NBA Licensed Apple iPhone Armband Case

Uploaded by TheGeeksHere on 16.09.2009

Hey what’s up geeks, this Tony from
Today we are gonna review the Armband for the iphone case, you guys gonna work out, you know...
go on a little jog you could always decide, armband, and you could listen to your tunes and what not.
The cool interesting feature about this armband is that, the screen protector that they gave you along with the armband with little pouch.
It’s that,it's touch sensitive, so you could, you know, function your iPhone where it does really cool feature. What if you're sweating while you're running... you know..
You can't function your iphone so..that’s a good thing.
It comes with a three different belt cross for the buff guy you know, if I wanna bigger size. I'll show you how it works..
It’s really easy, just click to the nook here.
like that, let’s put it on, you're good to go. just jog you know, it’s really comfortable.
It has really nice feeling to it's not too leathery, but it's really good cause attitude to my favorite just lace it here.
So it's nice clips. See.. So you could see all your features, you know, comfortable and handy.
Everything is good.
They show your NBA trend mark, trade mark, with a belt feeling.. 3, belt cross, 2 belt cross and they show NBA teams.
So if you guys really wanna purchase this item, you know, just head over to
If you want to have this right for you. Thank you, have a great time..