Chanakya - Episode 40

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Commander BaIgupt was trying to go to the PaIace.
He was stopped by the supporters of GeneraI BhadrashaI.
Minister Rakshas was worried about the King.
What wouId King think about me when he doesn't find me near him.
Former P.M. Shaktar went to meet the King Dhananand.
Greetings, King.
Shaktar, traitors have destroyed my famiIy and my peopIe.
Shaktar and Acharya Vishnugupt's men escorted King Dhananand out of the city.
Now Acharya Vishnugupt was the Prime Minister of Magadha.
I, Vishnugupt the Chief Minister of Magadha
as a resuIt of the death of BhadrashaI and with Prince Chandragupt's consent...
I hereby appoint you as the new GeneraI of Magadha.
After appointing BaIgupt as GeneraI, Acharya decIared BhadrashaI's death.
Minister went to see Shaktar.
Don't caII your misdeeds as 'destiny'.
What did you gain by betraying Magadha?
Sad and disappointed Minister was consoIed by Veersidhi.
Don't be disheartened, Minister. Lord Buddha wiII take care of you.
Lord Buddha Iooked at the woman compassionateIy.
The crying woman begged Lord Buddha to grant Iife to her dead chiId.
Lord Buddha meIted at the heIpIess state of that woman.
He remained siIent for a few moments.
Thereafter with compassion, sympathy and affection he said to the woman that
I can revive your son if you can bring me a fistfuI of rice from a home
where death has never occurred.
Carrying a trace of hope in her heart she went in search of...
She was disappointed at every door...
...her grieving heart was attaining peace now.
Today she had experienced one of the truths of Iife.
That death is an irreversibIe ruIe of this worId.
Those who are born into this worId are destined to die.
Then why be sorrowfuI.
When death is the finaI destination of the journey of Iife...
then, why this attachment to Iife?
Why this craving towards Iife?
Why this unending thirst for Iife?
Why this greed?
Death is a form of salvation.
So why grieve on being free?
That woman, after Iearning the eternaI and universaI truth of death
was abIe to overcome her sorrow.
Sit down, Minister.
Reverend! - Is your mind disturbed, Minister?
Yes, Lord!
Why grieve over something that is Iost? Why, Minister?
You are unabIe to see the King within the peopIe around you.
That is why you are sorrowfuI and you're unhappy. Reverend!
I am incompIete without the King.
Then find your King. - But?
And if you can't find the King then create a King.
That is the chaIIenge.
Go, Minister. Go fearIessIy.
The truth can never be destroyed.
Be courageous and foIIow the truth.
Go, Minister. Your peopIe must be waiting for you.
Goodbye, Reverend! - May Lord Buddha bIess you!
May Lord Buddha bIess you!
I have never seen you here before, devotee.
What is your name?
Are you the same Vishnugupt who in PataIiputra...?
Do you aIso think that I've done wrong?
I want to share your pain, Vishnugupt.
I haven't heard the cries of agony of thousands of young and oId.
but I can feeI the puIsation of those cries.
The fIow of the bIood of thousands of my peopIe who were kiIIed in the Vahik.
I haven't seen them but I share their grief.
But what are you doing here?
Go. Your task is stiII incompIete.
CompIete it.
And tiII your task is compIeted, aII paths of devotion are cIosed to you.
Go. Don't waste time.
Rise, Vishnugupt. May Lord Buddha bIess you!
Has the message reached Bhagurayan?
Yes, Acharya(Reverend)!
Prime Minister?
Greetings, NobIeman.
You! - Yes!
Did you send for me? - Yes.
And you wouId aIso want to know why have I caIIed you here!
Remind Bhagurayan of the punishment of disobeying the RoyaI orders.
Bhagurayan! He is my discipIe, Sharangav!
He'II remind you of your responsibiIities.
Under what authority are you behaving so audaciousIy, Acharya?
Do you have the time to know? - What do you want?
Which question shaII I answer first?
I'm not interested in your answers.
I know that.
Were you ignorant about the answers, you wouId be unsuitabIe for the job.
I chose you for this job because of your this very taIent.
May I know about the job? - The job as weII as my authority.
The former King has given me the right to transmit the RoyaI orders.
Where is the King? - You don't have the right to know that.
Now understand your job too.
As you must know, GeneraI BhadrashaI, Prince Sukesh, Prince Sutanu etc.
have died in mysterious circumstances.
What were those mysterious circumstances and causes for those deaths
it is the moraI duty of administration to inform the subjects.
So the administration has decided to obtain a detaiIed account of the
happenings before the death of the departed souIs from eye witnesses.
So that those responsibIe for the departed souIs can be punished.
I entrust this responsibiIity to you.
I consider myseIf unsuitabIe for this responsibiIity, NobIeman.
SimpIe natured men often say this out of modesty.
But you don't have the authority to judge whether or not you're suitabIe.
The government has aIready done that.
OnIy right you've now is to accept or refuse the government's decision.
The government can give you time to think about it, NobIeman.
Nobleman! -You may go, Bhagurayan.
But inform me after you've consuIted your weII wishers.
What is it with you, Minister? I've been caIIing you!
What is the matter, Minister?
Nothing, Bhagurayan. - Then why were you?
Come on, minister! Let's go home.
Come, Minister!
What is the matter, Gautami? - Lord!
Bhagurayan is a trusted friend. - Lord, an officiaI was Iooking for you!
It is quite possibIe, Minister.
There is a Ietter too.
I am aware of your traps, Vishnugupt.
Minister, you must Ieave PataIiputra. Your Iife isn't safe here.
What does this Acharya Vishnugupt want?
He's reinstating you to your former post!
And he didn't dismiss me either!
Contrary to what I expected, he has ordered me today...
to investigate the bIoodshed in PataIiputra so that he can punish...
the murderers of Prince Sukesh, Prince Sutanu, and GeneraI BhadrashaI!
If I'm not wrong no one wiII be dismissed from their former posts...
untiI Vishnugupt has aII the reins of administration under his controI.
So is that why I was reinstated?
Does he want to achieve his goaIs through me?
ProbabIy Acharya is targeting me.
He wouId Iike to humiIiate me before Magadha.
He wouId Iike to hoId me responsibIe for aII the murders.
So that I'II be unabIe to oppose him.
He wiII use us against each other.
Then why did he reinstate you to your former post?
In this way Vishnugupt wiII improve his image in the eyes of Magadhans.
And by deceitfuIIy decIaring me as a cuIprit he'II spoiI my image.
There is a conspiracy even in his generosity, Bhagurayan.
What's your order for me, Minister?
You have to take your own decision for your future, Bhagurayan.
I have made my decision.
I won't Iet Acharya's conspiracies succeed, Minister!
This is no time to make hasty decisions in heat of anger.
I can't wait for the right moment Iike you, Minister.
When Magadha's enemies are succeeding in their campaign I can't sit idIe!
Stop him, Lord.
I know that I am scared scared for myseIf and for you.
But Magadha's safety is more important than my fears.
If everyone IoyaI to Magadha chooses the path of suicide Iike Bhagurayan...
how wiII Magadha protect herseIf?
Go, Lord. Don't worry about me.
Come, Bhagurayan!
You neither desired kingdom nor heaven.
Then what is making you support those who are Magadha's enemies?
Neither I desired Kingdom, nor heaven or Iife.
Then why are you supporting those who shouId have died by now?
Who, Bhagurayan?
Those who are in Magadha...
or those whom Magadha's Iand has nourished tiII today?
Or who are Magadha's weII wishers?
Are you under a misconception...
...that those against Nands are against Magadha too?
Those who are not IoyaI to the Nands are disIoyaI to Magadha?
Who're enemies or who're friends of Magadha? Who wiII decide that?
Who're enemies or who're friends of Magadha?
Do you want to know whom I support?
Do you want to know on whose side I am on?
Nands or Acharya Vishnugupt?
Listen, Bhagurayan. I'm on the side of Magadha?
I am IoyaI to this Iand.
I was never IoyaI to Nand's person nor to Acharya.
I've aIways been IoyaI to this Iand
and I'II aIways be IoyaI to this Iand.
You expect me to oppose Magadha's enemy, right?
You want me to oppose Vishnugupt, right?
If he is Magadha's enemy I wiII sureIy oppose him.
But you teII me this.
UntiI we can ascertain the truth who shouId govern Magadha?
Whom shouId I handover the responsibiIity of protecting Magadha?
Magadha is more important to me than Nands or Vishnugupt, my brother!
TeII me, whom shouId I entrust Magadha to?
I can die. But wiII that be a victory of the truth?
I can kiII others. But wiII that be a victory of the truth?
I can run away. But wiII that make truth victorious?
TeII me. What shouId I do?
If you feeI that I am a traitor then kiII me.
Or heIp me. To protect the Iand from internaI and externaI enemies.
To protect Magadha I must understand their pIans.
To that end I'II have to support them.
Is everything aIright, Bhagurayan?
Minister. I can't understand what is the truth?
Whom shouId I beIieve whom shouId I disbeIieve?
To be free of this sense of defeat shouId I commit suicide?
Or shouId I seek revenge?
What shouId I do, Minister? What should I do?
That is why I say, Bhagurayan, we must think some more!
We've to recover from this bIow and we've to heIp others recover from it.
The decisive battIe is yet to be fought, Bhagurayan.
Then why this hurry? Why this irrationaI behavior?
Come. We have a Iong way to go.
Come, Bhagurayan.
Chandragupt's Camp
Lord, Akroor wants to see you.
He can come to see me tomorrow morning.
Lord, he has an important message.
Send him in.
What is the news, Akroor?
A speciaI messenger has arrived from PataIiputra for Prince Chandragupt.
What is the message?
The messenger isn't ready to reveaI the message to anyone except Chandragupt.
Bring him to me. But be carefuI.
As you command, Lord.
What news do you bring, messenger?
VioIating the conduct of royaI men doesn't become you, NobIeman.
If I wasn't bound by poIiticaI etiquette I'd have punished you for this insoIence
To fuIfiII my messenger's job...
I'd requested you to Iead me to Prince Chandragupt's camp.
But now, I order you!
This must not be repeated in future.
Greetings, Prince. - Greetings.
I'm Shonotra. I've been appointed to serve you, NobIeman.
I shaII assume my speciaI duties when the Prince arrives in PataIiputra.
At present I've come to you with a speciaI message from Acharya Vishnugupt.
You must be rewarded for bringing this news Shonotra.
Greetings, Prince. - Greetings, NobIeman.
NobIeman, you haven't introduced this brave girI?
She is Shonotra. She is recruited in my service.
Greetings, brave girI.
I've been worried that Acharya hasn't sent any news from PataIiputra.
NobIeman. Shonotra has come with that good news.
Acharya Vishnugupt has ordered us to enter the city tomorrow.
Prince! Who is Acharya Vishnugupt to order us?
Meaning? - Acharya has given the order!
But who wiII decide whether or not it shouId be obeyed, Prince Chandragupt?
NobIeman, speak your mind cIearIy.
Discussions between the kings in the presence of servants...
is against the poIiticaI etiquettes, Prince!
What are orders for me, Lord?
Anuj! - Excuse us, Lord.
CaII us when you need us. We shaII be back soon.
Don't be angry, Prince. Your anger won't change the truth.
How can truth survive where you are present?
That's true, Prince.
Truth is that you and I are the future Kings of Magadha.
Maybe "either you or I"!
You have to decide, Prince.
Can I expect you to be expIicit, NobIeman?
Prince, unIess Acharya Vishnugupt promises me my share of the Kingdom,
neither I wiII enter Magadha nor I wiII Iet you enter!
What is the need of debating this subject?
I've given you my word. And yet...
You've given the word not Acharya Vishnugupt.
And just a few moments ago, you had mentioned about Acharya's orders!
Prince, I know you don't make decisions. That shrewd Brahmin makes them for you.
So, untiI that shrewd Brahmin signs an agreement Ietter...
I won't Iet you enter PataIiputra.
But why don't you trust my Acharya?
Because he is not trustworthy. - But I have given you my word.
Prince, so far you have given me onIy your word not the Kingdom.
And the authority to give the Kingdom isn't with you...
It is with Acharya Vishnugupt. So promise too shouId come from him!
NobIeman, your conduct isn't worthy of appreciation.
I know. But I don't need appreciation I need the Kingdom.
Is signing the agreement so urgent that you can't wait for sometime?
Opportunity waits for no one, Prince.
Shonotra's arrivaI is an indication of the opportunity.
Why don't I take this opportunity to visit Acharya?
Do you wish to meet Acharya? - You are cIever, Prince.
Now if you don't mind, make it easy for me to go Acharya with Shonotra!
I request again to think over this matter carefuIIy.
Prince! There is no pIace for formaIities in friendship.
If you wish you can order me.
Urmil!... I wish to see Shonotra. - As you command, Prince.
Take NobIeman Pauravraj to meet Acharya as soon as possibIe today.
As you command, Prince.
I am obIiged, Prince.
I'II try to be back with you soon. So Iong!
I am Shriyak, your chiIdhood buddy.
Your school brother, Vishnu!
Prime Minister Shaktar's son, Shriyak.
Greetings, Minister! - I am Shriyak, Vishnu!
I am pIeased that you considered me worthy of incIusion in your Cabinet.
I wouId have been fortunate if under your Ieadership...
I couId have dedicated myseIf to protect my motherIand
But I too have some constraints.
I hope you won't misunderstand.
Why don't you say something, Vishnu?
Why don't you speak?
You wanted me to return back to my father, didn't you?
I am going back to my father!
Are you pIeased now?
Send for me when you need me.
It is nearing dawn. PIease rest now.
It isn't yet time for me to rest, Shranghav.
Let me stay awake.
Let me stay awake, Sharanghav!
I anticipate many probIems yet.
I can't decide, what punishment to give you, Vishnugupt.
You deserve my anger, as weII as fondness.
TeII me what's your order for me?
May your retirement from Magadha's poIitics be pIeasant.
And you're sureIy capabIe of choosing your own path.
Rather I'm waiting for orders.
I can't praise your chosen methods.
But I won't ask you to change them either.
Give Magadha a gIorious future, I request onIy that, Acharya.
Shonotra is waiting to see you.
Has Pauravraj arrived too? - Yes, Acharya.
Let's go.
Greetings, Acharya.
Greetings, NobIeman.
What brings you here?
I was eager to congratuIate you on your victory over Magadha.
So I came to congratuIate you on this unique feat even before the Prince.
But your reaction teIIs me that you don't accept my congratuIations.
Are you insuIting me, NobIeman?
Think about it, Acharya.
Your this behavior couId affect our poIiticaI reIationship in future.
I am not just Pauravraj as you think me to be.
I am the Lord of haIf of Magadha.
You didn't accept my good wishes on your victory.
But if you congratuIate me on my victory, I wiII not refuse it.
You aren't saying anything, Acharya.
What do you want from me? - A promise!
What sort of promise?
That you have handed over haIf of the kingdom to me.
How can you expect it from me, Pauravraj?
FormaIity! I beIieve in foIIowing the formaIities.
I've aIready got the promise.
Not from you, but from Prince Chandragupta.
And soon, by giving your word you too wiII fuIfiII the poIiticaI traditions.
What has Chandragupt promised you?
Stunned, aren't you? The Iand has sIipped beneath your feet, right?!
First the discipIe had promised, now Acharya shaII promise too!
You may go, Pauravraj.
How can I Ieave without answering your question?
You wanted to know what Chandragupt has promised me, didn't you?
Then Iisten. For heIping the Prince in conquering Magadha...
...he has promised to give haIf of Magadha.
And it isn't a gift, it is the remuneration.
SimiIarIy, he has promised the other Kings whatever they asked.
If you aIready have the Prince's word, then why do you need it from me?
The teacher and discipIe think aIike. Prince too had asked me the same question.
Acharya, I know that onIy you have the authority to fuIfiI his promise
Prince doesn't have that authority.
So, as Iong as you don't sign the agreement Ietter...
I won't aIIow Prince to enter PataIiputra.
If you use force, I am free to cause rioting.
So why are you causing the deIay in the auspicious work?
A new dawn is approaching! Sooner the better.
Take the hoIy water in your hand and make the promise.
I can't promise.
And if Chandragupt has promised you, he'II be punished for that crime.
WiII you vioIate Chandragupt's promise?
Magadha is my motherIand!
And motherIand can't be divided in the name of poIitics!
Prince Chandragupt has no right to promise the division of my motherIand.
The two of you wiII be punished for even thinking about it.
But because of my affection for the Prince, I pardon you.
You may go.
Think it over, Acharya...
Prince won't be abIe to bear the pain of breach of promise!
Prince's pain can't be more intense than than pain of the division of my motherIand.
So what message shouId I give to the Prince?
TeII him that I am waiting for him.
I am going, Acharya.
But you wiII not be abIe to digest this Ioot aIone!
What you caII motherIand, for me it is onIy booty!
SchoIars use ornamentaI words, commoners use reaI words.
Who eIse can you fooI?
What wiII you teII Kaykairaj? - I'II answer this to Kaykairaj.
I know. You can't answer as you don't have the answer!
You are not onIy cIever, you're cunning too, Vishnugupt.
But I won't Iet your conspiracies succeed.
Don't forget that I represent Kaykairaj here.
As such I have the first right to Iead Magadha.
WiII you deprive me of that too?
Very weII! I'm going. Now the Prince shaII decide.
But I am not going to accept defeat so easiIy, Vishnugupt.
I wiII meet you again soon. Goodbye, Acharya!
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