Crackòvia- New contract [ENGLISH SUBS]

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meanwhile, in Guardiola's house
I wonder when they will make film based on this book*
I'm comming
Why do you have so many door locks?
I have to be carefull
we can lost everyting in one second
oh, I see
Good morning
No, it's to early to say so
man, sun is shining
At the end of the day you can celebrate that it was good
for now we need to continue the work
Come on in
Wanna coffee?
Yes, please
sorry.. why did you make 5 coffees?
In that way, I have more chance to make good one
to make agood coffee it's all about our decisions
yeah sure, listen,
I came here to talk about your new contract
but we've already talked about it, I will sign new next week*
I was thinking about the next one,
you know, I don't want to deal with the same story every year
Listen Pep, why not signing a contract for 8 years?
We need to do it step by step Sandro,
you can't hurry things, I didn't sign anything yet
Sh*t, why you don't want?
no, I mean, it's good that you're so carefull,
but sometimes, you know,
you exagerate a bit.
Listen, do you really want to sign contracts year by year?
year 2041 Pep's house [on the wall movie poster Marti i Pol]
So Pep, can we count on you in next season?
You know Sandro, I was thinking about this,
what you told me recenly about contratcs,
Recenlty? I was talking about this 30 years ago!
yes, 30, and you know, I think you're right, singning contracts year by year is stupid
Yes? So I can prepare a life long contract
No, what you're talking about?!
I wanted to say that, I'm old and I can have some health problems
Look, now a year contract seems like eternity for me..
wait, can we renew contrat month by month?
dude, imagine how I feel, besides there are other clubs interested in my services,
I'm comming!
Why do you have so many door locks?
Its good to be careful, we can lost everything in one second.
Dani (Daniel Sanchez Llibre president of RCD Espanyol) come on in
yeah, what?
signing Pep will be great crowning of my presidency
I don't mean I'm thinking about leaving Espanyol...
but I'm thinking about leaving Espanyol*.
But not yet, maybe in X years.
I don't want to spoil the surprise what will happen in future
but I will spoil it
After 2041: Pep will not sign for Espanyol and will end his career in Barca.
but he will be no longer very very very very good coach because he will be too busy with signing daily cotracts.
Sandro Rosell will quit from Barca and will spent his retirement at Copacabana. There he will not attend press conferences
And Dani Sanchez Libre will discover that thanks to his diet based on calms he will live forever
he will be president of Espanyol for 300 years, without getting older, until football will no longer exist and new popular sport will be robots racing.
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