Ethics in Biology

Uploaded by kcasto on 30.10.2008

Biology is a science, but it’s a science
that studies living things.
So it’s almost impossible to ask a question
in biology that doesn’t have, associated with it,
an ethical question.
There’s a lot that biologists can do.
What biologists are capable of doing
expands incredibly everyday.
We hear in the news that they’ve been
able to move genes from one animal
to another, clone an animal.
There’s a lot that biologist can do,
but sometimes it’s not a questions of what
we can do, but what we should do.
And I think it’s good for students,
as a part of their GUR program,
to think about those questions.
You know, what is the value of that research?
What are the potential benefactors of that research?
How much does it cost, so who can afford it?
There’s all kinds of questions.
And once you start asking those questions and
making decisions based on the answers to
those questions, then that is ethics; that’s bioethics.
One of the things that we do talk about in
physiology when we talk about pathology,
and one of the topics that we cover is pain,
we talk about the equitable treatment of pain
because everyone’s perception of pain is different.
It’s similar to some ethical questions in
biology because your perception, your place in
time, your position in society makes a
difference about your access to some of the
technologies that biologists have created.