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You don't know what it feels like until you've tried it.
It makes you feel you want to die...
Weight Management
For me, I lose 12 kgs in 7 days.
Weight management is never fun.
When I'm training, I can strategize,
and it can be fun.
I lose minimum 8kgs, to maximum 15kgs.
I can lose that much within 2 weeks.
I follow as I was told to. I drink lots of water,
run a lot so I can sweat a lot.
This weight management is not to lose fat, but to lose water, to dehydrate.
So I have to lose in short time, and regain in short time.
It was really tough.
I had to drink 7 liters of water a day.
It's really tough..
Suggested water consumption for adult: 2 liters
Suggested water consumption for adult: 2 liters Water intake during weight management: 7 liters?
I drink 6 to 7 liters of water every day.
Right before measurement, you raise it up to 11 liters.
The day before (the measurement) you stop drinking water, period.
Because your body is used to excessive water intake, your body sweats excessively as well.
When you stop drinking water,
even though there is no water intake anymore,
your body continues to sweat as much
as it used to before.
This is how we lose weight in a short period of time.
On the last day (of weight management), and I had one more kilogram to go (down).
That was the toughest.
There is something called 'Lasix',
it's diuretic, that makes you urinate more.
It's forbidden,
yet I was so tempted.
In order to reach the weight goal,
I need to maintain a solid diet everyday.
Because I need to maintain high basal metabolism.
It's really hard for normal people to follow, and you really don't need to follow this method.
In my case, if I lose 10 kgs, I regain exactly 10 kgs back the next day.
Because you lost all water in your body, it all comes back once you drink water.
No, no, no, pass, pass.
I choose something normal, that doesn't have MSG.
and I take a small portion.
From next week, seriously,
I have to start eating all natural.
It's okay so far.
And, this won't work,
I used to restrain myself from eating,
and it was very stressful.
I am so thankful for this.
This is the best sponsorship I could ask for.
I don't think we can eat this.
I'll just taste a little.
Stop me.
When I'm losing weight,
of course it's tough,
but I have to do it.
it is tough preparing (for the match),
when I'm losing weight, it's after finishing the preparation.
Because I have to lose weight, I can't train as much.
I can rest some more, instead. That's good.
I take it positively.
Weight management is, really....
Why do fighters have to lose weight?
Usually, after the weight measurement,
I have one day to rebound myself, to rest.
Then, after the painful process of losing to 66 kgs,
I regain up to 75 kgs during the 'rebound' day.
About 74 kgs or 75 kgs.
However, for example, if a person weighs 66 kgs normally,
however hard he tries, he can only gain 1 or 2 kgs during one rebound day.
So, on the day of match, 66 kg fighter and 75 kg fighter compete.
Even one or two kilograms of difference
is huge in that cage (match). The opponent looks so huge.
To start, the upper body is undressed,
and that makes the small difference look huge.
This is why we lose weight before the match.
The reason why UFC 84 match was so popular
is because it was a debut match for Dong Hyun Kim.
Dong Hyun Kim debut match vs. Jason Tan
For the first and the second match, I couldn't go because I didn't have a visa.
So Dong Hyun had to do everything by himself, things that he had to fill in, in English and so on.
And then he fought the match.
He did great, I'm sure he was tense before the match.
Whoa... I was about to fight on that stage, the one I used to watch on TV.
I couldn't believe it.
I was more excited than terrified,
and also happy.
Dong Hyun Kim against Jason Tan.
For Dong Hyun Kim, it's a debut match.
For Jason Tan, he must win this match to remain in the league.
First of all, he has strong ground skills.
And I had won matches in Japan with my punching skills, then.
So he thought I have strong punching skills, and decided to fight me.
But as a matter of fact, I have stronger ground skills than hitting skills.
The opponent is driving him away, but Dong Hyun Kim is defending him well.
Dong Hyun has very strong grappling skills.
In Japan, the rings are smaller
and opponents are, on average, shorter and smaller.
So his short punches specific to left-handed fighters worked.
Dong Hyun has good short punches, more than combination of punches.
So he won many matches with his short punches.
However, UFC has bigger and more rounded cages,
Dong Hyun now uses more of grappling skills and elbow skills.
As Dong Hyun is not experienced much with octagon cages nor UFC matches,
the opponent could have strategized to lay him down, and punch him with elbow.
Wall wrestling,
as we don't have a cage here,
we have a not-so-big gym as you can see,
so he trained a lot of wall wrestling.
And elbow skills,
Nicely done. Ah, yes! Elbow!
I almost died.
I held onto him, lied down and was hit by him,
for elbow skills training.
And defense skills for wall wrestling,
he is close to the world's best.
So his opponent was hit by his elbow so many times.
He strikes him again, and elbow! Nice!
Dong Hyun gives him more of his elbows, and the match is over.
So for him, he was mistaken in his strategy,
and for me, I could achieve what I wanted.
I won him with KO win.
It was great.
The Korea's first UFC fighter, Dong Hyun Kim wins victory from his debut match.
And then,
I got a 10-year visa.
Then there was Korea-US agreement on visa waiver program.
An international agreement...
So these days, I'm traveling to the US without much hassle.
Dongi Yang debut match vs. Chris Camozzi
I told everyone (trainees) else but Dongi, so he had no clue.
It was a prank on him.
Dongi, on your head.
'Huh?' He had no idea.
He could have some complaints, but still,
when a coach says on your head, it's on your head.
So he was on his head. Then I said, 'Congratulations.'
He couldn't be happier.
'Dongi, well done, congratulations.' I said.
'Ah, did I make it? Ah.'
He is introduced as 'the Ox', here is Dongi Yang.
Well, the US is too far, and
the flight was too long.
For a starter, I can't say I loved everything.
I learned a lot though.
The crowds cheering.. I started to be excited after the measurement.
It's Chris Camozzi against Dongi Yang.
Dongi's physique is getting better more and more, so I'm looking forward to his play.
At that time, both me and the opponent were rookies at debut match.
Anything and everything I heard sounded like cheering.
So I thought that the ambience is fierce.
Ah, that was nice!
Dongi is using pounding skills.
Ah, he was on him, but..
Dongi should keep pushing his drive.
He tries to tackle again.
He is stepping back..
I wasn't thinking about winning nor losing.
I can't remember much..
There is not much time left, it's the third round.
Dongi Yang, last one.
And, it's over.
I didn't think about 'win by decision'
I was only thinking about the finish of match.
For Dongi, each match was a close call.
'Please show us what he's got,
oh God.'
Chris Camozzi wins by split decision.
I regret after a match,
looking back, and I think 'Ah, this didn't work again..'
At that time, it didn't work out as I wanted it to be.
Chan Sung Jung debut match vs. Leonard Garcia
I sent him on 'away training' in Team Alpha Male in the US,
since he was in the US anyways.
And he was suggested for a UFC match against Garcia.
Chan Sung was in the US then. I called him.
"Coach, give me 30 minutes to think about it, and I'll call you back."
There was no way going around it. It was a dead end. I had scored 2 consecutive losses in WEC then.
This match is against Leonard Garcia.
It's WEC 48 match.
Ah, this is indescribable punching match.
That match gave me the nickname 'Korean zombie' and it made me famous.
And more than anything, his energy and vigor, to fight a match like this with steady pace till the end (is amazing).
The commentator Joe Rogan mentioned,
"This is a crazy match, it's like watching the movie 'Rocky'."
"This is the match of the decade."
I agree, as you can see, the match is filled with continuous punches.
I think I won more sympathy because I lost the match, hence became more popular.
Well, he lost that match by split decision,
but even the crowds were booing against the decision at that time, suspicious of the decision.
I felt so mistreated and it was difficult to accept the decision.
But I knew the time had come.
I got the offer on my birthday, such a coincidence.
Aside from chances of my winning and everything, it felt like destiny.
It was my birthday, and I happened to be in the US,
I thought it could be a God-given opportunity.
And I accepted the offer (to fight the match).
And here comes the Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung.
This match was organized in quite a rush.
That's right, Garcia was planned to have a match against Nam Phan,
but Nam Phan was injured and couldn't fight.
And as Chan Sung Jung happened to be in the US, who has special history with Garcia,
he was listed in this match quite urgently.
That was when I weighed the most.
I had only ten days before the match, so I didn't have time to lose weight.
And now, we are very curious what strategy Chan Sung Jung would have.
I can hear 'zombie Korea' among the crowds. / Yes, indeed.
It feels like we are in Korea! /I agree!
A short attack!
He is going for the upper body while aiming at lower part.
He is in a good position, knee-kick!
Once again! Garcia falls down, well-done!
Um, I was nervous.
What would have happened, if I had lost then.
Okay, flying knee-kick!
Yes, he got him!
Is this the start?
Ground skills!
Garcia's upper body is controlled by Chan Sung,
while he tries to get up, yeah!
Nice, nice!
I tend to think whether I could have made it if I hadn't had that special skill.
Chan Sung Jung is firmly pressing him!
It was frog pose, but Garcia popped back.
This is a good chance to go for rear neck choke! Nice!
Almost every teammate was caught by that skill.
If you don't know what it is, then you get caught.
He (Chan Sung) was crazy for that skill.
He moves his grip to one leg,
he's punching him!
And pressing him!
In the process of trying that skill,
I'm sure all my teammates knew what I was doing, since I used it very often.
Garcia tries to get up!
But Chan Sung got him!
Chan Sung Jung is really good at twister skill.
People doubt that twister skill can be used in UFC, or MMA.
But he always had his own moves.
He got him, and twister, twister!
This is twister, indeed!
This must be twister.
Oh, it can't be a dream.
He got him, and twister!/ Yes, indeed!
He used to tell me all the time, as if he was joking.
"Coach, I want to use the twister skill this time."
And I used to laugh.
"Okay okay, do whatever you want."
Yes, nicely done, twister!
This is definitely twister!
Tap out!
The match is over!
The opponent was in so much pain that he tapped out with 1 second remaining.
It was 4 minutes and 59 seconds then.
This is the best victory!
Quite a match as his UFC debut match, Chan Sung Jung!
The crowds are cheering crazy!
And Garcia is giving an awkward smile.
There wasn't so much time for second round.
Ah, Korean zombie!
I used that skill not knowing I was doing it.
Chan Sung Jung marks his debut match with great victory!
Even people like Phil Davis and Dan Hardy, they said,
"From tomorrow, every martial arts gym in the world is going to train 'twisters'."
I first learned this by watching Eddie Bravo,
then I practiced it on my Korean Top Team teammates.
That's how I could make it fit to me, and make it a submission skill.
I'm so happy I used it in UFC!
Like they said, twister was in a big fad after that match.
The impact was huge.
In a moment, we'll see Chan Sung Jung's match aiming for two consecutive wins..
I was going for a different match fighting style.
So I prepared a lot for that.
Chan Sung Jung second match vs. Mark Hominick
This match is not just a match aiming for two consecutive wins,
but will be his another leap.
We can see much expectation on coach Dong Jin Ha's face as he enters.
I felt a huge Korean pride,
and I was so proud of him.
And listen to the crowds cheering.
Air Canada Center in Toronto, Canada is filled with cheers for
tonight's fighter,
who is fighting in home match, Mark Horminick.
Let me explain what happened then.
The banner was hung, and after the introduction,
He has shown the best match, and the best submission, we are praying for the best victory!
and the four cornermen were taking their seats.
So I told Gyopyung Hwang who was behind me, "Watch the time."
Chan Sung Jung told that he has prepared a number of unpredictable secret weapons.
We look forward to his play, Mark Horminick vs. Chan Sung Jung!
The match has started.
And then I took my seat.
Someone beside me said "Oh, there goes one (skill)!"
Mark Horminick vs. Chan Sung Jung, the match has started.
He's about to explode!
And even before I could feel anything,
The match has started.
He's about to explode!
He is attacking without hesitating!
Pounding, pounding!
"Ah, ah, ah. Ahhhh!"
The match has started.
He's about to explode!
He is attacking without hesitating!
Pounding, pounding!
The match is over!
Chan Sung Jung has finished it in one shot!
Ah, Horminick was..
I thought the match was pretty quick.
But I didn't know it lasted only 7 seconds.
Mark Horminick vs. Chan Sung Jung. The match has started.
He's about to explode!
He is attacking without hesitating!
Pounding, pounding!
The match is over!
Chan Sung Jung has finished it in one shot!
I felt a little bad that I couldn't show everything I had.
I think that 7-second match made me famous in Korea, more than in the US.
Because Koreans love something 'quick'.
So my father was saying,
he went to bathroom for a moment,
and then the match was over. So he told mother,
"That must be the previous match highlight clip."
"That can't be it."
A lot of people were mentioning bathroom.
They went to bathroom for a moment, and it was over.
So they felt so empty.
I had the most newsworthy moments in Korea then.
How could it be?
What kind of match is this?
Chan Sung Jung, he's awesome!
He didn't allow one punch, how could it be?
Chan Sung Jung!
I couldn't think of anything.
'I should do something,'
I was purely happy.
I think the actions I took then shows my unconscious reaction to pure happiness.
He punched, and it's over!
Here is replay.
He is really awesome!
This is it, one shot!
I think he was saying something in English.
I just said, "Sorry, sorry."
'Sorry Toronto, I love Canadian!' I like that.
He finished the match without even one drop of sweat.
It was indescribable joy.
I'm not afraid of being punched.
Punching the other without being punched.
Instead, I'm afraid of losing.
I could have won him without difficulty.
He said 'I'd be in serious trouble if I get punched...'
He was sneaky as a snake.
It was so funny, you know.
I want to revenge, but..
My heart was pounding so hard,
I'm doomed..
Thinking I have to kill him,
I didn't let him go, on purpose.
I was shouting "Korea!" even when there was no Korean.
I cried feeling so sad.
I was so annoyed.