TL;DR - Dating in Korea

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onemoredayforme from Riverside, California asks,
I know you guys are married
but what do you think about dating culture in Korea?
and what do Korean men and women think about dating foreigners?
So, right off the bat, there are lots of interracial couples that we see in Korea,
They're becoming a lot more common in the three years that we've been here.
Nobody gets gawked at or pointed at or anything like that,
and there are lots of married couples as well that have
super gorgeous mixed children
Yes. We have a beautiful interracial mixed child,
his name is Spudgy. He is half-dog, half-dragon.
I'm the dragon.
I get the dragon side. That's my line!
Don't steal that from me!
You're the dog side. MONG MONG MONG MONG.
See! You do the dog talk! You did it!
I'm the dragon. WTFFFFOOOOOO
Is that what a dragon sounds like? HOOOAARRRR
But you do run into the same problem here as you do
just about anywhere else in the world.
Even though you might be happy with your interracial partner,
your parents or your grandparents might be very uncomfortable with it.
Because, you know, old people are racist.
I think it goes back to the racist grandma again.
Racist grandma and racist parents...why are old people so racist?
Old people just suck sometimes.
Butt in line, they're racist, they suck at driving.
I can't wait till I'm old and I can start pissing people off.
But of course, there are many couples
whose families are very open minded and embracing of
different cultures coming into the family,
so we can't say anything more about that apart from the fact
that they're awesome and stubborn racist people suck.
Stop being so racist! Stop it!
Moving on to dating: of course we have no personal experience with this
as we're a happy married couple.
We've been married for four years now.
Meow. Meow Meow.
Shouldn't have done that on camera. That was awkward!
Anyways, we can talk about the experiences our friends have had,
both Korean and non-Korean in dating people of opposite culture. Yes
Ok so in North America you meet a guy or a girl,
you exchange phone numbers, and you're prepared to wait
a couple of days before you hear from them.
If they called you right away, you'd probably be a little bit freaked out.
But if you're in Korea, get ready to be freaked out!
From what we've heard, you should get a phone call or text message
that night, or if not, the next day,
or else it's a clear sign that they're not interested
Yeah, so a lot of our friends have been freaked out,
they're like "yeah so I met this really great guy. He's so hot he's so..."
"he just text messaged me" and I'm like "that's cool!"
and they just met.
Yeah, but it's actually a sign of affection,
so don't be weirded out if it happens. It's normal,
and in fact it makes more sense to me,
because if you like somebody, you should call them right away.
Why do you have to wait these three days, four days,
seven days, this stupid magic number you have to wait,
it doesn't make any sense!
I can tell you why. Ok.
Because if you meet them at a bar and you're drunk
and you text message them four hours later you might be like,
You might make a terrible mistake.
I've made a terrible mistake.
Yeah, in North America I think we operate off of that
Principal of Less Interest, so
whoever shows the least amount of interest in a relationship
usually has the most amount of power,
which is why some people pretend to be jerks,
so they can gain the upper hand.
So, an interesting thing about dating culture:
because it's so expensive to rent in Korea,
they have to put huge key-deposits down,
a lot of people don't really have apartments here,
they live with their families a lot longer than usual,
and, as a result, it's a lot more awkward to bring your date over,
with your parents, if you want to have some privacy,
So a lot of people will go out of the house a lot more
to different rooms.
You can go to a DVD room, a PC room, a Noraebang, a Multibang,
And they also have the love motels!
Which you can rent by the night, or,
if you're very efficient with your time, by the hour.
By the minute? Oh no!
I've made a terrible mistake.
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