Emails on Weight Loss Doc Uses Vibrators, Racist Obama Monkey Email, GOP Buyer's Remorse

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New stations airing The David Pakman Show: North Texas Television in the Denton, Texas
area and surrounding. Slowly inching into Texas, Louis. Now we have a couple of affiliates
there. A few, I guess we could say.
Louis: Happy to be there.
David: And also SWINOW TV in Oakland City, Indiana, in that... really the entire area,
which is great. Indiana's a good spot for The David Pakman Show, I think.
Louis: Very good, definitely.
David: Poll results: Will the birther nonsense help or hurt Republicans in the 2012 election
if it continues to become a bigger issue? 72% of respondents on
said it will hurt Republicans, 19% said it would help. I agree. I believe the bigger
the birther stuff gets, the worse Republicans will look once we finally get to debates between
the Democratic and Republican candidates for 2012.
Louis: Oh, definitely.
David: New poll up on One year after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill,
what do you believe about the cleanup? Do you believe that things are cleaned up or
not, or do you not know? Log on to, vote. We heard from Greg Palast earlier. I
have my thoughts. We'll see what the audience has to say.
Your emails. You can email us through Ken Schneck, host of "This Show is So Gay",
that's the name of the show, Louis, up in Brattleboro, emailed me and he said that they
actually had a fire that tore through Brooks House, which was-- is from around 1870 in
Brattleboro, it displaced hundreds of people, it ruined a lot of local businesses, and it
actually also totaled their radio station. So I wanted to, you know, we're on the air
in Brattleboro, and I just wanted to say we know what's going on up there, I hope that
everything is able to be recovered as much as is possible given the severity of a fire
that is so, so big. And you know, we hope that people will help in any way that they
Louis: Yeah.
David: And it's a terrible situation.
Louis: It's a shame.
David: On the topic of the weight-loss doctor using electric massagers, I think is the word
we came up with, on women, "I think I'm going to have to try this at home to confirm that
it's not scientific." "Orgasms do burn calories, but the amount a day required to make a difference
would cost a fortune in batteries." And third, "Sorry, what's the problem? They gave their
consent for him to do this, but someone said to these women you can sue for a lot of money.
Besides, the doctor wasn't really lying." So some people actually coming to the defense
of this creepy, quote, "weight-loss doctor". I don't know what else to think about it.
Louis clearly has nothing to add on that topic.
Louis: Not really.
David: On the Obama racist monkey picture, "As a Californian, I pretty much knew when
I heard of this story that it would have to come from Orange County. Somehow they seem
to have cornered the market on psycho racist news stories here." "Give me a break. I could
show you guys at least 20 videos of racist comments made by the left." I love anecdotal
stuff, I really do. And, "David, do you think Marilyn Davenport sent that racist email to
her black friends?" That's right, she claims she has black friends. It's a good question.
Did she include them on that distribution list?
Louis: I doubt it.
David: I somehow doubt it too. Make sure you join us on the bonus show. Carl Levin wants
Goldman Sachs executives prosecuted, George Stephanolopoulos settles the birther situation
with Michele Bachmann, and more. John Amaeche on with us on Monday.
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