The Cursed Wayside Shrine (Japanese Horror with English Captions)

Uploaded by montecristo73returns on 29.01.2011

Up until recently I was...
...working with a TV program. -Contributor from the TV Station-
The production was to be a variety show about horror topics.
During one of the show sections a certain problem occurred.
The presenter of that section was sent on a report.
When they saw the footage, they saw that...
Whatever it was, they said it was shot on film.
The Cursed Wayside Shrine.
The following footage was edited from an interrupted transmission of the program.
Ok, let’s explain this real quick.
We want you to go to (place name ommited).
There we will have you climb a mountain a little bit.
Once you climb the mountain...
...after while you will come across a wayside shrine. -Aya Sato (alias)-
The shrine has a name.
Please, would you...
Please look inside it...
...but don’t read it aloud.
Please don’t read it aloud.
You read it?
Now, please...
That which we just had you read, however you say it... the name of the shrine.
They say that if you know the name of the shrine... get cursed.
Therefore, it is called the cursed wayside shrine.
The only ones who know its name are Miss (bleep) here and you (bleep).
Just the two of you.
So don’t say it no matter what.
We want you to go to the place with that name...
...and this is real simple...
If you to go up to the shrine...
...and pray in front of it...
...the say the curse gets undone.
That’s what we’ll have you do.
Since you both know the name of the place...
...we’re going to need for both of you to go there.
It is said that if you do not pray at the shrine you will be cursed with insanity.
About a month ago a man in his thirties suddenly found out about the name...
...and he jumped of the balcony of his building.
He died.
I thought it had no relation to the place itself.
When I hear this I was surprised and went to the hospital and...
It was the same with her.
I mean, I didn’t realize at all you could get cursed...
What is it?
Something made a noise.
A noise?
You heard a noise?
There is something making a noise here.
It’s not?
You can’t hear it?
No, I can’t.
I’m not... No one's hearing anything.
Are you alright?
The footage of the meeting was cut at this point.
Inside this mountain there is a shrine known as the cursed wayside shrine...
...and now I will go in to find it.
The shrine could not be found and the surroundings began to get dark.
It seems we can’t find the cursed shrine just yet.
-What was that? -It’s (bleep).
Can you move?
Can you answer me? myself killed...
Can you move?
The Assistant Director went down the mountain while the remaining staff kept on looking for the shrine.
Isn’t that it?
This shrine here is the one they call the cursed wayside shrine.
They say that if you know the name of this shrine you will be cursed.
Since I know the name of th...
I can hear a voice.
A voice?
You mean you don't hear it?
No, I just want to go home!
Come on, this will mess up the show.
Just go and pray and we’ll wrap it up.
Ok? Let’s just do that.
Let’s pray.
It’s alright.
Warning – The following scenes might be considered disturbing.
What happened?
Look closely
On the right side of the screen.
What happened?