Recipe - Sabudana Vada (Tapioca Fritters) Recipe With English Subtitles

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What are you going to make? Sabudana Vada (Sabudane Che Vade) - Tapioca Fritters
Sabudane Che Vade - Sounds very new to me, where's this dish originally from? It's a traditional snack from Maharashtra.
Ingredients required to make Sabudana Vada
Tapioca Pearls, Green Chillies, Cumin, Potatoes, Groundnuts, Salt, Oil
Take a pan and heat some oil for deep frying
Soak the Sabudana or Saggubiyyam (Tapioca). Take 1 cup of tapioca and 1 1/2 cups of water. Let the tapioca soak for atleast an hour.
Boil the potatoes and mash them. Grind the roasted peanuts/groundnuts into a powder
Take the water soaked tapioca into a plate/mixing bowl. Grind some green chillies with cumin into a paste. Add the paste to the soaked tapioca. Then, add some salt as required.
Add the mashed potatoes to the tapioca. (Take the same quantity of potatoes as the tapioca)
Mix everything together
Add the ground peanuts powder to the tapioca. (Use half the quantity of peanuts as the tapioca)
Mix it all together. There's no need to add any water as the soaked tapioca and the mashed potatoes already have enough moisture
If you want some sourness, you can squeeze a lemon into the mixture or you can serve the vadas with some yogurt.
Take a plastic sheet/cover and apply some oil to it. Now make small patties with the mixed tapioca by pressing them on the plastic sheet.
Start frying the tapioca patties on a medium flame until they're golden brown in color
Serve it with tomato ketchup or sauce or chutney of your choice