How to Install Open BVE (For Windows) Part 1/2

Uploaded by Wongie2009 on 20.06.2010

Hey guys, despite all the recent comments
about How to Install OpenBVE
and issues regarding "Starting the program" or whatsoever
Despite all this, I'm gonna make a video called
How to Install OpenBVE for all Windows users
Just one thing...
I've heard that Vista and Se7en users may need to install additional dependencies
On the OpenBVE Official Website, It's primarily for all Windows users.
If that's the case, then I might need to make another tutorial for Vista and Se7en users
...who are willing to play on OpenBVE.
But.. Otherwise, We'll begin the tutorial.
1) Downloading the program
First, we'll start by opening up our web browser
Just a minute...
then we'll go to The Offical OpenBVE Homepage
The address link is
Here, we'll go to the download link
and you scroll down...
If you don't mind, I would like you all to read this. Especially...
...regarding CPU and RAM,
You might have in the game...
You might lower framerates per second, or in other words, "lag".
This would perhaps apply to people with 1GB of RAM or lower
So.. I'd just ask you to upgrade your CPU or RAM before you continue.
..and then, we'll worry about the dependencies later
So, we'll go to this link here...
The full program (excluding dependencies)
Click on the download link
..and then it says "Before downloading this program, please read the installation instructions."
..which is what I'm doing right now, so don't worry.
So, go ahead and download.
And then the file name should be ""
If it's a ZIP, you got to have a ZIP compression program..
such as WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip and TugZip.
If you haven't.. If you don't have a ZIP compression program, you need to install one of them.
So, I'm gonna download this onto my desktop.
Here we go...
I'll close my web browser...
..and I will open up my ZIP file.
.. which is what I've just downloaded..
Here we are...
And then you should have your...
Data folder, Settings folder, AtsPluginProxy.dll file, OpenBVE.exe program, and Readme.txt file.
Go ahead and install into your favourite directory,
For demonstration purposes, I'm gonna put it in the Program Files folder.
So I'm gonna make a new directory,
.. and I'm going to drag these files into this directory.
So it's extracting right now, and soon it'll come up here.
There we go, and that's your first thing done.
2) Downloading system dependencies.
The next thing we're going to do is to download system dependencies.
So dependencies that will not appear in your OpenBVE folder, but in your system hidden folders.
..and this will apply to users with Windows 2000 or lower,
so, Windows ME, 95, 98, 2000.
because Windows users with Windows XP or higher, such as Vista and Se7en
As well as XP...
..would have already installed the .NET Framework 2.0, so...
If you're a XP user, or Vista user, or Se7en user.
You'd might as well skip this instruction. Otherwise, lets continue.
So, from the OpenBVE Homepage, we'll go to the download link.
the, we'll go to the Getting Started link.
Because in the OpenBVE Getting Started page, it already has 2 download links.
So it's from this one, "Downloading OpenBVE and Additional Dependencies (Windows)"
We'll scroll down...
This is What I'm tutoring you right now, and...
There are 2 links here, it'll direct you straight to te download page. And you need to know which download page you need to go to.
And it depends on your operating system,
If you have a 32-bit, download this one.
If you have a 64-bit, download this link.
If you don't know which bit you're operating on, you can download Piriform Speccy..
..which is a specification information program that tells you everything about your computer.
From operating systems, disk drives, network, peripherals, and how much RAM you've got, your graphics card, and also it will tell you about your operating systems including what bit you're running on.
So I'm running on a 32-bit, so I'm gonna click this one.
It'll go straight onto the download page in the Microsoft Download Center.
Take a quick look if you need to,
..and go the the Download.
"If your download does not start after 30 seconds, click here: Start Download"
30 Seconds is bit too long, so I'm just gonna skip it, really.
so "Start Download" and.. I'll save it onto my Desktop. In which I have done already, so I don't need to.
..and of course, if you're a Windows 2000 user or lower, then you would need to run that program and follow the instructions accordingly, over there.
So I don't need to do mine, because I'm running on XP.
I almost forgot to mention that...
If there's any issues regarding Microsoft .NET Framework, then there is a alternative .NET Framework and it's from Mono.
..and, not only it's cross-platform where it's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, it's also open source.
So, if I head over from the OpenBVE setup page, then it actually has a direct link to The Mono Homepage.
..and from there, you go to Download, and select Windows.
Select "Mono for Windows, Gtk#, and XSP"
This is your download link, and your installation file should look like this: ( mono-2.6.4-gtksharp-2.12.10-win32-3.exe )
..and it takes a little while, because it's 71.3MB; and... so you might have to take a little while to wait and download the program.
As I have already done, here..
..and from there, you setup the installation instructions accordingly, from over there.
..and that should be it, and go ahead and install it.
There we go...
..and then, just click "Finish"
..and then OpenBVE should be able to search for that .NET Framework, over there.
And that's your "System Dependencies" done.