Annoying Orange - Clam's Casino

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-It's hard to believe that summer's already over.
I guess time flies like an arrow.
-And fruit flies like a banana. [laughs, Pear groans]
[flies buzzing] -Why me?!
-Whoa. I guess Banana would've been better off "bread."
-You just can't give it a rest, can ya?
[power hums down]
-Oh, come on, Pear. You didn't have to pull the plug. [laughs]
-It wasn't me.
-That's it, fellas. Right over there.
Perfect. That's the spot.
-Hey! What the "shell" are you doing in our kitchen? [laughs]
-Your kitchen? Not no more, it ain't.
Hit it, fellas!
[electricity powers up]
[slot machines dinging] -Geez, the kitchen's really been
"clammed" up. [laughs] -That's Johnny Clam,
biggest name in the casino business since Frankie Figs.
-Yeah, but why are you here?
-Perhaps you better speak to my associates--
mussels! [mussels grunt]
-Move it or lose it. Players only in Clam's Casino.
-(Grapefruit) That's right, chumps.
Get out or else.
-[growls] -Shut up, intern.
-Grapefruit, what are you doing?
-Hey, if anybody's gonna be the muscle around here, it's me.
-Yeah, you're a real gluteus maximus. [laughs]
-Fellas, have a few chips on me.
Relax, play some games. -I don't know.
This whole thing seems a little shady.
-(Clam) Don't worry about it.
It's just the track lighting.
[bell ringing] Uh-oh. Sounds like we got another winner.
-[gulps] Yay!
Gold coins taste like chocolate candy wrapped in foil! Hehehehe!
-Hit me!
-21. -Neato burrito!
-I guess it wouldn't hurt to play a few games. Right, Orange?
-Yeah, Pear. This place is a "pair o' dice." [laughs] Get it?
-[groans deeply]
-That's it. Everyone have yourselves a great time.
[chuckles mischievously]
-Bingo! I've got-- [snores, slot machine dinging]
-All right! This is actually kinda fun!
-Hit me! No, wait-- go fish. No-- king me!
-Hehehehehehe! That tickles!
-[laughs evilly]
-[anxiously]: Oh, boy... oh, boy...
-You bust. -Oh, no.
I lost all my money.
-Big money, big money, big money, big money...
Aww. I lost again. -[laughs evilly]
-Aw, crap. That was my last chip!
-[laughs evilly]
-Move it, deadbeat. -But wait...
I just need a couple more coins. I can win it back. I know I can!
-Why don't you get a job, hippie, like me or Midget Apple?
-[dizzy]: Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whooa!
Ugh, I promise I'll pay you back!
[moans] This is really bruising my ego.
And my butt. Whoooaaa...
-Hey. Where did all my chips go?
I'm not so "chipper" anymore. [laughs, then groans]
-See, guys? I knew this was a bad idea!
-I guess we just lost our balance. [laughs]
Get it? Balance?
-Well, well, well. If it isn't our little citrus friend
and his gang of little losers.
-That's not fair! You tricked us!
You're nothing but a crook! -I'm no crook.
I just came here, took over your kitchen, took all your money,
and now I'm gonna put you out on the street!
-Yeesh, don't you think you guys are being a little "shellfish"?
[laughs] -Enough, wise guy!
-No need to get steamed. [laughs]
-Steamed?! I don't get steamed!
I get-- -Steam!
[water bubbling]
-Geez. Talk about a guy with high "self-esteam." [laughs]
-Well, I guess we've all learned a valuable lesson today.
-Whoo, I know I did. -Tell me about it.
That was the best job I ever had.
-Uh-oh. I don't feel so good.
[both groaning]
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-[Orange laughs] Knife!