Akala DESTROYS Radio 1xtra's Fire In The Booth [SEASON 2]

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bjbjA Akala Fire In The Booth Lyrics Yes, I grew up on the dole in a single parent family
Been through a little bit of tragedy Yes I was around drugs and violence Before the day
that I started secondary And that s part of it Not half of it Get the picture, the rest
ain t necessary Growin up, got a little caught up But that ain t even half of my life I was
also given the knowledge of self That is all we actually need to survive If you saw me
aged 9, reading Malcolm just fine Teachers still treated me stupid Students that couldn
t speak English, they put me in groups with And the irony is Some of the first man to
give me schoolin You would call gangsters But I already explained, we know what the
truth is They used to say t be like me Yeah I got a name and dough on the street Night
time comes, I can t sleep And that s the part that rappers don t speak We don t hit the
road cos we are thugs t come out the womb, wanting to sell drugs If we got the right
guidance and love Would we fight people just like us? How could I knock the hustle to get
by? How do you think I ate as a child? Judge no one, done many things wrong I just don
t boast about it songs But listen to my older bars I was just as confused as you probably
are But you grow and you learn Travel and f*** up, One too many man you know get cut
up One too many man that could ve been doctors End up spending their whole life boxed up
You learn, if you study Its all set out just to make them money No cover, it s all about
getting poor people to fight with one another So its logical that us killing our brothers,
Dissin our mothers Is right in line with the dominant philosophy of our time But time is
a cycle, not a line Comes back around you regain your mind You be ready for the energy
I channel in my rhymes Remedy the pedigree, the jeopardy of mine When the world s this
f***ed up, lethargy s a crime We can all fight with our brothers over crumbs, Far harder
to fight the one who makes guns We can all talk sh** and get two dollars Far harder to
be the one who seeks knowledge If we understood economics d know money s nothin Think nothing
of it Money is a means to get wealth, not the wealth itself t get confused, I m far
from broke All that you see me do I own But I wont hang what I make around my neck I know
from where that the diamonds came But I do quite literally own a library, That definitely
costs more than your chain And businesses, and properties Far from starvin , I eat quite
properly And I don t care, just said it for the kids Who need to know that you re not
broke to listen t know an asset from a liability They ve never been shown or told the difference
So they don t change situations Richest man in Britain is Asian That s significant, not
coincidence, Asian people build businesses, Not by flossin/going out shoppin Giving out
their culture for everyone s profit Who run s Bollywood? Indian people Who owns our shit?
So we shake our arse and dance As if racism just upped and vanished But has it? No its
right on course re beaten so bad, you re trained to ignore Let me not just make sweeping statements
Gimme a second, I ll explain it For small amounts of drug possession there s more black
people in jail in America than there is for rape and armed robbery and murder all put
together You can say they re just locking up thugs, Imagine if they locked up every
middle class kid that had ever held drugs, Oh that s right, that d be your kids! Bigger
than that what is going on with this, Prison in America s a private business They get paid
50k per year per inmate by the State, just wait Also legally are allowed to use their
prison inmates as slaves Cheap slave labour, big corporations They come out of jail, can
t get a job So when we celebrate going to jail, We are LITERALLY CELEBRATING ENSLAVEMENT
Add to that, that the hood that you re livin Engineered social condition that breeds crime
by design Where do you think you get your nine? You can say that they re just black,
But I like to deal with facts In the 1920s you would ve found in America Black towns,
Prospering centres of economics and education to make you proud But some people couldn t
bear that the former slaves would not just lie down So the KKK and other hate groups
burnt those towns to the ground Killin hundreds, If it ain t understood, You think you were
always livin in the hood? Shit it s only been sixty years Since they hung blacks and burned
em And that was so cool Day reel passes, picnic baskets Even gave kids the day off school
To go see a lynchin Have a picnic s fun to watch the little monkeys die(!) Then people
act a little dysfunctional You wanna pretend that you don t know why If your colour means
you can be killed And you re powerless to get justice about it Is it difficult to figure
out how you would then end up feelin about it? And that ain t excuses, Just dealing with
the roots of abuses that make a reality Where a generation of young men speak of ourselves
as dirt casually That s America, This Britain, Some things are similar, Some different, In
this country the first enslaved were the working class What s changed? Worst jobs, worst conditions
Worst taxed, look where you re livin You go to the pub, Friday night, You will fight with
a guy, t know what for, But won t fight with a guy, suit and a tie, Who sends your kids
to die in a war, They don t sell the kids of the richer politicians, s your kids, the
poor british That they send to go die in a foreign land For these wars you don t understand,
Yeah they say that you re British And that lovely patriotism they feed ya But in reality
you have more in common with immigrants Than with your leaders I know, both side of my
family Black and white are fed ghetto mentality Reality in this system, Poor people are dirt
regardless of shade But with that said, s not pretend that everything is the same When
our grandparents came here to Britain If you had a criminal record you couldn t get in
Yet that ain t protect them from all the stupid, stupid abuses they would be livin Kicked in
the teeth, Stabbed in the street, Many times fired bombed our houses, Put faeces through
our letter box And of course the cops did so much about it(!) Daily, up to the 80s People
spittin into my pram cos I was a coon baby But of course that has had no effect on why
today we are crazy And none of this was for any good reason They were just dark and breathing
To ease the guilt now for all of this treatment Constant stereotypes and needed So if I celebrate
how big that my dick is, Bricks that I m flippin Clips that I m stickin Chicks that I m hittin
m playing my position But if I teach a kid to be a mathematician, Messin with the schism,
How they gonna fill a prison when materialism is no longer our religion? What do you think
we got now in Britain? Just like America, private prisons Prisons for profit! That mean
when your kids go jail people make money off it, So keep environments that breed crime
Build more jails at the same time Market badness to the kids in the rhymes As long as rich
kids ain t dying its fine! Get em to the point where some are so lost They actually believe
that if they don t celebrate killin themselves off That it s because they re soft Was Malcom
soft? Was Marley soft? Tell me was Marcus Garvey soft? Well? Was Mohammed Ali soft?
Nah, Nah I think not! But they want us to think that the road is cool Being on road
is all we can do We don t control the wholesale productions Who benefits from us movin the
food? Or thinking there s no way out of road life But Malcolm X used to hustle out on the
roadside When Marcus Garvey organised more than 6million people With no Facebook or Twitter
Why is this something you cannot equal? Shiiiiit! One of my homeboys did a ten straight in the
box in yard Now what s he doing? Passin his doctorate t tell me that it s too hard! Who
trained you to believe that you re inferior? Sungbo Eredo in Nigeria are the remains of
an ancient moat, Dug 1000 years ago 20 metres wide, 70 down, Round the remains of an ancient
town That s 400 square miles around 400 square miles around Please, please don t believe
me, It was a documentary on BBC! But we ain t studyin history, Too busy watching MTV And
MTV said wear platinum, Now everybody wanna go and wear platinum, And MTV said pop magnums,
Now everybody wanna go and pop magnums If MTV said drink prune juice You would start
hearing that in tunes soon, Hey! Today I wore my Cartier, Is it now more important what
I got to say? Oh and I drive a Mercedes by the way So everybody listen to what I got
to say Huh, does that make you all happy? Ahh but shit my head s still nappy Think for
myself, still some mad at me But on the mic ain t not one bad as me All of this here s
good for the rhymes Put us in the same place at the same time And it s clear to everybody
that I m out of my mind Some of these guys are runnin out of their rhymes Clear to everybody
that has got ears m the guy that they just might fear They wanna get near but they can
t have a peer Ah dear I m hard liquor you re just like beer Front on the kid for another
five years Come to my shows and some cry tears It mean that much to em , it s a movement!
I don t speak for myself but a unit, Black, white, man, woman, anyone that respects truth
we put in Dudes are like dinner with no puddin Yeah you re sweet but no substance puddin
You could never ever be with a level on Our songs get out played out there in Lebanon
We speak for the people properly Not for the old fat guys in offices And the girls love
him, it ain t fair He can t even be bothered to comb his hair Anyway that s enough kissin
my own arse Back to the more important task of being so shower I got half the hood screaming
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER And I ain t saying that will change rap But I do know this for a fact
Right now there s a yout on your block With his hands on his balls, face screwed up Swear
he don t care, don t give a fuck That he won t let nobody caught his block But the words
go in Open your shackles Because once that s happened there s no going back Once you
start to see what is really happening Who the enemy you should be attackin is So READ,
READ, READ! Stuck on the block, READ, READ! Sittin in the box, READ, READ! t let them
say what you can achieve Cos when people are enslaved One of the first things they do is
stop them reading it is well understood that intelligent people will take their freedom
if we knew our power we would understand that we can t be held down If we knew our power,
we would not elevate not one of these clowns If we knew our power, we wouldn t get arrogant
when we get two pennies If we knew our power, we would see what everybody sees, that we
re rich already! But never mind MCs go run for your mummy m hungry, I run for my tummy
That s enough back to worshipping money m off, back to the study! h*@+ h*@+ [Content_Types].xml
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