Markeloff interview + masterclass by ... Zeus

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- Hi everyone!
- Hi!
- We are now going to interview a mega cool man and a player
Yegor Markelov. Yegor, as far as I can understand, you are going to be
in the top 3 world's best 2011 players according to rankings...
- Yep.
- What place to you think you will get this year?
- Third one.
- Whom do you think will be above you?
- Neo and forest... Ooops, I meant NEO and GeT_Right.
- Well I hope this year the best player award should go to a well-respected man.
- Yegor, please tell us how are you doing, how was your holidays?
How do you feel before the tournament?
- Everything is ok, the New Year eve was awesome -
I was at home with my family and friends, I didn't go anywhere...
- Didn't you drink at all?
- Well can't say that... but everything was civilized!
- What about Christmas?
- Christmas was perfect too... these holidays were amazing.
- So you had your vacation and now is completely ready to bash everyone.
- Yeah, I've been already bashing for the past few days.
- Sounds great. Please tell me how do you predict the chances
of our team on the upcoming tournament starting on Thursday?
What's the team shape?
- Individually the shape is perfect. Yet we have some gaps teamwise...
If everything goes fine, noone loses control, we get our game,
Sergey will firmly lead the team - everything will be fine.
I think we will pass the groupstage either as the winner
or the runner-up and we will see how it goes later.
- You think positive as always: we'll see how it goes later!
Haha. Tell me please what do you think about Kana?
- Yeah, I can see it somewhere there.
- Have you tested it?
- *Edward's voice*: Where does she live?
- This isn't not a girl, it's a gaming accessoire. So you didn't test it?
- Nope.
- But have you heard about it?
What did you hear because it's new mouse...
- Well since starix is using it it must be cool.
- I see... I think that very question will go to starix.
Yegor, I thought that your fans will be interested in knowning
some in-game aspects and so I'd like you to join de_mirage
and show us some basics playing as CT with AWP.
How to move, what do you do, what are your positions -
everything that would be helpful to AWP beginners
or semipro players and what they can learn from this video.
- Playing as CT, the very standard situation for AWPer
checking middle is going to the resp itself or checking the spot
just like I do right now to shoot the enemy jumper.
Otherwise you can get to this crate like everyone else does.
- This is that pit feature, isn't it?
- Yeah, this is it - controlling the pit and fast rush.
Also a good point is getting to that very crate...
- This one?
- Yeah, exactly. You can check the pit from this spot...
- Which is quite unexpected.
- Helping with carpets control, zig and the bridge.
This spot is very mobile. So... You can get to the windows:
if you have a good resp you can rush there,
broke the grating unless you have XAI mouse
and therefore have problems with bunnyhoping...
So you can get fast to this place.
- You should also bunnyhop like Yegor Markelov.
- So if you had your lucky resp and were able to get to this spot,
you can control that area fast because you will be here before T comes.
- As far as I can see if T had bad economy and play without AWP,
you can get to the windows and control the whole middle
due to your own AWP advantage.
- Yeah, exactly. It's easy.
- I know that you have some certain features killing people in the basement...
- Yes, it's standard and I don't even think it's worth filming.
If I see them working passively in the 10th, I can just throw
a regular flash there and a second one, jump down and shoot someone off.
If noone is there, I move further to control an enemy AWPer
or whoelse can be there and join our teammates at the A-plant,
watching carpets. Otherwise if they move to B,
I like a lot to move to the zig and help with AWP in the zig.
- Yet as far as I know you do good at the library, its windows.
- Speaking about positions I don't have there a decent advantage
because it's a closecombat and many spots where T can hide.
But if I got lucky and aim well in that area...
- As our experience goes, you often get lucky there...
- ... so you can do your frags in that spot.
- How do you control B-plant? Do you have any features there
or everything is simple there?
- Actually everything is standard there: you can throw the smoke or not,
check carefully for an enemy AWP player there.
If not, you simply stand there and control.
- What is the most dangerous thing for CT AWP player at the B-plant?
The most uncomfortable thing T can do.
- I think if T goes close to this wall and/or there is an AWP far there.
Like someone jumps, I shoot and I got pressure from another T
appearing very close to me. Especially if there are few guys.
It will be extremely sad for me... I can get away but it will be still hard.
That's why I took such positions after a change where I can control both zig and B-spot.
- That spot also appears to be very mobile.
- Yes, I can get away and change position.
- I see. Now I want you to join some DM server and show us
how to practice AIM to do your frags in the beforementioned positions.
- Let's see what we have there... Let's join inferno...
or do you want me to join AIM server for AWP?
- Yeah, let's go aim map. Everything you do to improve your skill.
- Well, I play here rarely because everyone is camping... and I can't kill anyone.
- But they can kill you well.
- Move out! Well, it's not the game I should demonstrate.
- Yeah, I think it's better to connect to DM.
- Someone covered you!
- I see it's extremely important to AWP player to stop movement on time.
To feel that very moment.
- Exactly.
- Impressive frags... I see it's hard to play with AWP on DM.
- Yeah, especially on de_inferno.
- But you do well anyway!
- Years of practice...
- The best player of 2010, haha. Other guys are also start to get shape
as they see themself being beaten beadly.
Allright, I hope your fans will like the video and should they really do so,
we'll film some more!
- Was happy to help you! Good bye!