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The economical importance of the Nile effects all Egyptians since it is a main factor in the agriculture in Egypt
and if not for the Nile Egypt wouldn’t have been able to grow crops all year round
the Nile is done in a way which made water reach all places where there is farming
the number of farmers in Egypt increased because of the Nile which made farming easier and without the Nile food wouldn’t have been that available especially rice
Since rice is a crop that is not imported or exported in any country and that it needs a huge amount of water
so growing and exporting food is one of the main economical effects caused by the Nile
other than that the Nile is a way of transportation called the river transportation system which enables transportation the southern and the northern parts of Egypt and between
Egypt and Sudan and Ethiopia and Congo and all the countries that the Nile goes through and as we know the Nile goes through 10 countries and fortunately Egypt controls the estuary
The Nile also is plays a huge role in Egypt's fisheries, so now the Nile effects us in three economical way fishery, transportation, and agriculture
A lot of foreigners are attracted to the Nile which attracts them to coming to Egypt
it impacts agriculture since all farmers use the Nile's water to farm their crops
it also covers more than %90 of Egypt's drinking water and has a huge impact on the economy
it helps Egypt's economy because it's water is used in the High dam to generate electricity which supplies Egypt with energy
and then it will also makes the Egyptian agriculture better by supplying farmers with water
and it’s also a good drinking source for the Egyptians which at the end helps the economy
The Nile is very important since we use it as a drinking source and we also use it in extracting electricity at the dams
The classic Arabic should defiantly be in the Egyptian Curriculum for more than one reason
one of the reasons is that it is a matter of belonging and loyalty, and language is a forum of connection between the people and their country
So it is crucial to keep the traditional Arabic since it creates a bond between the people and their country
Moreover the traditional Arabic is the Quran's Language and the Quran is the base of Islam so traditional Arabic is very important
Isn't it enough that in our society we don't speak the traditional Arabic? but in the curriculum should stay in traditional Arabic
because it is the way of official messaging and it is how we understand the Quran and the sharia, and it is the primary
factor that keeps us connected to our country and our religion
No it shouldn't be a part of the curriculum because it has the same meaning as the slang Arabic and they both don't defer in meaning
and at the end they are both Arabic but there is a slight difference in the words
We should defiantly learn the traditional Arabic because it is the language the Quran is written in and it is our language that built
our Islamic culture which was highly respected all over the world and which showed the world what is a success
That is why we should protect and respect our traditional language to make sure that the Islamic culture reaches the next generations
we can reduce traffic in Egypt by reducing the amount of cars and taxis and to improve the subway and to encourage people to use it
We should also create new subways to make sure that there are subways that reach everywhere so there would be less traffic
We could also make roads better and plan it better and remove the garbage from the streets because garbage affects traffic
therefore we should reduce cars and taxis and micro buses
I think the problem can be solved in three ways, first we should neatly plan for bridges and tunnels which help traffic when done
Plus we can do an idea I have seen it in Thailand which i liked, it is something called the sky train which is a train that is higher than
The ground with around 7 or 8 floors, this makes traffic easier and creates a new and a great transportation alternative for the people