Kenny: 9/11 Reflection

Uploaded by September11 on 30.08.2011

>> KENNY: Well the country and the world certainly have changed. New York has changed but I don't
know, it didn't change in the way that I thought or hoped it would. I remember thinking that
we've--we'll finally join the rest of the world because something like other--nobody
else has had that big of a single incident with that big of a building but, I thought
we're finally part of the world that gets things blown up and people killed in their
own town and we can't pretend we're not part of that world anymore. And that seemed to
go away, I thought, after a while. The other thing that I remember very clearly was that
for two days--shush doggie, the newscasters talked, talked like human beings. They didn't
talk with that news cadence, they were on the streets and they were just as freaked
out and upset as everybody else. And it was--I'd never seen anything like that on television.
It wasn't--they weren't in their TV mode and there was also no commercials on for two or
three days. It was actually some form of respect for what had happened. And then I remember
the first--then I remember that--like after--they couldn't stand it, after three days they had
to put TV back on. They had to put the commercials back on and then there was literally some
disgusting ad that was like that, the planes are in the air again and we've got to get
out of the streets again so go to Sears or something like that and I just wanted to vomit.
And then I saw about a week or two later the very first footage of the towers being hit
by the planes with dramatic music behind it. Like, there had been sort of a group agreement
not to turn this into TV bullshit because everyone was so really truly shocked and even--and
Giuliani who is very unpopular with my set anyway, you know, Liberal New York Manhattan
set behaved magnificently the whole time because he told the truth about what was going on.
He didn't say, "We're going to get through this." He said, "This is unbearable." He didn't
say, "We're going to come together." He said, "We need to go more funerals." He just--he
spoke truthfully and people everywhere sensed that. So whatever he's like any other time,
he was--he just told the truth at the time and that was something you don't see on TV
anymore. You know, the regular cadence, as in rehearsed cadence that we're all familiar
with and its lies and I was very disappointed that that and very slowly the television went
back to normal. Now, they'll let you see the towers da-da-da like it was a TV movie and
I was very disturbed that that sense of maturity I guess, you know, that seemed to come over
the country briefly was gone and we went back to shrieking bullshit.