Windows Blinds 6 + Crack [English-Spanish]

Uploaded by X1Kyriaki on 22.08.2010

Hi, in this video i'll show you how to install WB6 + Crack
Now lets open the folder and extract the winrar...
The winrar password is:
LOL, ignore it, it happen with every crack-keygen...
Ok, now lets open the folder and install Windows Blinds 6
See the Link and the password in the description
After install Windows Blinds go to the "Auto Crack Install" folder and run the patcher
First you have to do in the patcher is find "WbServ.dll" and patch it
Second, save the licence in the same folder where the .DLL is located
Third, Exit and Enjoy!...
NOTE: Before install read the README instrucctions please...
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