SNL Member Kenan Thompson Talks to UConn

Uploaded by uconn on 28.11.2012

My name is Kenan Thompson and
I would say
I'm an actor
I went to college
my advice would be to stay in it
and graduate
just stay on the track that
you've chosen
a lot of people come to college and they haven't picked a major yet but once you graduate I feel like you
have it kind of figured out
and just try to stay on course
you have to put time into things
i like doing
the cosby this is my favorite always has been
ever since i first saw the cosby show
al sharpton
just because he's very boisterous
and has a funny hairdo
and i like 'em
he mispronounces everything
makes me laugh
oh it's so funny i love doing whoopi because
the way i do whoopi she doesn't even talk like that
whoopi's voice is like more raspy in real life like up here
but it just makes me laugh when i think she's talking from down here
saturday night is great job its
i would say the best job i've ever seen
it's the only job where you celebrate for about six hours
and then you move on to another impossible feat
trying to be funny again by next saturday with a whole new person
and it's such a challenge and it's so emotional
it's so
like fast-paced and in your face when it's happening
it's just unbelievable
everybody that we work we're all supportive of each other
we're very, very close because we go through such dire straits together
like the pressure of doing a live show
you know just to be
involved in that chapter of history where it would be like
sid caesar days and you move
and then you move on to saturday night and somewhere
in that saturday night chapter i'm there that's crazy
for all the students
like i said
focus on those books
graduate get that degree it's important
doesn't necessarily guarantee a job but it's good to have
and for all you alumni out there keep sending the money thank you very much
because this place is nice
thanks for the upkeep it's very cool