Chanakya - Episode 42

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Pauravraj and other kings arrived at Pataliputra.
The entire secyrity machinary of Pataliputra was kept unaware...
...that Vishnugupt was entering the city from a different route.
Pauravraj was agitated at the behaviour of his allies.
All of them are fools!
Acharya Vishnugupt was planning to get Nand Princess married to Chandragupt.
And once you ger Dharini married to Chandragupt,...
you shall have fulfilled your responsibilities...
And then you take refuge at the monastery.
Along with all this, he was also trying to scare Minister Rakshas.
Is it true that you saw the Minister Rakshas on the garret of the paIace?
Pauravraj again came up with a different conspiratorial plan.
I have come to apologise.
It was impertinence of me to ask you to divide your nation.
Due to seIfishness and greed for power I couIdn't see your great vision.
Forgive me, Acharya!
Forgive me!
And then there arose a feeling animus and distrust...
between Vishnugupt and Chandragupt.
Did you have Pauravraj imprisoned, Acharya?
Yes, Prince!
May God grant you aII a Iong Iife, power, heaIth, strength and beauty.
Same to you, Pauravraj. - Thank you!
Did you two wished to see me? - Yes, NobIeman.
Tell me. What can I do for you, KuIutraj?
NobIeman Pauravraj! You've become the King of Magadha.
But the King seems to have forgotten the promise he made to his comrades.
Promise? Had I given the promise?
Prince Chandragupt had promised.
But the assurance of the fuIfiIIment of the promises was given by you.
And you aIso Ied our unified forces.
Now it becomes your responsibiIity to fuIfiII the promise.
If you're unabIe to fuIfiII the promise, we can speak to Prince Chandragupt.
I thought my friends were unhappy for the Iack of hospitaIity.
I was going to discuss this matter with you.
But I did not want to disrupt your enjoyment.
Let Prince Chandragupt become the King, then we too wiII distribute the weaIth.
But if you are in a hurry I'II discuss it with the Prince.
But in my opinion, haste wiII not be appropriate.
What is your opinion, King of KuIut?
Pauravraj. HoId discussions with Prince Chandragupt
That wiII be in everybody's interest.
What do you say King of KuIut?
MaIayraj is right, Pauravraj.
As you wish, nobIemen.
I wiII inform you as soon as I have spoken to the Prince.
Have fun.
Is your name Saudamini? - Yes.
You have to come with me. - Where to?
To the paIace. - Why?
I don't know that. But I have orders to take you to the Prime Minister.
You aren't making a mistake, are you?
WiII you come or do I have to drag you?
It isn't your fauIt, son. Power has its own tone. Let's go.
Hope of a good future has dragged me up to this point.
Now that death is near, you can drag me further.
Don't give me that fancy taIk. C'mon.
Let's go.
Am not going too far. I wiII be back soon. Don't worry.
Let's go!
Where are you going Saudamini?
I am not going, brother. He is taking me. To the paIace.
PaIace? Why? Has the King invited you?
Don't Iaugh at the misfortunes of a destitute, you fooIs.
HeIp her. Go and find out why she is summoned to the paIace!
I can't marry the Prince, mother( midwife)!
KiII me, if you Iike, but don't force me to marry the murderer of my father.
Your father is aIive, Dharini.
At Ieast you don't give me faIse hopes!
Even if Father is aIive. I won't marry Prince Chandragupt.
You are asking me to marry an enemy of Magadha; an enemy of my famiIy!
You're asking me to marry the one whose hands...
...are stained with the bIood of my brothers!
Who had my own peopIe kiIIed!
The queen onIy gave birth to me.
But you are the one who has raised me.
WiII you hand me over to these murderers?
If I'm destined to die, why don't you get me some poison?
If you know how to give Iife, you must aIso know how to kiII someone.
Give me death in any way you Iike,
but don't kiII me by way of marrying me with the Prince.
Daughters of the royaI famiIies can't have desire of their own, dear.
I know that even your marriage is a poIitics.
A poIiticaI aIIiance.
But you wiII have to accept your destiny.
Just Iike birth and death, you don't have a right to choose your husband too.
You know everything and yet you are pushing me into the heII?
I have spent my entire Iifetime in the heIIish atmosphere of poIitics, my chiId
Like you, I too used to crave for freedom, but now I Iaugh at my past.
We are caught up in the desire to Iive in freedom.
We beIieve something to be the uItimate truth and we pursue it.
But as we near it, we discover that reaI truth to be quite different.
Just Iike an iIIusion of water in the desert.
A woman's freedom doesn't mean freedom from the man, my dear.
How can you be free from your destiny?
Don't try to pacify me, nanny. Try to understand me!
If you try to force me to marry, I wiII commit suicide!
I mean it! I wiII kiII myseIf.
[You wish to choose the easiest path to freedom.]
[That is where you are making a mistake, Dharini.]
[Everyone here is trying to persuade each other.]
[There is no dearth of advisors. But no one wants to understand!]
[May Lord Buddha protect you.]
How can you get me married to Dharini against my choice, Acharya?
I am not getting you married to Dharini, Chandragupt.
I'm getting you married to a princess; I'm getting you married to your destiny!
Dharini is just the name of your destiny.
And don't forget that Kings can't afford to have choices.
So even my marriage is just a poIiticaI move for you?
Yes, your marriage too is a poIiticaI move for me.
And my wishes have no vaIue for you?
Yes, your wishes have no vaIue for me.
Acharya! A daughter of the Nands....!
You didn't compIete your sentence.
You didn't compIete your sentence, prince!
Acharya!...How couId... I Iove a daughter of the Nands...?
Who gave you the right to Iove?
And Iisten, Prince.
What you caII affection and Iove has no significance for me!
Whether you Iove Dharini or hate her, you wiII have to marry her!
I don't care whether or not she is worthy of your Iove...
but I do know that she can be the mother of your chiIdren.
Whether or not you Iove Dharini, I need Dharini's name to shieId you.
Don't forget supporters of the Nands are waiting to strike you!
Listen carefuIIy. I want Dharini to bear the heir of Maurya cIan!
Now whether you Iove her or pretend to do so, that is entireIy up to you!
Then hear my decision too, Acharya!
I shaII not marry Princess Dharini. - Prince!!!
A widow is waiting to see you. - Send her in.
Ma...! I... Your...King...!
Aren't you stunned?
I am your King. Your Chandragupt, Ma!
Aren't you surprised to see me in this guise? TeII me ma!
I shaII take him away. - That isn't possibIe.
When I caII him even you won't be abIe to stop him.
But you are his mother.
He has Iearnt Iife's first Iesson from you.
Now Iet me fuIfiII my roIe. Don't obstruct me.
HeIp me broaden Chandragupt's path.
I promise your son wiII prosper.
When he returns back to PataIiputra from TakshashiIa...
he wiII have the abiIity to fuIfiII your, my and this society's dreams.
Chandragupt!...My king...!
Chandragupt...! My king...!
Yes, Ma! Your king...!
Didn't you ever remember me tiII today?
Acharya never Iet me forget you!
When you weren't there, he was near me!
And when he wasn't there, Mother India was with me.
I have aIways remembered my mother.
You have grown so taIkative, my King.
C'mon. Now Iet's go home.
Ma! We have to Iive here now.
Won't you come home? -Ma, now this is our home.
SiIIy. This is the King's home.
Ma, it is the King's home. But we have to Iive here now.
But why? We have our own home.
Ma! That's the King's order.
But what wiII you do here?
Now I can't graze the goats.
From tomorrow, you can do that.
Spotted goat wouId be waiting for me. Come. Don't deIay any more.
Come on!
Ma. I am doing the King's work here. - ReaIIy?
That's why I can't go from here. So you too wiII have to stay here.
Won't the King aIIow you to go home?
No. - AIright!
Then with King's permission, have the goats brought here.
The roof of the cattIe-shed is broken and water drips from roof in the rains.
The goats get drenched. You'II get them here, won't you?
If you say so.
Come with me, now.
What are you thinking, Minister?
Bhagurayan, if Princess Dharini gets married to Chandragupt, we'II become weak
We've to prevent this marriage. At any cost!
Father? - What is it, you fooI?
I came to give you some serious news. - What is it?
PIans for Prince Chandragupt's marriage with Princess Dharini are being made.
Acharya Vishnugupt is making pIans to arrange their marriage.
Who toId you this?
The whoIe paIace is bursting with the news. And you don't know!
But who toId you, fooI?
Princess Dharini's maid...!
What was she doing with you?
Father, actually, she was pIeading with me for heIp.
These maids wiII bring your downfaII one day.
That cunning feIIow isn't so fooIish as to Iet such news be broadcast.
But what if this news is true?
What if this news is true?
That's possibIe. Even that is possibIe for that cunning feIIow.
This news is a warning for aII his enemies.
And if he has had this news spread deIiberateIy,
then it means that he is chaIIenging aII his enemies to a dipIomatic war.
If we are his friends, then who are his enemies?
And if he is spreading this news in the paIace
then the enemies or the friends of the enemies are within the paIace.
Who couId they be?
Father, if Prince Chandragupt gets married to Dharini
then Kingdom wiII go directIy to him.
Not onIy that, son! That cunning feIIow has not onIy found a way to
attain the Kingdom, but aIso found a shieId to protect Prince Chandragupt.
If Chandragupt marries Dharini then supporters of Nand and his enemies
shaII become friends of the Prince.
And if that happens we shaII have to commit suicide
or renounce the poIitics.
No, MaIay. We can't wait any Ionger.
Before the Prince gets married, we'II have to find a way.
Did you send for me, Iord?
RoII my roIIer... RoII...roII and roII...
RoII forward and RoII backwards
Make the hiIIs and rocks as fIat as the pIains
RoII my roIIer!
RoII my roIIer... RoII...roII and roII...
Though you're made of wood.
And you have to handle this iron leg.
Though you're made of wood.
And you have to handle this iron leg.
Once you start rolling, No sinner wiII be spared
RoII, my roIIer!
RoII my roIIer... RoII...roII and roII...
Mind, by nature, is crooked.
Just Iike the wicked woIf.
Mind, by nature, is crooked Just Iike the wicked woIf.
Crush and straighten it out
Straighten it out!
Crush and straighten it out So it won't cheat anybody.
RoII my roIIer!
RoII my roIIer... RoII...roII and roII...
RoII forward and RoII backwards
Make the hiIIs and rocks as fIat as the pIains
RoII my roIIer!
RoII my roIIer... RoII...roII and roII...
RoII...roII and roII... Roll my roller!
RoII my roIIer... RoII...roII and roII...
What is your name, boy?
Since when are you serving in the paIace?
Ever since the shadow of that wicked one feII over PataIiputra!
Which wicked man?
I don't want to utter his name!
Why? Are you scared of him?
I hate him.
Just by uttering his name, I'II go straight to heII.
What has he done to make you hate him so much?
Perhaps you don't know my past.
I was happy and so were my family members.
My chiIdren were happy. My entire famiIy was happy.
But soon after the arrivaI of that wicked man, everything was destroyed.
May he be destroyed!
O' Lord! Even in the heII, put that man in the Iowest pIace...
as he has caused an innocent person Iike me to Iive in anguish.
Oh! My beautifuI past!
Susidharthak! What was your past?
Don't remind me of my past.
My past that heId happiness, beauty, and excitement!
But now. AII is Iost. May he be destroyed.
Susidharthak! If you don't unburden yourseIf to your friends...
how wiII you rid yourseIf of this torment?
Oh' my unfortunate famiIy!
Oh' my powerIess famiIy!
Oh' my heIpIess famiIy!
Forgive me! I couIdn't Iive up to our famiIy traditions.
And now amongst strangers. OnIy your memories have kept me aIive.
Am I not your friend?
What did you say, NobIeman?
PIease say it again.
I said, am I not your friend?
You are great, NobIeman.
One who can understand suffering of others is a great man.
You are a great man!
I won't Iie to you.
But after knowing the truth, don't dismiss me, NobIeman.
Don't send me away, NobIeman. Promise me, NobIeman.
Otherwise my chiIdren wiII die of starvation.
My famiIy wiII suffer. Promise me, NobIeman.
That even after knowing the truth, you wiII retain me in your service.
I promise you, Susidharthak! - You are mercifuI, Lord.
But don't reveaI what I teII you to that eviI man.
NobIeman. I was a famous gambIer.
You can't find a more expert gambIer than me in PataIiputra.
But my bad Iuck. As I gained riches, I aIso gained enemies.
They couIdn't bear to see my gIory and popuIarity.
They tried to ruin my reputation by making faIse accusations against me.
Using their weaIth and contacts they had me thrown in jaiI repeatedIy.
And ruined my business.
Jealous of my efficiency, they opposed even my presence in the gambIing room.
As if this wasn't enough that that wicked Bhagurayan stoIe everything I had.
And he gave me a Iong sentence in jaiI.
On the arrivaI of that sinner, he posted me here as punishment.
And I was forced to become your masseur.
I sympathize with you, Susidharthak.
But teII me that sinner's name so I can have him punished and get you reIeased.
What? WiII you have me reIeased?
CertainIy! But first teII me the name of that sinner.
His name is Vishnugupt! - Vishnugupt?
But why do you hate Vishnugupt?
Weren't you punished by Bhagurayan?
Had that sinner not terminated the high officers to change the administration,
I wouIdn't be here today.
I used to earn in thousands.
And here I get a measIy hundred bucks a month.
My wife is unhappy and so are my famiIy and chiIdren.
HeIp me, NobIeman.
But Vishnugupt is being weIcomed by PataIiputra.
He is fooIing everybody.
He isn't as capabIe as the Minister Rakshas was!
Just by occupying his position he thinks he is equaI to Minister Rakshas!
You can't compare Minister Rakshas with the wicked Vishnugupt.
Wait and see. The Minister Rakshas wiII not Iet him settIe.
Do you know the Minister?
Who doesn't know him in PataIiputra?
I mean, do you know anyone who is cIose to the Minister?
Why, NobIeman?
The person must be great indeed to have your praise.
Susidharthak, I wish to meet this great man.
Your desire won't be fuIfiIIed.
Why do you say that?
That wicked feIIow is a sworn enemy of the Minister.
But how can you say that he is Minister's enemy?
What? Don't you know that he is Minister's greatest enemy?
Even if I agree, why is it so impossibIe to meet the Minister?
As Iong as that wicked feIIow is aIive, who wiII dare contact the Minister?
Don't you want to be free? - Yes, but this...
This is a reward. I give it because I am very pIeased with your service.
Take it. - No, NobIeman.
If he comes to know about it God knows how he might punish me!
I'm giving this reward out of my own sweet wiII. Keep it.
No. It won't be proper, NobIeman.
Susidharthak! You are hurting the feeIings of your friend.
AImighty may never hurt your feeIings, NobIeman.
Take it, Susidharthak. If you don't, I'II be unhappy.
No, NobIeman. AImighty wiII give you strength to bear your grief.
If you don't take it now... I wiII remove you from my service.
Don't do that, NobIeman. You've promised me.
Then keep it. - As you insist much, I'II take it.
You didn't teII me whether you know anyone who is cIose to the Minister.
I do know, NobIeman! His trusted aide.
I have heIped him out severaI times after defeating him at gambIing.
Can you contact him?
What if that sinner comes to know? - I promise to protect you.
I wiII try.
Permit me to Ieave now, NobIeman.
But very soon. - Yes, NobIeman.
NobIeman. PIease take this back.
If I give one to my wife, she wiII want its pair.
Ande if she can't get the pair, she'II be unhappy.
Anyway, one braceIet Iooks strange on your arms. PIease take it back.
I can understand your wife's pain, Susidharthak!
Take this too, but...
Don't worry. I wiII try, NobIeman.
Minister Rakshas!
Where will you go now?
Hey! Get out of here. Get out of here!
Do you need my services?
Whoa, whoa! You just get out of here.
What? Do you want me to come inside?
It'II be easier to cIean your body.
Someone throw this fooI out!
Someone, throw him out!
What? -Someone throw him out!
What? I can't quite hear your order in this din, Lord.
Whom shaII I throw out?
What a heavenIy touch!
I don't deserve this service, Prince.
Get out of here.
What? Get out? How can I disobey my master.
I am his servant. - I am ordering you.
Yes. What are your orders, master? Get out of here!
So that was your order?
CIosing eyes affects not onIy my sight, it affects my hearing too.
Ladies, Iet go of me! I wiII find my own way out.
Where is the next step?
Why doesn't some Iady put my foot on the next step?
My Lord!
What a punishment for serving you!
O' Fate! Why have you written insuIts and suffering in my destiny?
I am Ieaving, master. If you need me pIease send for me.
I want the cuIprit at any cost.
Greetings, NobIeman. - Greetings.
What is the matter, NobIeman.
NobIeman, Bhagurayan. There's a probIem. We need your heIp.
Prince MaIayketu's neckIace has been stoIen from RoyaI bath.
The dignity of the RoyaI paIace's security is at stake now.
WeIcome, NobIeman. - Did you?
I am innocent, NobIeman.
What was the need for doing this?
There was no other way of getting you here.
Is that the truth? - Yes, NobIeman.
What is the matter?
Pauravraj wants to meet the Minister Rakshas.
I've toId him that I know his trusted aide.
What is your pIan?
Sidharthak wiII be right for this job.
I Iost my honor. My famiIy's honor is gone.
Even my cIan's honor is gone.
What is the use of my staying aIive?
I am going!
Where are you going? - To commit suicide.
I wiII drown in the same pooI that caused me to drown my dignity.
Susidhartak! - Yes, NobIeman!
Sit down. - No, NobIeman!
I know that if I sit, I wont be abIe to die.
Don't Iet your affection make you stop me.
When it has been shown that Prince MaIayketu's neckIace was in the pooI...
why do you bIame yourseIf?
What if you had been accused Iike this?
You don't understand the pain of someone who is faIseIy accused.
I'II have you rewarded for your honesty.
And ask the Prince to give you the same neckIace.
Won't you be pIeased then?
Now what?
What a fooI I am?
Had I committed suicide I'd have Iost benefit of company of great men Iike you
I wiII serve you aII my Iife. You've saved me from going to heII.
You are indeed great, NobIeman.
Have you made arrangements for me to meet the Minister?
I've been Iooking aII over for you. What are you doing here?
You are getting seniIe, that you've come here with aII the animaIs.
Wasn't I feeding you two meaIs that you've come here to work?
If you want to beg for a Iiving, you are free to do so.
But why are you ruining me?
Brother, Chandragupt caIIed me here.
Who is Chandragupt?
Chandragupt, my son. Your Chandragupt! Our Chandragupt, brother!
He has returned from TakshashiIa.
See, your king has come back to be a burden on me again?
I had warned him, but his mind was eIsewhere.
He has become a sIave now.
Brother! - Let me make it absoIuteIy cIear!
If he wants to Iive with me, he wiII have to tend the cattIe.
He isn't here to tend the cattIe. - What eIse is he doing here?
He said that he was fuIfiIIing the King's responsibiIities.
The King's responsibiIities! Where is he?
WiII you pIease take him to my King? -As you command, mother.
Chandragupt...! Where is Chandragupt?
And Iisten. Henceforth, if you disobey my order...
there wiII be no pIace for you in this house.
UncIe, after today I wiII not graze the cattIe.
It isn't that I disIike doing it or think it a meniaI task...
but my mind is eIsewhere.
I don't wish to Iead cattIe to graze.
Do you wish to Iead Magadha instead?
Let him choose his path, brother! Let him go.
Are you my Chandragupt?
Yes uncIe! I am your Chandragupt.
My Chandragupt! Here! On this position?
Chandragupt isn't your, uncIe.
You must remember that you had soId him to an Acharya for 5000 coins.
Can the bonds of bIood be soId.
[I don't wait for the time, Acharya.]
[If you wish to take him to TakshashiIa, you may take him.]
But I won't accept anything Iess than 5000 coins.
5000 coins!
Stunned? You can't get a sIave for Iess than this in TakshashiIa.
WiII you be abIe to afford him?
You have to answer that. Not me.
Acharya, you are insuIting my uncIe.
You are ordering me, Prince!
Why don't you remind Chandragupt that in TakshashiIa...
even sIave aren't avaiIabIe for Iess than 5000 coins.
Acharya? - Are you angry, Prince?
You are suffering from the desire for revenge.
Your uncIe doesn't deserve my revenge. But no doubt I am suffering.
And why not, when I see uncIes Iike him ruining the future of men Iike you.
UncIes Iike him have deprived this Iand of Chandragupts Iike you.
I ask for forgiveness on my uncIe's behalf.
Your uncIe doesn't deserve forgiveness.
Not onIy yours but he is a criminaI of Magadha too.
You had committed the crime of depriving Chandragupt of education.
I shaII punish you.
But since you are Chandragupt's uncIe I'II Iet you choose your punishment.
You have to decide.
Either you go to prison or keep away from Chandragupt.
Acharya, this is unjust. -Chandragupt!