How To Assemble and Use Ratchet Straps

Uploaded by discountramps on 21.02.2012

Today we're showing you how to properly assemble and use ratchet straps.
To begin, open the ratchet handle and align the ratchet axle so the open slot is pointing
This is easily done by ratcheting the axle until the open slot is aligned.
Now close the ratchet so the axle assembly is easily accessible.
The webbing should lead from underneath the ratchet, through the axle, then back out the
same way it entered.
Next, place the hooks into position and pull the loose end of the strap away from the ratchet
to remove any slack.
If you try to ratchet too much of the strap, it will not only take longer, but could possibly
ruin your strap or ratchet all together.
To tighten the strap, raise and lower the ratchet handle assembly.
The strap will now begin to wrap around the axle and tighten.
Once tight, close the ratchet handle completely to lock the strap in place.
To release the strap, pull and hold the release handle and open the ratchet completely.
The strap will pop loose, and you can now pull the ratchet to loosen the strap.
Thank you for watching this demonstration video on how to properly assemble and use
ratchet straps