jeremy Schmit, I am a assistant professor here at the Physics Department at
Kansas State University. So I am interested in problems about protein aggregation. Alzheimer's,
Type Two-Diabetes, Mad Cow these are all caused by proteins that aggregate together. The thing
you should imagine here is a Pharmaceutical company developing a protein drug, designed
to go in and target a specific cancer cell. Manufacturing, transportation, storage this
all very hard on protein and at the end of it you don't want to pull out your tube and
find that all your drug is in a white gulp at the bottom of the tube. So I am trying
to figure out what causes proteins to stick together. How do we stop it? How do we cause
it? In order to make this happen in a more controlled fashion.\
\ Amit Chakrabarti\
\ Jeremy brings his expertise to blend in with
the strengths that we have in condensed matter and soft matter. And going beyond that to
bring in the realm of biological physics.\ \
Christopher Soresen\ \
We asked him so why would you want to come to Kansas State University? And he looks down
at the floor and he wiggles his head like this and he says, "You know, I'm just giddy
about the possibilities at the science I could do if I came here." And I am telling you when
he said that I got giddy too.\ \
Jeremy Schmit\ \
Kansas State has got a little really neat stuff going for it. Here in the physics department
we already got some really interesting collude work both on the theory side and on the experimental
side.\ \
Amit Chakrabarti\ \
The experimental efforts are in Collude Arsenals; Surface Properties of Nano-Particles; Nano-Particle
Aggregation; Biological Physics; Nano-Wires; Particle Cell Interactions; How Protein Folds
under pressure. Jeremy is very friendly and accessible both to students and faculty. I
think students will have a great time working with him. \
\ Jeremy Schmit:\
\ So I am going to be looking to bring on students
very early. This will be a good place for someone who is real interested in physics
or molecular function but at the same time want to keep their opportunities open for
a job in the pharmaceutical industry or biotech fields afterwards.\
\ Christopher Soresen \
\ Jeremy will be good for students because of
his youthfulness and his enthusiasm. I think more than any of thing else in a teacher you
want someone that has enthusiasm and passion for their subject. Then maybe the class is
hard, who knows what? But if they at least have that, your willing to follow your teacher,
where ever he or she may take you.}