[Real 2PM] Mr. Pizza CF making film part 2

Uploaded by 2pm on 30.01.2012

There is a form. Form.
Pose it like this
Move only with a snap
It is a bit low, isn’t it?
Snap even has different sound
The beats will be familiar, if you continue practicing
I can’t do it
My skill is of the 9th grader.
I cannot play well
I can only play piano
I can’t even play it well
It’s sad
I wish I practiced harder when I was young
I also want to learn to play drum
I want to learn
Drum seems interesting
I started learning guitar
But I quit
I learned it for one month,
And I quit
It’s a ghost
It’s a ghost
Ok-cat ghost
I just stood there
Director just told me to play the keyboard
If the sound system is on
I would be able to play
I practiced the choreography
For our Tour in Japan
It is confusing
It is not difficult
You have to do it very lovely
Doing it lovely
Is difficult
I cannot remember the choreography
It’s been quite a long time since I played Go
I don’t know how to play Go
Chinese chess (Jang Gi) for me,
Jang Gi Ha and the Faces
When I was young, while I played Go
I found that Go wasn’t easy
While you were playing Go, what did you say
to the puppy named baduk?
Egg, you will lay an egg
You will lay an egg
So I changed my play to Chinese chess.
Guitar is on sale
From now on, in real 2pm
I decided to speak of only Seoul district dialect.
I speak it well, don’t I?
Do you want to hear the sound of guitar beside me?
I cannot play guitar
I think I saw that scene in Sorim Soccer
Kung fu hustle
Ah~ Kung fu hustle!
Doing this will make the energy wind
It was Kung fu hustle originally
I like it very much
Those actions that come from Junsu
They cheer me up
I like it very much
Junsu threatens me
But still I like it
He is not really a bad brother
I don’t know
If it is in my hand, I think I will eat it
I didn’t talk about you.
Junsu is like,
At the moment he hears his name,
He looks at me
Junsu is really
A good person
If you compare Junsu with a horse
He has spots
On his body
Hello, it’s Taecyeon from 2PM
You want me to skim through the body?
Now, I am skimming
Why do I look so old today of all days
Outdoor shooting again today
I want to have it
But it is broken
1 point, 1 point
When I was young, this was dangerous to play for me
So my parents didn’t’ let me do it
Oh, it is 20 points, 20 points
Wait, why is this happening?
Oh, this is placed a bit under
This is 0 point, 0 point
Our Hottest fans,
Aren’t you hungry?
Today, Junho is thinking of
Making a pizza
Pizza is made
With fresh ingredients,
Delicious paprika,
Spread the dough widely,
and put ingredients in with force
Insert it into oven and take out
It is completed
And on top of it, follow the trend of these days
The state-of-art lobster.
Cut it in half and put some on
Sprinkle pepper and just fry it.
The pizza is completed
It is too cute
It is a decoration
It cannot fly
I don’t like that
You play childish, really.
This is prettier
Its front is longer, and more unique
It looks like some sandwich
Finish this soon,
We should start shooting
Please buy me a car, too.
Junho is here.
How much is this?
Speaking of this
It is our special sale promotion period
How can you speak of this?
You can speak of it, and you should
Don’t ask anything, and no nitpicking.
Mr. Wooyeong
Ah, yes customer
I… how can you know my name?
How do you know my name?
It’s the first time I see you, today.
Isn’t it Mr. Wooeong, Mr. Wooeong?
He is our vice president
Hello, yes, I am the vice president.
Who are you?
I am the president
Here, I will offer discount
Specially, I will
Are you going to sign it?
I will offer discount
I don’t’ buy inexpensive things
No, it is expensive, but special offer is 300million
President, you are fired
Vice president, you are fired first
You are fired! President
I will offer you a discount for this
How much is it?
This is funny