FieLDS K-1 WORLD MAX 2010 -63kg Japan Tournament 1st Round - Trailer

Uploaded by K1 on 24.04.2010

Closed until now...
For Japanese,
60-65 kilos is our average weight.
The gate is finally open.
Let the Lightweight Class Tournament begin!
People always tell me that
I don't look like a fighter.
So we have these average joes in the ring
But they are giving the audience a great show full of hopes and dreams.
That's the lightweight class.
There are so many Japanese in this class that we'll see more and more fighters...
... all with different styles...
... and each match will be exciting in a totally different way.
The gate is open. Just step through.
I don't have any goal in particular...
...I just want to go wild.
As soon as I got the offer I knew...
... It would be the place to prove myself.
It'll be even more breakneck than 70-kilo MAX.
Japanese will have the best chance internationally in this class.
Let them come.
Let them take on the world.
Let them come from the shadows.
Set them free from the dark and let them shine in the light.
There was only the middleweight class before, but now we have the lightweight as well.
It's a big step so I want to have the best fight possible.
All different, let their power be tested.
All strong, let their wills be tried.
Everyone has a chance to become a hero.
This first tournament could be the most important ever. This is a chance for me to make my mark.
I want the fans to have a great time,
and I want them to have fun and get excited.
And I want to repay their energy with victory.
I'll do my best.
It wasn't possible until now.
Let the battle begin.
The 63-kilo class has speed.
It's the perfect battleground for Japanese.
We're going to heat the place up!
There are a lot of unique personalities getting it on in the ring.
I hope to shine the brightest of them all.
It's your time, Japan.
It's your place.
I'm putting it all on the line in that ring.
All of it!
You could say that I'm betting my life!
It was tough.
I thought about quitting many times. I worried about the future of this class.
I took on many new challenges, but nothing went my way.
Now they have the 63-kilo class which is perfect for me.
This is a chance that can't be wasted. So I'm putting my whole future on the line.
What I want is for the fans to say...
"Why didn't you start this earlier?"
"Why didn't we have this all along?"
That's the kind of event I want it to be.
They are here and they will shake the world.