Write like an architect A to Z, Letter F | Fantasy

Uploaded by howtoarchitect on 14.02.2012

Hi. Im Doug Patt and this is how to write like an architect A through Z, the letter
F. F is for Fantasy. Architectures not always what we expect. For example, youre walking
down the street in Barcelona and you happen upon Antonio Gaudis La Sagrada Familia cathedral.
Gaudi worked on this church for most of his life and its still under construction. In
some respects its just like any other cathedral. Its got front doors, towers, a nave and isles,
a transept and an apse. Its also like nothing on earth. Some architects simply work in the
realm of fantasy. Etienne Louis Boullees work was neo classical, but at a completely foreign
scale. The architecture of Frank Furness was nothing like the buildings of his era. The
Japanese architect Shin Takamatsu makes buildings that look more like spaceships. And Bruce
Goffs work is the same. The letter F is constructed with a vertical line and two horizontals.
Each is drawn at approximately the same dynamic angle. If your lines overlap, dont worry,
it ads to the fantastic hand drawn quality. Im Doug Patt. Well see you for letter G.