Why I chose to study Math at the University of Waterloo

Uploaded by experiencewaterloo on 26.04.2012

I remember getting a really good mark in one of my math courses, which pushed me towards studying it.
I also realized I was good at math, and I didn’t really want to study anything else.
My friends were surprised when I chose to study math at university,
but I really like how there’s always a right or wrong answer.
I didn’t realize how math could be used in so many different areas,
which is what I hoped when I chose Waterloo.
My professor in first year told me how he used math to calculate the growth rate of cancer cells.
Through personal connections,
I was able to get my first co-op job at CitiGroup in Canary Wharf, London, England.
I worked on the e-commerce desk on the trading floor and I really like the social aspect of the job
it helped me determine the type of environment I want to work in.
I plan to use the rest of my co-op work terms to explore potential careers.
I know I like to work with people and possibly in an area relating to statistics.
Waterloo is a great place to be for math.
I applied to university from the UK and it was a tough decision to come to Canada,
but I wanted a strong math program and co-op as well, so Waterloo was the perfect fit!