Fireworks and Freedom in Mexico: Doin' it Baja (Part 2/8)

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HARVEY FOSTER: I liked pulling into that bowl and just being
like, what there's a skatable bowl here?
Where are we?
Is there electricity here?

-No, I've done it twice.
-I just smoked weed.
-I've dranken six beers.

-It's only day one of the trip.
If it was like day 9 and we were closer to San Diego.
Will you get that Medevac thing out?
HARVEY FOSTER: I like all the contrasts, man.

Mexico's really laid back.
And beer's cheap, and the smokes are cheap.
And there's no pretty girls anywhere, so I'm not getting
trouble with my woman.
That's good.
-You just want an excuse to hack shit up with a big knife.
Toss it in.

HARVEY FOSTER: Mexico's fucking sweet.

HIME HERBERT: Found an old church, that was kind of cool,
climbed around in it, and then came back
later, and blew it up.

KYNAN TAIT: I don't know where we got them from, but someone
had a big bag of apple bombs and little firecrackers,
little bombs or whatever, and we just threw them in the
little empty cement box out back.
HIME HERBERT: Dude, I felt that shit.


-This is Harvey with both hands--
-This is Harvey with ten fingers.
HARVEY FOSTER: Don't say that.
HIME HERBERT: Son of a bitch.
HARVEY FOSTER: Whoa, that was the best one.


-The dirt bike guy, I have no idea.
That dude was a wingnut, guaranteed.

Everything was pioneered by offroad racers and surfers
down here, as far as good spots to go to.
Everybody's running from something, whether it's
running from a 40 hour a week job, or responsibilities, or
just tired of the rat race.
And I think they come down here and just get turned on by
the freedom.
And they want to come down and not pay a bunch of taxes, and
live somewhere where they can sort of do what they
want and check out.
RICHARD STEVENS: I've been living in
here, now, for 30 years.
Back in 1980 I came down here with a lot of friends, come
down here surfing all the time, and ended up with an
opportunity to buy a piece of property down here.
And I had a lot of friends in construction, so we nabbed a
bunch of wood and stuff from the job sides and came down
here, saved our money up, and I started
building a little spot.
And that's how, really, Quatro Casas as a
service community started.
Because I was the first person to come out here and make it a
place to live, you know.

If you ever come to Mexico, don't worry, there's
no danger out here.
We're far away from all the city and all the trouble.

This place is famous for its wave because its real long.
And we get that off South swell, so when the Antartic
starts to go into its winter--
drop it!

These guys are burning themselves.
-Straight up.
You straight [INAUDIBLE].
-They are fucked up.

RICHARD STEVENS: Hey, fire it that way because, otherwise,
if it hits those solar panels, it's going to be problems.
-That's a proper cannon.

ARTO SAARI: Burning wood, chopping fucking shit with an
axe, is, fucking pretty awesome.
a fire, to me, is like watching TV.
I love fire.
I like burning things down.
And I think it's just in my blood, mostly, I think.
HARVEY FOSTER: Yeah, because he's, like, from Finland.
And I was in Sweden before, and I know they're all, like,
outdoorsy people.
And then I heard he had the nickname of Norseman of the
woods or something.

KYNAN TAIT: Well, he was kind of like another guy that I'd
seen in skate videos since I really young.
You know, all these pretty epic skate videos for years,
since I was a little kid.
Well, he's a lot bigger in person, so he seems just like
a woodsman to me because I haven't really even seen him
skate that much since we've been on the trip.

KYNAN TAIT: Like, as much as I love skating, I don't want to
hear about it 24/7.
So I think I get along better with like minded people who
like skating but don't want to talk about it, really.
So it's been easy getting along with him.
-That's what she said nine months later.

HARVEY FOSTER: You should throw it on.
You did it.
-That was team effort.
HARVEY FOSTER: Oh, OK, I just had the torch passed to me.

ARTO SAARI: When we got to Quatro Casas, just that,
whatever, San Diego to Quatro Casas, what
was that, 150 miles?
For those two days that we spent there, I couldn't even
think about skating.
My ass piece was so just, mm, tense.
I was just like, can't get my legs moving.
I haven't ridden a bike for a year before I
came on this trip.

RICHARD STEVENS: I know a whole group of skaters that
come from San Diego.
They all come down on their hogs, skateboards tied on the
back, hell yeah.

RICHARD STEVENS: Everybody has a lot of dogs out here.
You've got to have them for protection.
They don't live long.
RICHARD STEVENS: Not out here in the wild,
no, shit kill them--
other dogs, coyotes, raccons, bobcats, they just get-- yeah,
they just disappear.
I don't see them again.
They all have disease names, even the cats.
There's Measles, and her three kids, which is Valium,
Vicodin, and Viagra, the three orange ones.
And then there's Ebola and gods, what's the one that
looks like her, I forget her name--
pneumonia, that's it.
Pneumonia, and then there's Raunches.
Raunches means hives.
I've run out of names.
I've got to think of new names.
And I don't like to give the same name to an animal, so--
-Sexual diseases.
RICHARD STEVENS: Giving me new names.
You guys have a good night, and I'll
see you in the morning.
All right?
All right, guys.

-I think people get psyched any time they
see a pack of bikers.
In the middle of nowhere, on like the long stretches of
highways or whatever.
People there are just like--
-Fuck yeah.
People are like, they're going somewhere,
they're doing things.
-You can see people looking at us on the road.
-Yeah, I think when there's multiple of you.
MATT FRICK: I secretly--
-You're curious.
You're motorcycle curious.
RICHARD STEVENS: I'm very motorcycle curious.
-You just need to let yourself go.
RICHARD STEVENS: I look at motorcycles at the same time I
This is a whole thing.
-I'm not sure what that means.
Let's go ahead and make sure you mark that section.
-In private, in private.
-There is a camera here.

MATT FRICK: In private.
I look at these motocrycles in private.
And I'm like, god damn it, I know what.
I know what I want.
I know exactly what I want.
And I've just got to pull the trigger, and
I've got to do it.
And I just--
-This is bromance.
-This is the bromantic weekend getaways.